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  • DSCF0546.JPG
    I had the original metal fan when I got mine. One day, at high rpm's, one blade came off. It chopped the battery right in half, bounced off the inner fender and shot clean through the hood (bon...
  • In the beginning...
    In the beginning...
    Oh crap!, Ken, man I accidentally clicked that down arrow thinking it was a way to go to the next pic! (I'm mostly asleep, just went through 26 hours of labor with my daughter, I have a...
  • DSC01221.jpg
    Looks like golden wattle just like Toyota
  • 5k and CBR600 carbs for the ke11
    5k and CBR600 carbs for the ke11
    Envy has to sound like a heavenly music
  • Oeyshayz013.jpg
    Precious is missing just a little wider

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