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  1. For Sale: Autotecnica gear shift knobby thingy, silver/grey, aluminium and faux carbon fibre (I'm assuming), VGC/PC

    Reason for selling: Sits too high in my car, plus it's a lot lighter than the stock one so shift feel was too different. Installed in car for a week, but removed when another stock one was retrieved from the wreckers (old stock one had an "accident")


    Includes: Genuine Autotecnica gear knob, 3 spare grub screws, Allen key, screw-on grub screw cover, 3 rubber adaptor sleeves (8, 10 and 12mm, although the 12mm one has scratches and a few punch marks from the grub screws). Will fit all Corollas, and probably every other car too with the adaptor sleeves






    NOTE: Does not include box or instructions, however even a simpleton could install it.


    PRICE: Cost me $50, and $8 for the new stock one at the wreckers, so $20 pickup should cover it, or $25 posted to anywhere in AUS at my expense.


    LOCATION - Newcastle, NSW

  2. Personally I'd try and get a KE70 K50 gearbox, as it doesn't require any change to the cross-member, shifter hole etc...plus, KE70s are more common at wreckers than 55s these days, and us poor schmoes in 55s would like it if you left all the KE55 K50s for us to get later down the track, as KE70 ones require mods to fit into the 55

  3. Cute cat.


    And that interior looks neat as. This is going to make a good little project


    Carpet is pretty crappy though, you really have to be careful with the vacuum otherwise the whole interior is sucked up.....I'm not even going to try going to Carlovers and using the vacuums there :)


    Still, it'll go at one stage when we try and get the whole interior colour coded, along with the door trims (robins-egg blue doesn't go well with Australia Post red)

  4. yeah, a tacho would be useful.....was thinking of ripping out the (not working) clock and putting it in there, not a big fan of huge monster-style tachos. Ash tray is useless to us (neither of us smoke, and even if we did we wouldn't do it in the car), and it's a little wonky/stiff so it'll go at some stage, no idea what to put in it's place though

  5. Sounds interesting.

    Does the switch look like the the demister one?? Like is it the same shape size?? Does it have a picture in the middle like the demister one does??

    Nup, its a red toggle switch, looks like something that would fire a missle. No picture or anything, completely unlike the rear demister switch, which leads me to believe that it's aftermarket. No sign of front-mounted foglights though

  6. There is a demister to the right...with the picture and all but i don't think it has rear vents?

    rear demister works by heating an element built into the rear windscreen, so no vents needed



    Maybe it's an on/off switch for the non-existent supercharger ala Mad Max 2

  7. don't you mean OUR little KE55, dear? Remember's who is funding it at the moment too :D just kidding


    Update: bought two front seats and seatbelts from the wreckers today, both in good nick with no tears, sagging etc, along with a windscreen wiper motor, $200 for the lot. All thats left now is to get the steering fixed and she'll be on the road, all nice and legal

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