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  1. Hi, Bought a BT20v, so am wanting to move these parts. Toda Racing 272deg 7.9mm 16v camshafts. - Intake and exhaust, suits Bigport and Smallport. SOLD - Brand new not even opened, imported form Japan HKS Adjustable Cam Gears Intake and exhaust, suits Bigport and Smallport SOLD T3 Smallport adaptor plate with Silvertop ITB's - includes stacks, mesh filters and vacuum tank SOLD Smallport 100kw head: 4AGZE supercharged cam covers Complete overhaul less than 30K ago, Valve stem seals done Has Smallport Cams, profiles cleaned up SOLD Smallport 100kw head: No cam covers or cams Has ~60K since freshen up Valve stem seals were done SOLD - Has been shaved to limit Bigport Cams (more aggressive lift than Smallport) $70 AE101 4AGZE supercharged cam covers $50 pair Silvertop pistons on AE101 GZE rods Standard size $150 16V GZE block Has oil squirters and fresh crosshatching marks SOLD Located West of Brisbane All prices do not include post. Can post all small items at additional cost Prefer local sales for larger items, but can drop items off at transport depots if required. 0449 838 779 Ali
  2. Hey 15

    Ke55 1979

    Hi all, I'm new at this!! I'm after brake reservoir rubber seal can any one help me?
  3. Hi all, Chasing a few parts, I need the following:- 4A RWD LH and RH engine mount brackets (from block to mount) 4A RWD LH and RH engine mount Stabilizer (Metal piece between mount and bracket) And 4A RWD Rear Plate - Looks kinda like this, may not be actual representation (random Google images pic) Am in Ipswich QLD, if you have these that you would let go, please let me know. Best to Txt me 0449838779 Thanks, Ali
  4. Hi all. Chasing a 4A-GE Small Port, Silvertop or Blacktop for my current build. Not really interested in Bigport, unless its off its head built hi comp motor. Preference is Small port in RWD config, but something I can see running, rebuilt or low Km's since rebuild. Let me know what you got. Best idea is to TXT me 0449838779 Thanks!
  5. CAR SOLD Sadly age has crept up on this little old lady and it is time to let go of my beloved car. Looking for Classic car enthusiast. I have owned this great car since new in 1976. I believe it was fully imported. I have been driving it all my life. To date 24,000km done on reconditioned motors. The car has been kept in very good condition and still driving it. Will sell unregistered because of a small oil leak and hazard lights not working. $5,000-00
  6. Price drop $5000 without wheels 1983 KE70 Corolla 4AGTE Swap Small port 7-Rib bottom end Big port head T28 Runs 15PSI 2.5" straight through exhaust with a rear muffler Front mount Aluminium radiator Relocated Oil Filter Aeroflow oil cooler Genuine Bosch 044 In boot surge tank Facet lift pump Adaptronic e420d T50 Ceramic 5-puck clutch 212mm Flywheel T18 T Series Diff KAAZ 2-way LSD AE86 front BC Gold Coilovers @ 8kg spring AE86 brakes AE86 LCA AE86 P/S arms Whiteline front swaybar Whiteline rear swaybar AJPS 215mm rear springs @ 6kg (shortened) KYB short stroke rear shocks Whiteline Adjustable Panhard Rod SSR Formula Mesh 14x8 -5 185/55 +20mm spacers Volk Mesh 14x8 -10 185/55 Originally slant front KE70 Quad lights Flat front quarters and bonnet Chrome T18 front bumper Welded (tacked on) metal rear flares Bride (rep) adjustable bucket seat Water temp gauge Boost gauge Battery relocated to boot Has a mod-plate for a N/A 4a-ge conversion Owned this car for over 3years and have never had any major issues with it. Made over 160kw with a 2.25" exhaust with a cat in it, but the exhaust was choking it up. So got a 2.5" system built for it and now makes far more than that, especially up in the high rev range. Body and paint pretty rough, little bits of rust in the boot but no serious chassis rust in it. Has 6months QLD rego BYO RWC Price Drop $5000 without wheels Located in Toowoomba Rhett - 0448 969 231
  7. wanting to buy a 4ac or early bigport flywheel 6 bolt hole 200mm clutch would be nice but not essential
  8. Hi Bought this to put in our KE20 to replace the K40. Have since bought a 4AGE and T50 to put in so don't need the K50. Haven't driven the box but bought it from this forum and was told it shifts ok with no noises. $200. Thanks jon
  9. I am wanting to upgrade to a 3sge Beams, so I am selling our 2TG engine that is still in our 4cyl speedway sedan. So you can see it running or better still come to Gympie Speedway Nov 28 & see it race. I refreshed the motor with rings & big end bearings, & head reconditioned (inc new valve springs) only 2 race meetings ago. The bore (no ridge at all) & all internals looked perfect, Was making 132hp before the head was flowed & ported & reconditioned. 10.5 to 1 forged pistons bored to 87mm port & polished & bench flowed head exh cam opens 73 deg, closes 34 deg, lift .394, 287 dur inlet cam opens 48 deg, closes 81deg, lift .409, 309 dur 3t crank internals balanced including clutch Fidanza 3.4 kg flywheel extractors Complete Motor " MOTOR SOLD" The following are still for sale : Link G3 ecu with harness $400 2TG Individual Throttle bodies inc TPS & 2tg std factory injection with ecu, manifold,air filter, complete setup $400 the lot T50 5 Speed SOLD 2TG Std Flywheel $50 2TG camshafts (2 pair) Std Grind $50 a pair Complete diff assy drum to drum T Series Celica Diff 4.1 welded centre, plus 4.1 open diff, plus tail shaft to suit KE30/KE55 SOLD Phone 0431 035 185.
  10. I am after a tail shaft from an AE71 please. .... 4AC engine located Sunshine coast can travel or pay postage. thanks
  11. HI Everyone, I have a nice little mx32 project that I need to sell. She is sold as is where is to suit project or drift etc etc. The good: - Lovely Chrome all in tact. Front bumper is bent, but i have a replacement coming in the mail from ebay at some stage which i will fit to the car. Rear bumper has a small ding unfortunately - Looks to be original paint - either that or its been resprayed at some point but its a good respray if it was - Maroon Interior is pretty pimp, nice and original, amazingly comfy! Without a doubt the comfyest 70's car i've ever sat in. overrated headlining, no tears in any of the seats, original carpet. O - Cool old school ride - would suit low down shakotan style. The Bad: - Mainly: Engine is dead. It has a dropped piston and hole in the block so definatelt need replacing, or ideally, this would be an excellent project base for a conversion - any M series engine will bolt straight in and also UZ/JZ conversions are common and easy. - Boot and Fuel door locks are different to ignition lock and I can't open the fuel door, however I took the rear seat out to pop the boot open. - Rust: Has a couple of small spots. Some under boot lid seal on the flangey bit. Some bubbles appearing in passengers side front door lower section. This is below the body line and below the side trim so you would only have to sand and bog an area about 2 foot squared...an easy touch up. Also there is 2 or 3 small holes not even the size of a 5 cent coin behind the rear window. The roof also did have a section of surface rust about 50mm in size, however this has been sanded back and painted with rust convertor primer. Thankfully it surface only and is not a hole in the roof. i got to it in time and there are no water marks on the headlining at all. Also all of the other rust spots as mentioned have been treated with the rust convertor primer to prevent further decay. Summary: The rust makes it sounds bad I guess, but I'm really just trying to be honest. It isnt reallt too bad, this is a pretty sweet little car for its age. It presents well, is quite straight for its age, very complete, and any body defects would be a really easy fix for any one experienced with that kind of thing. Its certainly not as bad as a KE70's rust thats for sure There is one of these on car sales for 1500 that has twice the rust and has also had a front end accident with everything bent and mangled! These are getting rarer each day and ooze coolness. I really want to keep this old girl but I don't have time for another project (or the money to be honest) I really just need to buy a daily. I may consider swaps, but no projects. I need something useable with minimal work to be done. Possibly can add cash adjustments for a better car. Looking for RWD only, I'd really like an MX73. Here is some pics, I will take some of the rust when I get home as its still dark outside now haha. Contact Matt on 0403927276. Prefer SMS as I work and have uni. If you SMS I can get back to you at any time. CHeers. I live on the Sunshine Coast
  12. Selling my much loved and well looked after sportivo. Have decided to move so have to sell car. Link to car sales add: http://www.carsales..../SSE-AD-3984879 You can also see my rides thread. Car has been serviced every 5000km. Fitted with all the goods like: -leather seats -sat nav -floor mats -boot matt -boot scuff guard -and mroe Car also has many RARE TRD items like: -short shifter -front strut brace -rear strut brace -TRD fuel cap Along with this car has a few after market items to make it handle better and safer like: -upgraded rear sway bar -front aluminium cooling pannel -front under car aluminium tray -front lower strut bracing -braided brake lines -preformance brake pads -new brake rotors Car WONT disappoint. Very sporty and quick. P plate legal Get in fast Note car not sold with mags they were sold separately. Price: $4800ono Location: Ipswich QLD Contact PM or 0405244580 Pic:
  13. Hi all, had the beast briefly for a few months. Was bought for my girlfriend but sadly hasn't taken to the oldschool corolla and i have plans for something different of my own so to a new home she must go. Was bought off the forums a couple months back so I'm basically recycling the ad including the pics. Can add new ones if required but the are a fair representation of the car (Plus they are nice pics :) . Semi daily driven for a month and has been in storage for another while we were overseas so its only gained a few thousand k's since I bought it. Only difference is wiring for a sub and amp have been included although the sub and amp wont be included in the sale. •11/1983 KE70 Toyota Corolla •4 months registration •Will supply QLD RWC •165XXXkm -- $ 6300 -- 0427 479 875 Brisbane/Gold Coast area Engine and Drive Train: •Original 4K •K&N Air cleaner •Rebuilt Carburetor •4into1 Extractors •Complete 2.25" Exhaust •New Coil •New Leads •New Distributor Cap •New Rotor button •New Points •5 Speed •12" Thermo fan •Reconditioned Radiator •15 row oil cooler(mounted but no lines) •Oil cooler block •Cusco 3 point strut brace •Cusco Camber tops •XT130 LCAs •New Inner bushes •New Ball Joints •New rear Wheel Bearings •Every fluid has been changed in the past 4x Months Engine, Coolant, Gearbox, Brake and Diff. Exterior: •Watanabes 14x7+3 14x7.5-3 •Tires 85% •Quad Front •Low beam 35watt 5000k HIDs •High beam Aircraft Landing Lights •Madhouse Lip •Chrome Bumpers Interior: •Dark Blue interior •Venetians •60% Tint •Pioneer Head Unit •Kenwood front Splits •Custom Parcel shelf •5x7 Polk rear speakers •Suede Steering Wheel •Tacho Cluster •Autometer Pro comp Gauges; -Water Temp -Oil Pressure -Volt •Dash mat •Alarm and Central Locking *due to its height the front tyres are slightly rubbing on the outside in the guards at full lock* was going to raise slightly but probably wont due to the sale and time restrictions. **No dildo shifter thats in the photos either** Paint has usual wear and tear and a few little dings here and there on it. Obviously inspection is needed for something like this. Has minor rust in bottom corner of rear window and bottom of the boot seem (will add photos soon) Car is in Wakerley to view for the next couple of weeks. Then ill be home only a week every month (FIFO worker). Viewing will be arranged otherwise if urgently wanted to be seen. Thank you and good day :)
  14. MartyJ


    Only thing changed since i bought it are the rims.
  15. 72-74toyota ke25 grill $250 not broken in good condition toyota 4age head machined $250 complete toyota ae71 cross member mounts and gearbox mounts $300 3k big port heads 30 each 7 there suit rebuilds tighe 154 cam and lifters in order 150 ke20 wrecking or selling 400 t18 t50 250 4age fly wheels 20 electronic dizzy for 4k 50 no cap/rotor box of 32/36 webers 50 approx 6 in bits 5k block/crank std bore 50 also have a large amount of ke20 parts so if your chasing anything text me for photos and more info 0481268201 located warwick qld might swap for 4k parts
  16. Hi Guys/Girls, I'm in QLD Townsville, looking for this interior panel (see image). I think it's plastic and is usually black? Even if you've got one that's not black, let me know. Cheers!!
  17. Diff/Axle housing, 3.9 diff centre, axles and drum brakes. Disassembled for inspection. Been sitting for years, needs bearings. $45 the lot. David (Brisbane north) 0423 392 824
  18. Hey all just chasing a 4 door ke 20 30 or 55 must be auto missus wants a classy reliable car so were getting a rolla willing to pay 1k without rego or 1.5k with rego any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Sick to death with the squeaks & groans from my rear spring poly bushes I installed about a year ago. Want to go back to genuine rubber ones. Having trouble trying to find a supplier. Anyone got a new, or NOS set they want to sell. The rear spring front bushes I need are 50mm. The rear spring hanger bushes are all the same on KE30-KE55 models. Toyota Original Part Numbers 90385-13065 Rear Spring Front Eye 50mm Bush 4 off required 90385-13071 Rear Spring Rear Shackle Bush 8 off required Cheers Banjo
  20. wanted 3speed auto suit 3k can pick up between bris and hervey bay
  21. Any infomation where i can buy 12" white wall tires for my 69 corolla in Florida?.
  22. Looking for an electronic speedo mechanism from an AE100/101 or later model Corolla, to fit into my KE30 cluster, for a pulse driven speedo conversion. If necessary, will take a whole cluster assembly. Located south side of Brisbane, but will travel afield, or pay for postage Australia wide, as the part is not too large or heavy. Many thanks ! Banjo
  23. Hi Team, I am looking for the accelerator clamp shown in the pictures. I only have half a clamp and I am looking for the other half, if anyone has one. It is for a KE20 which has a 3K Head. Cheers, Jamie
  24. G'Day everyone, I'm getting a long-stalled TA22 2TG project up and running again, and was hoping to find the following to help get thinks moving along... 1. Extractors to suit a 2TG & 2. A preferably complete twin carb setup including manifold, linkages etc to suit a 2TG. I'm not fussed as to the make of the carbs - as long as they work! I'm located in Sth Brisbane Cheers, Aaron
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