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    New here, first post and having a little difficulty posting text. Anyway, hope you guys don't mind a van owner hanging out in here. We bought this little Liteace a few months ago, which is not a Corolla but has a 5K engine under the seats. I have been lurking here trying to learn more about this thing. It runs surprisingly well, considering what must have been a lifetime of neglect: - changed out the plugs and wires - reset the timing - removed the restrictive inlet pipe that snakes its way to the air filter all the way from the front bumper - oil and filter - have a carb rebuild kit and new manifold gaskets, waiting for a good weekend to do it Was very surprised to find points in the distributor cap, an old-school coil on the firewall, and an old-school voltage regulator under the dash. Wow. VR already went up in smoke due to some faulty wiring back by the fuel sender...that was an exciting morning... we had flames coming from underneath near the gas tank at one point. Never travel anywhere now without at least a water bottle! Plans for this van are to upgrade the alternator & distributor, source a 3-core radiator and make some changes to the aircon condenser arrangement. After that, piece together a 1.75" exhaust system from Jetex, unless you guys can recommend a more Asia-Pacific source. This is our only vehicle, and we don't exactly have an ideal place for working on the little guy, so I'm doing what I can.
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    We are in Philippines. There is a large but somewhat disconnected Liteace community here, but the most difficult thing about finding parts is there really are not junkyards. We are left with Facebook as a means of trying to buy and sell, so it is just as easy for me to order from Malaysia or Australia as it is from Manila. Having never owned aToyota, (much less an engine so small), I was surprised to learn about the 4K's and the brilliant work shown in this forum. My original thought had been to yank it out and put in a 22r, but now I'm inspired to see what can be accomplished with what we have. He will happily cruise along at 80-90 Kmh, which is as fast as I dare to go on these roads anyway. The mountains are another story, but am looking forward to the challenge. Already started on the interior. Attending to basic needs like electrical, brakes, etc.
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    Welcome Aboard ! We like Liteaces ! They have 5K engines in them ! Where are you located ? Cheers Banjo
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    I did a bit of cleaning up, on the collector area, as suggested, & although not using the tie wire, I did make a triangle, using the Bunnings stainless steel ties, which are heaps better than those supplied with the heat tape. I had so much tape left over, I even lagged the front box, just because I had it. Always hard to know how much tape you need, if you've never done it before. For those interested, I ordered 15m of 50mm wide tape. With all that pipe depicted below wrapped, with a generous overlay, I still had 4.5 meters left over. Cheers Banjo
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    Me too.. I will enjoy the car build too though.
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    I love it!!! I am going to miss the building updates when you start the rally car again, I think this journey has been much more rewarding.
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    Mezzanine time... the sections we took off weighed a couple of hundred Kg each, and they were too wide for the door. That meant putting them inside longways, laying them on a couple of crawlers and the handtruck/engine stand, and turning them 90deg. That was the easy part! Then picking them up again and lifting them onto the posts. They went back together within a mm or two & we screwed the sections down and added the planks we'd taken off. Job finally done, a storage area with 2.2M headroom underneath ! Then the hoist could be fitted- First the pillars were stood upright, which was done by just heaving them up with the two left-handed cripples. Then lots of measuring and checking, then drilling 18mm holes for the concrete bolts. The concrete man who poured the slab was kind enough to loan us a giant drill bit and we got stuck in. The bolts torque down to 150lb-ft, and the final job was fitting the top crosspiece about 4M up. I'm back home now, ToyotaNats this weekend over Easter as a distraction, then inlaws visiting from overseas, then back up there to finish the hoist assembly and wiring. THEN start a rally car again! ...well... first some tools and jacks and parts and everything that makes a shed a workshop!
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    Tony and Chris are certainly talented crew ,having watched over the weekend they embarrassed a lot of other crews in big dollar outfits. I was stuck in service park most of the weekend but ducked out on some of the closer stages. My boy done quite well to in car 121 mighty excel !!embarrassed a few wrx people. Although he broke an engine pipe saturday last stage ,but the rally community helped out and fixed it and some other problems we never saw. Big thanks to Mal Keough and Gary crew.Hoist Keith you need one of these for woolshed rallying so much easier . The top guys are so fast it really is F1 in the forest If you guys have never seen the wrc cars in full flight you need to get to coffs next year (maybe the last year at coffs} IF not to see the wrc but the woolshed guys debut No pressure guys HA HA!!! Rob
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    Well, another trip up there.. This time the caravan was in place so we organised some poly pipe for drainage.. Except the ground is like rock and it will need digging in after some rain! We swiped a pump off a well that hadn't been used for years and hooked that up to a tank, so the van has pressurised water and someday a drainage system! A complicated brotherly swap saw us get the red AE71 back. Steve's little bro dailyed on the 4AC and he cut the rust out of the boot area, but then found other stuff to do. Into the shed with the other dozen KE70s! We needed to paint the van door before it rotted out, so we hung a temporary curtain over the doorway. Now, that morning we'd driven about the paddocks in Mao to see how many calfs had been born, and when we saw one lying flat on the ground we drove over. The one beside it got up and moved away, but this little white one stayed dead still until Steve got out and nudged it. Then, POW! it was off and running! We let it go while we checked the rest, & assumed it got back to Mum. That night stacks of moths slipped in around the tarp until Steve couldn't stand it and went to bed, listening to the wind bang the alloy bar on the awning against the van. Late at night there's an enormous "MOOO.. " at the door, so he staggers up to get a torch and there's the white calf.. Of course it took one look, realised "Arrgh, there's the human who wants to eat me", and POW, it was off again! Like a good farmer he found his shoes and some rope, and went off across the paddocks to one-handedly lasso the calf then drag it back to the right paddock half a Km away! Life's never dull at Woolshed rallying!
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    Steve bought a drill seeder off Great-uncle Neville, so we went out to fetch that. Way to big to fit on a truck.. Luckily Neville is an engineer and had handy things like several 3/4" socket sets! ..and a tractor big enough to lift it! Sadly both the farm tractors are smaller adn lighter, but we got it to sort-of fall off.. That's another giant project to get working in a few years time! So now we can concentrate on emptying the stuff out of the big shed and finally getting a concrete floor laid! Meanwhile we've agreed to service for Leighty in his 240RS for the Orange Rally next month. If you're around look us up!
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    Well, slowly slowly.. Mao has rebuilt Blsteins and Steve has a road car.. Pete's Maxima that everyone borrows has a new LCA bush & doesn't knock any more.. and we did some gardening. Then we sort-of finished the caravan, no water plumbed in yet.. and moved it in by the Woolshed. We finished the steel store except for a door. We made the steel door-frame but haven't found hinges yet...
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    Steve was working mornings driving a concrete truck, so we had afternoons and weekends. Each day he'd catch up with me at the Woolshed and we'd head down to the caravan. It only took a couple of days to strip the inside out and then we decided the door was too small for a big guy, so we took that out. We found a full-szed door on an old shearer's cottage, and re-skinned one side of that. With a bigger door we could fit in a full-sized kitchen unit, also courtesy of the cottage, so we cut the back at an angle to follow the front of the 'van. Then we re-did the door frame trying to make it much more rigid and strong enough to hold a fill-size "timber" door. ..and that's where I left it.. On the way to becoming a batchelor pad instead of a holiday home! In a month we'll be back into it all! (Look at that! I take one lousy photo with him in and then he takes dozens of me! He shoulda been busy!)
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    Ah, so much happening!! Mao is sitting in the Woolshed with no shocks, the Bilsteins are in Sydney being rebuilt. That's fine as Steve's wrist is slow to heal and he can't handle the heavy steering in there anyway. Instead we started on a stores shed to take some of the junk currently in the tank shed. Between that and the mezzanine we should be able to clear the tank shed and get a 100sqM slab poured. The shed was full of shit and some nice but old and rusty 50x50 angle & 1" steel box. We cleared all that out and found the 4 middle post had rotted at ground level. Those we ripped out, cut off the bottoms and stood them back on timber slabs. We found an old wood fire, which will be used, and a gas fire that won't. Then we bolted 4x4 rails along the top and 6x2 braces across the middle. That allowed us to put a 4x2 down the center so each sheet of iron only had to span 1.4M or so. The wind just tore the old frame's nails out of the top of the posts, so we're hoping to avoid that again. We used Tek screws on some old iron roofing, then fitted a window, fixed the hole at the back where a tree was growing through it, tightened up the walls and started on shelves. The steel will make shelf framing, a lot of ex-shop benchtop will be the shelves, and we washed out a stack of chemical containers then split them as shelf containers. We'll pile a couple of tons of things like gate hinges, bolts, screws, tynes and farming stuff. Any room left will be for KE70 parts!
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