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  1. Hi Mate ! What model 4K engine have you got. Is it a 4K-C or a 4K-U ? As you have advised that the 4K is "fully worked", I'm presuming the camshaft has been reprofiled ? Is this the same camshaft that was in the engine, before you had the crankshaft ground & new bearing presumanbly; or did you have the camshaft profiled or a new one fitted fitted at the same time ? We had someone else on here recently, with camshaft tiiming issues. I'll dig out the thread & link it here, & you can have a read, & see if the info therein, is relevant to your situation. Here is some it below . . . . . . I've been trying to find You a pdf version, on the web; of the "Yellow Bible", which the Toyota factory manual produced for the K Series engine. I have a hard copy which I purchased years ago. I covers every K series engine from the 2K to the 5K-C. I have just scanned the picture that is most relevant to your issue. When a manual refers to things like assembling & dissembling a car engine, they assume the engine is out of the car on a bench. There is a difference between the word "vertically", & "perpendicular." The K series engine block has the top of the block (where the head bolts on), & the bottom of the block (where the sump bolts on) being perfectly parallel to each other So when the block is on a bench being assembled etc. the keyway on the crankshaft is both vertical & perpendicular, assuming the bench top is level. However, when the K series is installed in the engine bay, it tilts over to the LHS, when you are standing in front of the grill, looking into the engine bay. I've never measured it, but it looks roughly about 15 degrees. You are looking at the keyway, & saying it is 20 degs out; or off the perpendicular, but your engine is in the car & already tilted, to the LHS. Your reference plane should be the bottom edge of the timing chain cover, which as the diagram above indicates, is exactly 90 degrees to a line drawn vertically through the crankshaft keyway. I don't know how else to describe it to you. Probably the best I can do, is show you a picture on Rollaclub, I took about 4 odd years ago, where someone else, had a similar issue to that which you have. Notice the engine is sitting on wooden blocks, supporting the engine on the block flanges where the sump is attached. Note the crankshaft keyway, is both vertical & perpendicular. If you want to read that post, then go to this link. https://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/74223-worked-5k-problems-on-1st-start/ In conclusion, I don't believe that your engine needs to get pulled out. I believe the "timing error" you are seeing with the timing light, is caused by something else; probably vacuum problems. To stop any vacuum issues, causing timing errors, simply pull off the vaccum hose from the dizzy, so it cannot affect the advance at all. However, you must block the hose off, & any other offrices into the inlet manifold, so that the engine has a chance of getting the right air / fuel ratio. I hope this assists. Cheers Banjo
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