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    Nearly there, battery is a bit down on charge so no start today. Finished that steering wheel too, looks mint. Repco stock this zinc stuff, so put some in the oil to help the cams bed in Beer That is all, maybe start tomorrow.
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    The missus finally out of Hospital and into rehab. One step closer......
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    in the middle of doing a conversion on my ke30 to a ca18det , just need a bit of advice on a couple things .. 👍
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    TBF all things considered, a sorted 4af "should" be pretty comparable with the 4age, theoretically the lesser valve angle of the 4af of 11deg is more in line with what f1 and large capacity non hemi head drag race engines use. The problem lies with the really small torque based port size,cams and lower comp. It would probably cost $2+k to port the head to get it close to flowing similar to a smallport 4age. I made a set of 12.5:1 4af pistons about 10-12 years ago for a customer that had wild ported head, Ti valves etc. and a set of 312deg rally cams. Never heardback from him though. I do remember who did the cylinder head and I'm pretty sure Clive Cams in Lillydale does his camshafts(He doesn't advertise as he doesn't need too), if you decide to do it they'd be the people to get in touch with. You'd need to either sort out a larger carb and dizzy re graph too, or convert it to efi. First I'd do is a comp test to check bottom end conditions and think about it from there. One other thing to think of is most 4age cars are driven as designed, hard so may need a refresh too.
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    As someone who has fitted 16 valve 4AGE’s into an AE82 and an AE86, do bear in mind it isn’t simply a matter of swapping the engines along with a few extra components. There are very many differences, especially with wiring looms, fuel systems and don’t forget suspension and brakes etc. If you are paying someone to do it, it will cost an absolute packet. Depending on what model Corolla you have, if there is a 4AGE equipped model in the same model range, think VERY seriously about finding one with a rough body and swapping EVERYTHING across. It will be far cheaper for you, and mechanically not too hard to do yourself. Its also a lot of fun
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    How far are you planning to go?? Carbs, cam, compression & a porting job? It will keep up with the traffic but it will never get near 4AGE power, 8valves will never rev as easily.... Depends on your budget and what you want to do with it.
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    FMD, Most important thing is your OK and secondly the car is too.
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    An honest appraisal, realistic price and photos!
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    Man, the blue is good. I wasn't too fond of it when I first saw it - now it would be my go to!
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    North American Toyotas have had Entune for a few years now (which I don't think ours did) and there is no end of hate for it.
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    Have you got her programming your ECU already?
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    An interesting issue has arisen. Toyota Australia is suffering through some kind of hack, and so all their servers/email etc. is down. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. The splash page on the phone app says they "don't believe my data has been compromised" but they're not sure. As a consequence I can no longer access the Toyota Link apps in the car - such as weather, fuel finder. This intrigues me. Akio Toyoda declared that the new Corolla and Crown would be the start of a new wave of connected vehicles produced by Toyota. Toyoda's desire for Toyota to collect and presumably monetise the data my car collects, is the reason why Toyota Australia will not allow Apple Carplay to run on the head unit citing "security issues. Given that Toyota has now lost control of their servers and presumably lost control of *my* data (it's not theirs!), I'm even more annoyed that I can't instead substitute these now crippled apps for Apple Carplay. I want Spotify in-car damnit! I sent off a strongly worded email and did at least receive an apologetic reply. But zero promises. Love this car though. As the engine frees up it's getting punchier and more economical. The iMT can be a little annoying how it flares the revs taking off in first, but omg I love the rev matching downshifts.
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    This one always brings back the memories. Original little red spirit and all! I cant find a better resolution copy on the internet, its at home on a harddive somewhere.
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    Hows the tuning going? I have seen a few of the old timers do it with a vac gauge, never really took much notice of it as I prefer to use a wideband o2. Those wheels suit the sedan shape perfectly. I'd love a sedan that shape with a 20v in it.
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    That is a common misconception mate, we don't drink Fosters, i personally haven't seen anyone drink it since the early 80's, let alone seen it for sale in bottle shops.
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    Quality of AE86s at the show looks excellent. Nice pics. One day i will have me a levin notch back like that red one. Something cool about that shape.
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    So about time I did an update.... The Tuesday dyno session didn't go quite as planned. Andy was chasing an ignition breakdown on #4. Just intermittent spark. It was running on 3 a bit when I drove it down to him but I thought it was just the bad tune. I popped into the workshop at about 430pm (expected to have it back by then) and he seemed a little frustrated. We quickly deduced it wasn't a coil issue, but wiring. Then I realised what the problem would be... I crappy Jaycar electrical connector. Had it swapped out by Thursday night with a new Narva one and all was good. Took it back to him on Friday morning (he said I could just leave it there for a week while in Burnie for work) via town for a meeting and realised he had knocked the overall fuel cut up to 50%. When I realised this I went in and offered to him that I would manually drop all the values by half to save him time... and me money. Week went by, and I hadn't got around to doing anything but I did realise it could be a simple process. When I converted to sequentially injection/CAS and quad coils I had to manually double all of the fuel map values as it went from dual bank injection to sequential. IE I had a fuel map on file that would be close enough for a starting point. So reinstated the old map (Andy's last tune with a couple of little tweaks by me) and changed the appropriate settings back over to dual pulse/sequential. Started with no throttle and idled (I don't have an idle solenoid) and drove rather well! So then took it back to him straight after. In the week it took me to sort it, he'd taken lots of dyno bookings and the next opportunity he'll have to do it will be Friday 1st of March. Meh oh well, another 2 weeks to wait. So that's where I'm at.
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    " I just tested it and got 14.1 km per litre (7 litres per 100klm). " Ouch- That's what the 4AGE returns running the 500km up to the Woolshed and back.. and you've got a lot more motor there!
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    The big job was fitting a plastic roof to make a glasshouse for growing seedlings- and it even has a wind-up wall! The electricity went off one evening and all the next day, and that's when I discovered there were no lamps or candles at Auburn Vale. What sort of 1920s farmhouse is this?? I dug out a lamp and made sure it worked for next time! I'd moved one of Steve's farm cats down to Auburn Vale and she'd had kittens down there. Now I have them living under the deck outside my room- but that's preferable to what lives IN the room with me! ..and if you're ever taking bets of centipedes versus redbacks, I can give you a clue.. Anyway- back up tomorrow for another hit! Maybe get those struts done AND the gearbox mounts if the MiG is back. No doubt there will be lots to do setting up the inside of the glasshouse too-
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    Gotta be happy with that!!
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    Excelling news mr Coln72. Thats a milestone!
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    "Well, Just got a call from the missus"- That's the great part.. Not only is she coming home but she's recovered enough to make phone calls.. Took months before my youngest bro could, although he recovered 100% after a time. Good news!
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    Well, Just got a call from the missus. SHE IS COMING HOME TOMORROW
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    Same place as my desire not to be doing another rebuild anytime soon lol
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    That’s looking pretty good!
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    '. It doesn't get any better' You're right! I'm up here this week, I'd better take the photos I never remember to take!
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    I love this thread, rally car building, country life, bit of wrc action, builds, classic cars....... It doesn't get any better
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    Indeed, after we got the timing right, and the carburetor good and clean, the car had quite a punch. Well, after the "testing" stage was done, and the car didn't fall apart during the shake down, It was time for me to start the voyage to my parents house 92 kilometers away. The day started early, checking everything from the night before first stop, was take one of the wheels that was leaking to the tire shop to get it fixed. another quick fix in place for the fuel cap, I had to break the actual fuel cap since I didn't had the key to open it, and after I broke it, I had to made a plug with the first thing that I had in hand. and we where ready to got!... well not quite, the car didn't wanted to start, so a quick jump and it was runing my view from my command center for the next hours and off we go! my look from another car, given that I didn't have any windshield I had to wear a lot of clothes due to the cold first stop, fill the tank (you can also see my friends lovely Civic EF) my friend in the civic was the backup/chase car (and the one in which we will return home) the car was working quite flawlessly through the trip, and we made a stop half way, to check the tires and everything else, all was good and while I checked the tire pressure found out that two of them had 51psi and another had 53psi! I lowered them to something more reasonable, and returned to the road... just to stop a few meters after with a non runing engine the issue turned out to be (again) the filter on the carburetor that got clogged and starved the carb. So I dismanteled the carb, cleaned the internal filter, and we continue with the trip just eating miles the second part of the trip was, without any other issue and we arrived to my parents house, where we parked the car and started to take it apart. and another video with all the trip, enjoy see you next update.
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    Well, the missus ain't home yet but has been moved to Bendigo. Only 45 min down the road now....😀
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    Clutch feel alright in the couple of trips in and out of the driveway, and a little drive up the street. I don't know why people winge so much about buttons. Initial tune will just be on gate pressure so nothing crazy. 9 days.... Not that I'm counting or anything lol
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    Sucks that rehab wasnt closer than 2.5 hours away...... She is handling most of rehab well. Still nauseous and balance is an issue atm, but I'll take that over what it was like last month.
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    I had only heard of height issues on 7k into ke70 but I could be wrong. Point being a 7k is a lot more findable at least in Australia as the 5k powered vehicles arent really on the road anymore but the 7k vans continued up past 2000 model year. I think a 2.7 litre RZ Hilux motor would be a good conversion if you couldnt find much else. Might be hard to find a tall enough diff, but they really do make great torque and theyre hard to kill. Would be annoying having a useless first gear but youd get used to it. Dont try and make a 4wd box into 2wd, its not worth it. 2azfe engines are everywhere, but judging from the questions your asking, making mounts, oil pickups and manifolds might go over your head at this stage in your modifying career. Also the required W5x box is getting hard to find. I remember when Terry tried to sell one here 5 years ago for 150 bucks, no takers. I just saw one up for $850! Makes it seem like me paying a grand to get a car with one spare was worth it.
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    That's what makes me happy excellent news like this.
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    Good to hear Matt. You really need to up the comp now! 👍
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    That's awesome news Colin. All the best for a short stay..
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    She will pass with flying colours just on looks alone. Too pretty.
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    That bonnet scoop turned out great. Looks awesome on that Instagram photo. Good luck with the rwc!
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    You will barely notice it when it is painted. Very subtle yet functional as you will have air slip streaming into that slot at the rear of it. Less is more as they say.
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    Back to 6 stud's again... Now to pick up were I left off 2 days ago!
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    Haven't done too much to this thing of late. Been a bit busy with other things.. Managed to get camber tops all sorted and machined the top hats to suit needle bearings for them also. Been spending time on my newest project i grabbed a while ago and finally got registered so now i should be able to get back into it. I'll upload a photo of the newest toy below
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    I realize this is an older post but I'm doing exactly this... ke16 with a beams. It does not fit but can fit with mods but I'm going a bit further. I'm also doing suspension mods... ae82 cross member and suspension and adjustable coil overs. Haven't decided if I'll narrow the cross member to make track width the same as stock or if I'll use flares. Time will tell I guess. you can see some of the progress on instagram @defender_jon Edit: I'm using KE70 suspension
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    Hey Chums, Bit of an update on the rolls. So I bought it earlier this year, had it running with the mighty K motor for a few months. Decided the 3k just wasn't doing anything it for me and had some spares kicking around from my Celica, figured I'd 3tc swap it... And while I was in the process a turbo and j160 6 speed would be easier to do at the time rather than down the track. So I rebuilt the 3t with stock 3tgte internals, made a manifold, tail shaft, cross member, converted it to hydraulic clutch, remote brake booster etc. Thats pretty much it for now, just been running on 7psi and having a bit of fun with it. In the process of sorting out an intercooler, before I up the boost a bit, going to run a water to air cooler on top of the rocker cover. Also have a M78 commodore diff I'm shortening at the moment for it. Cheers Jack.
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    I like how you pounced on the 911 when he got into a moment of bother. Very nice aggressive driving.
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    I guess the advantage is the 4age is pretty good right out thr box. An uber modified fast 4kc would sure be fun but not for everyone.
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    I had those caps made in the machine shop where I worked at the time as a bit of a thank you for matt's help with my cars. We had some ideas of doing a production run back then but now I rather like the fact they are a one off. Not sure I could get a set done again either as I don't work there any more and neither do most of the good blokes!
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    today I wiped the car with a yellow microfiber cloth, it did take a fair bit off dust of it
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    Update :) A small video I quickly put together showing the car and a bit of working being done. and some recent photos :)
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