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  1. Looking for a complete chrome bumper set. After the bumpers, indicators and end caps too. Mounts would also be massively preferred. Looking to spend at maximum $450 for the lot, must be in Victoria as shipping is horrendous
  2. I just pulled this T-50 box from my sprinter, has a worn 2nd gear syncro, shifts up fine, requires heel and toe when downshifting at higher speeds. P/up Wodonga, $150 ono text or call Dave 0400 093 027. comes with clutch aligner only
  3. Anyone know where to buy a new shifter rebuild kit for K-50 box (on KE70) Or does anyone have a new shifter rebuild kit Also Front and Rear oil seals Swapping K-40 for a K-50 (since I use freeway quite often) Just though I'd do a small amount of maintenance (Already got new filter and sump seal) One last thing Penrite 80w-90 or Castrol VMX 80?
  4. Toyota 4AGE 20 valve Silver Top throttle bodies (with TPS) with manifold to suit 4AGE 16 valve big port. $550 for the lot. Items located in Werribee, Vic Ashley
  5. Hi Community, I'm chasing centre console as the title says, chasing one not wrecked if possible. Any help appreciated!! Cheers
  6. WTB: 3Tc engine for our TE72. Any condition as long as its not totally stuffed. PM on this forum or text me on 0411 494 484
  7. Pair of left & right power steering arms I've decided to revert back to non power steering arms so out they go. Snap them up before I miss them too much. Obviously the arm on the right is a conventional length arm. Just to demonstrate that they are in fact power steer arms you are getting. $180
  8. Hi long shot i'm lookin for a crown ute 1968 to 1970 mdl I don't care if it doesn't run cheers Woz Will consider interstate
  9. Well as the story goes, I literally just get it registered and circumstances have changed. So much to my disgust I have to part with my ute. 1964 toyota crown ute, 2lt inline 6 w5x 5 speed (alloy bellhousing), both of which it is registered with. Twin thermos, new radiator and water pump, reco 350 holley, new brakes and brake hoses. Pearl blue steering wheel, cd player, amp and speakers. A fair few battle scars for a 50 year old car but no rust. Only things missing are a couple of stainless trims and rear tailgate handle which i am currently trying to source. Runs extremely well and comes with a roadworthy and 12 months reg. Located in portarlington victoria. $8000 ono. Ph:0408892734. Call for more pics and info.
  10. This Ke20 manual 2 door coupe has been in the family for the past 15 years and until 18 months ago was still being driven by my sister. Was supposed to be a restoration project but I am moving house and it can't come with me so it is now regrettably up for sale, it is a complete car minus front windsheild, and battery. Some parts still removed because i had intended to have a complete respray but it is a complete car. Minimal rust for its age. see attached photos. Car is currently unregistered the image of the car on the side of the road was what it looked like before it was pulled apart. Hoping to get $3000. if you would like to see more of the recent pics please ask email [email protected] Inspections in Altona Melbourne
  11. Cleaning out bits I bought but never used Crow Cams for 4age I bought these as new old stock from engine builder appear to be never used only test fitted, TOYOTA 4AGE INLET & EXHAUST MILD PERF CAMSHAFTS - 271152 & 272152 (CROW CAMS) $450 neg New, Pair adjustable Cam gears Toyota 4AGE Blox red $70 New, Endurotec Toyota Corolla AE92 AE93 VRS Gasket Set Smallport 4AGE 4A-GE 16V 1987-1995 $130 neg or take the lot $600 msg me on here or sms 0413 267 629 Rod
  12. in the off chance someone has some lying around, I'm chasing some early simmons f90's in 15" - 5x114.3 ("ford type" pcd) ideally rwd type offset, but anything considered Toby 0437665518
  13. anyone have any front backing plates to suit ae86 brakes?
  14. Hi all, I'm in need of both left and right ae86 front caliper rebuild kit including the cylinders. thank you.
  15. After two months of holding a deposit on this, it's time to offer it back up for sale as the deposit maker isn't going to follow through on the deal. Hopefully this time it goes to someone who has the cash ready! Great looking and rare KE15 Sprinter up for sale. Family life means I don't drive it enough, so its time to move it on to a new owner who will hopefully stretch its legs a little more often than I. Details: 4k engine, standard with a standard carb. 5 speed gearbox Lowered slightly - springs in the front, blocks in the back Standard brakes - front unassisted discs / rear drums. Rare work equip 01 rims in 4x110 stud pattern - staggered width front to rear Reconditioned radiator that has done less than 500km Steering componentry adjusted and replaced as needed less than 500km ago Body is very tidy. It was originally a white car, that was painted red 15 or more years ago. It was a well done job, and included the boot, engine bay, dash and door jams. There are a couple of blemishes and faults after all this time, but generally she looks very pretty. The stripes are vinyl so if you are careful with a heat gun they will peel off, and the numbers are just magnets I put on for car shows. Interior is also very tidy with a nice Momo steering wheel. Dash top isn't perfect, seats have a few seams that need attention, but again overall it presents very well. It drives well, stops well, steers well and is overall a fun little car. I don't think it would need anything for a roadworthy, as long as your mechanic appreciates a slightly lowered car and a nice leather steering wheel. Car is on club rego so it is not transferable. Happy to negotiate on the price a little for the right buyer. If you would rather a set of superlite rims rather than the work wheels, then we can adjust the price accordingly there too. Inspections can be done at my place in Eltham after hours / weekends, or we can arrange an inspection in business hours in Richmond, but I will need plenty of notice. Swaps? A clean bay window Kombi, or a clean classic Holden or Ford station wagon might be of interest, but really, money talks, and I am sure if you own one of those cars you aren't chasing a Sprinter. Give me a call, send me a text, drop me an email, but don't low ball me. I am not in a hurry to sell and won't kick it out of the shed for nothing. This may interest people looking for a KE10 KE11, KE15, KE16, KE17, KE18, KE20, KE25, KE26, KE30, KE35, KE55, KE70, AE71, AE86, TA22, RA23, RA28
  16. Hi all Following selling off my two sprinters last year, now it is time for the parts I have collected to go to. I was building a KE17 grp N historic touring car, but this has changed. Over the last 15 + years I have bought parts from wreckers, wrecked whole cars, and bought and sold and swapped many KE10 series cars. These parts were collected to build the KE17 race car and keep it on the track. These parts are kept in a factory in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in an industrial area, I don't have these parts at my house, so it may take a few days to sort out your needs. I didn't keep shit, just things that I thought I would need or that were going to be hard to find, and all of it would be easily repairable to be fitted to your car if it isn't new or already rebuilt. I am not a shop or a Toyota wrecker, just a corolla nut like you. I have asked wrecker prices or less for things that you just can't buy at the wreckers anymore. Please look over the list and talk to me about the prices if you have an issue, but be realistic this isn't pickers! Please no time wasters or dreamers, I just want to sell this stuff. Thanks for looking and I hope I can help you keep your corolla going or get it out on the road soon. FOR SALE: 3K race motor, is freshly built and has not been ran. It is a new long motor. I has been built with a race ported head that has been cc'd with larger valves fitted and has dual valve springs. Has +40" APEP forged custom pistons that have been designed to accept 4K longer conrods, block has been o-ringed with a copper head gasket. Bottom end has all new bearings with crank rods being crack tested, linished and balanced. Camshaft is a Cosworth grind [needs o be dialled in] with adjustable timing being modified to the cam sprocket. Engine mounts and sump/oil pick up have been modified to allow engine to be vertically installed in a KE1~ series corolla. Engine comes with a custom billet steel flywheel that has been drilled to accept a celica 2T HD clutch. Long motor comes with new water pump, rec'd alternator. Pistons alone would cost over $1000 to make. Cam needs to be set before use $1750 KP61 Starlet Cup Engine Kit this is new and un used. It is a kit that comprises custom polished stainless stainless steel 4-2-1 extractors, custom cast aluminium inlet manifolds, CNC billet machined manifold plate, custom oil pump pick up, and manifold gaskets to suit for a stand up 3K race engine. This kit was sold on ebay last year to an idiot that dropped off the grid mid last year. I bought this from Japan myself, but it never was used. Inlet manifold & plate need to be match ported to suit you. This is a very rare kit:- $1100 TRD KE10 series o KE20 series LSD diff centre. This is a used very well cared for LSD that bolts into your factory road diff of your early corolla made by TRD. I have had it apart and it looks to be in excellent condition, is even still has the TRD box! This is a very rare unit SOLD Fully race prepared big port 3K head. Large new valves fitted, new seats, dual valve springs, head flows very well [have test figures for this] Excellent as new condition with many dollars spent SOLD 5K long motor bought and stored from API $400 5K long motor bought from wrecker, no idea on condition $200 KELFORDS custom camshaft CE695 75/40 "stage 2" billet camshaft new in bag $250 re- graphed points ignition distributor with ICE leads to suit above race motor $150 KE15 KE17 Sprinter tail lights 4 left & 4 right one NOS in box, one all red USA lens, all others VGC $200 for boxed one, $150 each for rest KE1~ drag link NOS never fitted to car SOLD 2 LH & 2 RH KE15 / KE17 Sprinter doors, all VGC with no or minimal rust, couple have starts of cracks at RH lock [sTANDARD!] complete with glass & regulator locks etc $190ea 1 pair of KE11 doors, very good condition complete with regulators locks etc $170 ea 2 pairs of door hinges [one full two door car set] not flogged out, so no more doors dropped $100 4 LH & 4 RH front guards to suit KE1~ all straight, some with rust repairs others without, all VGC $150ea 4 stone trays [some KE10/15 some KE11/17] $60ea 3 x KE15 KE17 Sprinter boot lids 2 are overrated $300 ea, on has repairs and is in need of love $100 [these are VERY hard to find] complete front cut "sub frame'' this is chassis only cut at the a pillar and behind the seat rail in floor @ gearbox mount, no rust & straight, almost perfect cond $300 2 x KE1~ bonnets one slightly better than other, but both excellent with no visable rust EX cond $350 ea [find one of these??] 2 x KE1~boot floors / spare wheel wells, VGC minimal rust issues and straight $110 ea RH front rail from KE17 cut thru fire wall and rad support rail, incl strut tower rail is straight $80 KE11 front radiator panels, complete cut thru rails at engine cross member, excellent cond $150 KE15 LH & RH rear quarters, cut thru c pillar & everywhere else! rust in bottom of quarter, not bad, panels straight $170 pair KE15 roof panel, straight VGC $80 4 x KE15 KE17 front radiator grilles all in very good condition $200 ea front & rear bumpers to suit all KE1~series cars, I have several in stock, all VGC or a couple may need re-chrome but all are straight $180ea KE15 KE17 stainless steel gutter moulds 2 x complete sets VGC KE15 KE17 stainless steel windscreen mould sets, 2 x front, 2 x rear complete sets $100 per complete window set 1 x set of NEW repro rubbers incl front screen, rear screen, door rubbers, boot seal $150 set KE15 KE17 rear windscreens $210 ea KE15 KE17 front screens $175 ea 2 x full sets of KE15 KE15 side glass call for your needs 1 set of 5 Aunger 4 spoke alloy rims. These are in great condition just need refinishing/ paint /polish to your needs, very clean $350 set 2 x set of 4 contessa 12x5 alloy rims all are straight, just need re finishing $120 ea set 1 x set of 4 widened steel 12x5 rims, need painting but are straight [ex bill buckle sl wheels] $80 set KE10 & KE20 series diff centres 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 all from rung cars or the wreckers $100 KE10 & KE20 NOS diff gears 4.6 ratio new never fitted to car $300 4 x KE1~series interior panels all in black [no SL ones] all std corolla set of 4 panels VGC $150 KE15 KE17 rear seat base & back 2 x sets, both in VGC, one old retrim, other factory GC but top ripped sun damage $200 set KE10 KE11 rear seat base & back base VGC, back also in VGC but top is sun damaged and torn, easy repair $170 set front crossmembers with swing arms and drag links complete, incl 40 years of crud and spiders 3 x set $150ea steering columns early tin hat type and cast alloy late hat type 5 of $120 ea 4 pairs of drum brake front struts complete with tops and springs $55 ea leg KE1~series gearbox crossmember $35 KE15 wiring loom, complete from car, old but seems to be in good nick from working car $90 side stainless steel trims for front guard, doors, rear quarters all in good condition $40 per piece all in good condition and straight KE15 KE17 SL console with metal bracket from floor. Console has peanut installed warning lights but other wise VGC $250 KE15 KE17 SL tacho dash in excellent condition $350 KE1~series dashes in black or fake timber $40ea have a shelf of NOS ball joints $70 pair, tie rod ends [fine thread & coarse] $100 set 4, pitman arms $120ea and idler arms $120ea all NEW rear KE15 KE17 interior parcel shelf plastic C pillar trims 2 sets, complete & VGC $180 pair C pillar external trims/fuel filler flap, vgc $130 pair new reproduction sprinter SL badge kit, early style of KE15 $350set call for KE10 series badges as I have a bit left still! Please look over the list and talk to me about the prices. Phone number is 0412140730 Please don't text me on mobile, call me after 7pm nightly or on the weekend. DO NOT call during business hours as I am at work. Please feel free to email me on [email protected] I will do my best to return calls and emails. I have photos of much of this stuff which I will email. Pick up only, happy to post the smaller stuff but panels and heavy stuff must be pick up.
  17. Hi guys, I'm chasing some xt130 struts for my ke30. Have called all over the place and can't find any. I'm near Geelong vic but will travel or pay freight for the right ones. Cheers, Mick
  18. Based in Melbourne and i'm after a fuel cap for a ke20/25/26 if you ahve one lying around. Cheers
  19. Any help with this and I'm certain good car karma will most defiantly follow you ... in other words getting semi desperate for a 5pd located in VIC.
  20. '78 Corona Front grill, not cracked $20 Front bumper, one very small dent $50 Front left guard, weird colours but good condition, no rust $20 18R extractors, no holes $75 Hub caps $40 KE30 corolla Standard exhaust $50 Good clutch $50 Brake calipers $20 Front springs $30 Starter motor $20 Sump $15 Alternator $15 Anti roll bar $20 XT130 Front springs $30 Brake calipers $20 All prices negotiable. Located Gisborne Vic, but can deliver to Tullamarine if it helps. Cheers
  21. 4age 20v st Currently not finished Spool con rods CP low comp pistons sitting at 8.4 to 1 Arp head bolts, flywheel bolts and mains Mrp girdle Toda cam gears Custom billet cams made by clive cams Supertech valves and springs Head has been debered and combustion chambers done to stop pre destination Toyota water pump New harmonic balancer Fully balanced And have the standard loom and most of the standard parts Maybe missing some stuff that i can't remember. It was built by Danny at dlr engines in hasting All up this motor cost me about 9500 Price 5000 Located dromana vic
  22. Selling my 1988 Corolla Ae82 Twin Cam Hatch. White. It has a 4A-GE engine, with extractors. I need it gone by next Tuesday (24/5/2016), after that it's going to metal recyclers or wreckers. Fair condition, would suit resto or parts. I've owned it for nearly 13 years, before that it belonged to a friend of mine, who had the reco'd 4A-GE installed a year or two earlier. Has always been reliable. Currently has 550,000 km's on the clock, but not all with that engine obviously. I have not driven it much in the last 10 months. Radiator is about 3 years old, water pump replaced at same time. Very light 5 speed gearbox. A/C works great, had it regassed about 2 years ago. Clutch replaced in 2011. Body has rust around wheel arches, fuel cap door, patch on the back of roof. Bumpers and some panels not in the best shape. Fuel gauge and horn don't work. CV joints click when turning tight corners. I live in Maribyrnong VIC, inspections welcome, feel free to contact me through PM here or call/txt Oh Four Oh eight 3OI 3I2. I will try to post photos as soon as I can, I'm currently not home much during daylight hours. $350.
  23. salvage yard i deal with has a liteace van thingy with an efi 7k in it. He wants $800 for the complete motor / efi (gearbox stuffed apparently) He'll pull it out & can load it onto ute/trailer. not sure if he can organise freight. anyone interrested ring Ben - 0407166651
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