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  2. Well, the months are racing past! I went back up in April, and the first job was re-building the disc harrows. They've seen a lot of work since we replaced the discs 6years back, and there was more ploughing coming up. All the disc gangs and bearings off, we had new discs and some replacement bearing- the axle & brackets came out to try and take up some of the slack that has developed. It all went back together fine and its done a lot of hectares since then! This time I was staying up at the top farmhouse where the woolshed & workshop are to look after the black and white army, those two lazy cats. Steve was down in Tamworth staying with his Mum, he'd gone down soon after I left last time. After breaking the rally car, he broke up with his girlfriend, broke up with his navigator and broke two bones in his hand, all at once so he couldn't live by himself. That left me at a loose end in the house that hadn't been touched in decades, so I found some paint laying around. It was so old that the tin rusted through as soon as I started stirring it, but it turned out OK after filtering. I started painting ceilings and doors and varnishing window sills, and asked Pete to bring the Mothership up so we could clean out a truckload of rubbish. That evening Steve came up and had a big go at me about taking over and moving his stuff and making decisions over his head, which is fair enough, but in the ensuing clash of giant egos it became clear we could no longer work together the way we have for the last eight years. So I finished what I was painting and came back to Orange. Maybe we'll sort out something when he's well again, or maybe we'll never build that 2.2L 3SGE Escort-beating KE70! We'll have to wait and see.
  3. Got the engine a gearbox mocked up in postion.
  4. Its probably been done, What info do you want? -Make sure the sump fits around the ke70 cross member. if it does, drop it in and make the following: - engine mounts - gearbox mount - custom 1 piece tailshaft to an LSD diff. - Efi fuel system -Either fit the mazda radiator,. or find one about the same size that fits with the pipes on the right side. -Find mazda wiring diagram and figure out how to wire it up in ke70. skids! (after you fit an LSD diff, good brakes and good suspension) Cheaper and arguable alot better to just buy an mx5 😉
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  6. I haven't heard of it being done, but I've always thought its a great idea. The only surviving RWD 4cyl in mass production, most of the options are ancient or expensive. Its got to be easier than converting a FWD to a RWD gearbox, and you can buy a recent low-Km motor & 6-speed. There is plenty of knowledge about warming that motor up too. Go for it!
  7. Has anyone put a B6ZE ( Mazda MX5 NA ) drivetrain in a KE70 2 doors 1980 mdl. if you know can you please share the info. i don't seem to be able to find anything.
  8. Latest new arrival in the parrot shed, are gloves. I've resisted these for many years, I mean, how stupid are they. Can't feel anything, tools will slip, it's just a bit of oil with potentially dangerous contaminants etc. Well of course they are none of those things. Good feel, no cuts and nicks, and toasty warm. And when I had finished removing the front end, I was able to go in and cook dinner for the family without even washing my hands. I did wash my hands, but I did think twice about whether or not to bother. I'm a convert, but not going for those disposable rubber ones. Feedback on the cheapo Daytona jacks. One is a bit niggly with a touchy bleed valve that doesn't like to stay tight, so may have to take that back for a replacement.
  9. This is one awesome wagon I hope mine gets to this stage one day soon
  10. I found one online. thanks for the help if I need anything I will let you know.
  11. Last week
  12. Hi I’m looking for front and rear bumpers for my KE30 Corolla
  13. Has anyone one here successfully run a blow thru setup on a 4K and got the standard carby to work? Can’t find much info in my searches
  14. Thanks man! Looks well here for now. Brought it on local shop for fenders and door alignment, minor body repairs and paint restoration. Rusted parts are removed and replaced by fabricated sheet metal.
  15. None, because the 2ZZ is still attached to the engine-stand in the garage...
  16. Wow! Big project! You might as well take the panels & doors off now, the shell will get a better rust-proof finish in all the hard-to-get places then. The P'pines must be hard on cars for rust, yours looks really good.
  17. what combination of driveshafts/CV joints did you end up using?
  18. Due to covid19 pandemic work are suspended here in the philippines, so i have to spend the whole day staying at home. This gives me a chance to work on my project ke70, instead of spending my whole day watching ke70 restoration process in youtube. I decided to strip it to bare metal using angle grinder with 36 grit 4" flap disc (no available paint stripper paint shops were close due to lockdown), removed all carpet, dashboard etc.
  19. I caught the top of a dropped bollard that had not been lowered properly on a private road going to a car club meeting. It seems to have clipped the front and pull it back, though on the face of it looks more like superficial damage than 'structural'. It seems that the metal is really quite flimsy and I was not going fast at the time. Car still drives fine with no pulling when braking or any apparent steering issues. My car is in near 'mint' condition and I would like to keep it as original as possible. I have sourced a chassis complete with running gear intact but the buyer is asking in excess of £1500 which is silly money. I hope to get my newly built 4AGE fitted later in the year so may try and deal with it then when the engines out. I'll post a picture when I next get it up on a lift.
  20. Hi, running Toyota crown engine. 2.6L 6cyl 4M our of a 1976 Toyota crown with 3 speed auto. Carb, rad, coil electronic distributor etc all included. Pulling this out soon.. offers? Let me know if anyone is chasing one of these setups runs great can show video running will be pulled out within 2 weeks. Let me know if your interested and what your offers are. Cheers
  21. Welding up the hole in the B pillar, and body panels being fitted.
  22. I’m literally pulling one out right now snd swapping the TE27 one in. Other than coming in for a cuppa. It would be hellishly expensive to post. Sure yours can’t just be welded? Damage can’t be too bad, they are usually covered in oil.
  23. Looking for a front suspension cross member to allow me to repair some damage to my current one. Anyone have one that they would be willing to sell and ship to the UK? Cheers
  24. I dropped mine 1.5 inches and used Mk1 AW11 MR2 strut inserts (kyb 363046) and Mk2 2 Ford Escort rear shocks (kyb 343020). I have purpose made 1.5 inch lowering springs that fit the existing struts and am using 1.5 inch lowering blocks on the rear. Only issue i had wxs the need to bush the strut insert tops by about 15mm to stop them knocking. I am running 13 inch alloys with standard fitment pcd with 0 offsett and 185 60 13 tyres with no mods to bodywork and handling and tyre wear is perfect. Hope this helps.
  25. Good one Bayley ! Glad it was something simple. Cheers Banjo
  26. Thankyou it is my ballast resistor that have broken
  27. Wheel trims Centre caps for 14 inch AE92 Corolla SX alloys. I need two to complete my build. Email [email protected]
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