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  1. Thanks KE25_rolla and Redwarf :) If he does not send these tail lights really soon, I will post his name and bank details here so that he won't be able to scam any one else.
  2. Yup, dealt with modify too and he made it possible for me to get Trueno seat skins, very professional guy. How I wished all of them were like mike/ modify. Always payed with paypal on my online purchases, he didn't have an account and I don't know why I risked it for these tail lights. Oh well, lesson learned.
  3. Hi KE25_rolla, I have been emailing him for the past 3 months now, he replies with a lot of excuses, he said he had sent it and will arrive in 5 to 10 days, and then after a month, he says he still has it with him. He says that the address I gave him is not valid according to the post office, how can that be, when the seat skins I ordered from Grant had already arrived, with the same address I had given Michael? Why is it taking more than 3 months for him to send it? The price we agreed upon that included shipping, was already sent to him Aug. 29.
  4. Hey man, where are my tail lights?? I sent you the money last Aug. 29 and you confirmed receiving it. It's already December and it's still not here. You haven't even showed me proof that you indeed sent it, i have given you the benefit of the doubt all these time but you keep giving me excuses. I hope you don't scam me for a measely $200. Send me my tail lights already!
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