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Please read the rules before using the For Sale area

Rules as of 08/02/2010

5.0.0 For Sale Areas

  • 5.1.0 Please provide your location. This is an international forum and we can't guess where you are from. Make sure you specify where you are or where the item(s) are located. Items without a location specified may be deleted without notice.
  • 5.2.0 Please provide a statement of the condition of the item(s).
  • 5.3.0 Make sure you specify a price! We want to know how much you want for the item (or how much you want to pay)
  • 5.4.0 No auctions! This isn't eBay.
  • 5.5.0 Submit pictures of the item for sale if possible.
  • 5.6.0 Sales are for personal items only, commercial traders should use the commercial traders section, Information Here. Unapproved commercial sales or suspected commercial sales will be deleted and the user warned for each offence.
  • 5.6.1 Group buys without prior approval from an administrator will be considered a commercial sale and treated as such.
  • 5.7.0 Removed
  • 5.7.1 EOI is not permitted in the for sale areas. All items should be accompanied by a price
  • 5.8.0 You may only "bump" (i.e. reply to yourself) your item every 72 hours (3 days) or your item(s) will be removed. No bumps are allowed within the first 72 hours of posting your item. Excess "bumping" is unnecessary, very annoying and unfair to other advertisers.
    Just to clarify what a bump is:
    Replying to yourself (no other posts made after your last) before the 3 days is up, or
    Replying explicitly (either clear or on the sly) for the purpose of returning a thread to the top of the forum view.
  • 5.9.0 don't hijack other peoples for sale or wanted to buy threads. If you've got something for sale, start your own thread. If something is offered to someone in a wanted to buy thread the original poster gets first preference. Admins and moderators will warn people for this as its in unacceptable. Repeat offenders will be banned.
  • 5.10.0 The Market Place section is not for Auctioning items, Please post your sales price up front. Failure to do so will result in your post being deleted.
  • 5.11.0 DO NOT POST UNLESS you are actually interested in buying what the seller is offering. Posts like "Nice car good luck" are rubbish. Your post may be deleted and you may be warned.
  • 5.12.0 For Sale, WTB, etc threads are to be ONLY posted in the For Sale area. Please don't post them in the Region forums.
  • 5.13.0 eBay Items are to be only posted in the eBay area found under "Off topic". Posting them in the for sale area will result in a warning.
  • 5.14.0 Rollaclub Administration is not and WILL NOT be held liable for fraudulent traders, we only provide the service. By using this service, you agreed to waive Rollaclub of any liability arising from any situation arising from use of the For Sale areas. If a scam or fraudulent situation should arise, we will assist you with any forensic evidence we can gather to help the police track an offender down. Please advise us immediately if you suspect you have been scammed so that we can take action to stop the offender and gather information as soon as possible.

Common Abbreviations

FS : For Sale

WTB : Wanted To Buy

WTD : Wanted

ONO - Or Nearest Offer

OBO - Or Best Offer

Condition Guides:

FC - Fair Condition (not too great)

GC - Good Condition (average)

VGC - Very Good Condition (above average)

PC - Perfect Condition (brand new / unused)

Any further questions should be directed to irokin by clicking HERE


  1. For Sale - Cars - Non Toyota

    If you're selling a car that is NOT a Toyota it MUST be put here otherwise it will be deleted without warning.

    All other rules apply as normal.


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