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    Yeah I'm sure a few more people could add some valuable advice, thinking back... some starting points of project cars or restorations... 1) You need a seperate daily driver, a turn key operation. Something that gets you around. Not the project car. Something reliable. 2) Buy the best condition car you can, money spent up front on good paint, straight bodywork and little rust pays itself over may times. 3) If its a first project car, you could do a car thats popular so you can follow other peoples path and use the same parts / methods. 4) You need somewhere to work on the car that it doesnt need to be moved for periods of time, if outside use premium waterproof car cover. 5) Essential tools... internet, forums, vernier calipers, measuring tape, car manual, tech books, camera, storage space, zip bags, marker pen + tape. 6) You need tools, like a toolchest full of tools. And a jack. And wheel ramps. And a compressor... And you get the point... this also adds up. 7) Safety first, proper jack, ramps, stands, boots, gloves, glasses etc... 8) Modifying cars can get very complicated "Nothing bolts in, when it does bolt in it doesn't work and if it works it doesn't work properly." Generally the case, something to keep in mind when modifying something, often you are thinking you are improving it when sadly you are not. 9) You need try and have "soft hands" to be able to have a mechanical feel to using tools and parts and for things like cross tightening. 10) Awesome tools include rattle guns, penetrating spray, degreaser, dead blow hammer, pry bars, rachet spanners and more.... Well thats some early advice anyway, especially for someone thinking of starting a project car, some heads up on a good starting point...
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