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  1. For sale, complete package. 16v bigport (with tvis) Engine imported in ~1992 by my old man and stored ever since. Never run untill last year. Have vids of engine running. No error codes registered on ECU. The Good: -Includes RWD inlet manifold, TVIS Plate, 2 throttle bodies, 1 with bent shaft both with TPS -Second fuel rail included -Includes cast exhaust manifold -RWD alternator and bracket included -ECU, igniter and coil included -Clutch and flywheel included -Have a spark plug valley cover as well -New dizzy cap (holes don't line up perfectly so will need to be drilled out a little) The Bad: -Might need head gasket (was a little bit of foamy shit in the radiator when I had it running - half a palm full at most) - could be nothing -Home made wiring loom will probably need to be replaced (all connectors included) -No gearbox sandwich plate -No engine mounts -No gearbox supports/wings $800 Located Brisbane Northside
  2. 5 speed FWD Gearbox - $150 Calipers (Single Pot) - $30 (pair) axles cv's and uprights - $50 (pair) Clutch, Brake and accelerator pedals + mountings + m/cyls - $50 AC Compressor, Power Steering Pump and brackets - $30 ea AC Condensor and Fan - $20 Radiator and Fan - $20 Steering Column (incl ignition barrel, indicator/wiper stalks, leather wheel) - $100 Steering Rack - $50 K-frame, Anti-sway bar and lower wishbones - Make an offer Dash cluster (has scratch on surface) 137800km - $30 Other little brackets, washer motor/bottle, radiator overflow, wiper motors, ABS unit, sensors and other bits and pieces for sale, just ask. Located Brisbane Northside PM me your phone number and I can send pics if wanted.
  3. After an ADM T50-4A Bellhousing or complete gearbox. Cash waiting. Brisbane.
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