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  1. Hah! You can never be on too many forums........ That guy is a bit pricey compared to the Thai guys. There is Lilavadee, boonjr21 and probably others and I would guess they are the same items as Phil's rotaries.
  2. This is a bit old sorry, but have been trawling through the forum looking for an answer. I have nearly finished my AE86 resto and have a 1973 KE25 to move onto next. I see a lot of references to the early and late KE20/25. I see in the history build thread that "a minor face lift occurred in September 1971." What is the build date at which the changes came in? I realise mine is a late.
  3. Sorry, I know this is an old thread, but which Thai seller did you get them from as there are a few. I have been looking at them too.
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