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    Honestly they're one of the worst engines ever made. It wouldn't be the worth the time or money at all.. Even 22r would be considerably better over the 2sc
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    I'll start off this post with this boring and dirty picture of the Corolla. It's been a very long time since the bonnet has been on, so a pretty good moment tonight. I got the engine back from the engine builder and got pretty excited to so slapped it back in the car and test fit all of my sweet new gear. Turns out that he missed putting a oil drain in the bigport head to match to the smallport 7 rib block that I'm using. These heads are pretty notorious for storing way too much oil and starving the block of oil. So everything had to be undone and pulled back out for this drain. Once back in I started plumbing everything. I'm getting rid of the cold start gear for use of the old right foot for a few minutes instead - so I can neaten this mess up. For example of out with the old and in with the new: This picture was the first time it got pushed out of the driveway for a few months The new vacuum manifold block will be here this week as I broke the last one, lol. So will be able to get that sorted and then fit my intake and fuel rail again! Soon!
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    I like the "S" thing. I used to he the coolest kid in school based on how many of them i had on my books. Note: Based on all other available "coolness" metrics i was right down on the coolness list.
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    Can I google Kahili Blundell at work. I don't know who she is
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