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  1. Hi Joey, Thanks for your answers & feedback. Before you go pouring money into your little KE35, a couple of other thoughts. The body is the basis for everything you will do to this car. If the body is not up to scratch, then you are putting good money after bad. Your pics indicate a pretty clean little car. What do you know about the history of the car, & from your close inspection ? Has it got any rust in it, or any signs of rust being cut out previously ? It the paintwork original, or has it been resprayed at some time previously ? If it's got lots of "bog" in it, then I'd give it the miss, for any sort of competition work. Cars in excess of 40 years old tend to get a bit "floppy" & unstiff. I've seen Rollas that age, doing a bit of "crabbing", when you follow them from behind. The pillarless coupes like yours are the worst. Your body relies heavily on the strength in the upper rear quarter panels, where there are multiple layers of metal, and they rust out in there, out of sight. If you take it to a good wheel alignment place, they'll be able to tell you how far out the back & front wheel alignments are offset. They can be jigged, & all the floor pan stitch welding, can be seam welded, which will usually pull them back in, & stiffen them up considerably. Jacking them up high on one corner & seeing how far the other side droops is usually an eye opener, & will give some indication of how "soft" the body rigidity is. There's a lot of inspections & tests you can do, pre spending money on it, that won't cost a lot, but could save you a heap down the track, if you discover "surprises" later on during the build. Cheers Banjo
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