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  1. Hi all, today i noticed something odd. my right indicator light would half light up when i braked and that with the headlights on sometimes the indicator would stick or be unresponsive. I have so far figured it has to do with my steering column. it was also messing with the right hand brake light. Has anyone had this happen before? Does anyone know what it might be? How can I fix it? Conah.
  2. Hi there, What are the options that we have to upgrade a KE20/25 front suspension. 1. Which crossmembers can we use, KE30 or KE70 or KP61?? 2. What are the shortest LCAs that can be used on a KE20?? Are there any shorter than KE70?? I am busy designing a rack & pinion setup for my car. I have installed a starlet rack in but as it is wider therefore bumpsteer issues Temporary fix - Drop the car as much as possible - Less movement less bumpsteer. Currently drives excellent on flat roads with small bumps. . Out of all the crossmembers I have seen, the ke30 looks the easiest swap. My current track width is R LCA + L LCA + Inter LCA distance = 320mm + 320mm + 493mm = 1133mm If I use a KE30 crossmember with KE70 LCAs 300+300+520 = 1120mm (1.3 cm Narrower) OR If I use a KE30 crossmember with KE30 LCAs 310+310+520 = 1140mm (0.7 cm wider) Would any of these be a better start in rack and pinion conversion??
  3. Hey guys, I've just purchased a Ke30 in the original mustard. I would like to give it a respray in this colour. I'm struggling to find the paint code anywhere. If someone could provide that to me, I'd appreciate it.
  4. I always like having a big battery in my cars. If you ever run into carby troubles you can easily flatten a small standard battery trying to start it, or if your alternator or wiring isn't fantastic then it can give you a bit of extra juice before you go flat. It's also handy for the times you build an engine and crank it without ignition to get oil through it. I measured up the battery tray and room available in my KE30, went down to Autobarn and looked at what they had on the shelf. I went from a standard MF43 battery (238Wx138Dx186H) with 360CCA to a SuperCharge MF52 (237Wx171Dx182H) with 650CCA. Fits perfectly with a new 7" battery clamp. I started a new page on the wiki for batteries: http://www.rollaclub..._Series/Battery (inb4 someone criticises me for adding 4.5kg of sprung weight to the front of my car)
  5. Hi all Bought a Ke30 from a guy who kept the car in completely original condition, sold it to me for cheap, with the cleanest interior and the straightest body ive ever seen However, judging from the cracked head and milky oil, he probably never looked under the bonnet :bash: Ive bought a new cylinder head, gasket set and in hindsight I'm planning for a radiator recoil and new water pump because the head might of cracked due to cooling issues So a few questions first, should i buy a new radiator or get mine fixed? And I'm getting a mechanically competent friend to take a look at replacing the head, is there anything i should look out for/tips? Also, i heard from a mate that theres no point rebuilding the head if the bottom end is going to be left intact because the head will just crack again, what can i do to the bottom end that provides me with 100% certainty that the engine wont blow up again? Could i please get help? Thank you!
  6. So as you may have guessed my KE30 is falling apart at an alarming rate and as the title suggests my indicators have packed up. no idea why. They just stopped. The switch works and sometimes it will light up for a second but overall nothing. fuses? wires? anything?
  7. Hi, so my steering column has been loose for a while and i have decided to fix it. How do you tighten the bolt with no head? and what side (both length and diameter) is the bolt so i can find a similar one to replace it?
  8. I have just bought a ke30 and was looking for some help with upgrading suspension, I understand there is a lot of work which goes into building up a decent car thats this old but I'm up for it and would like it to perform reasonably well. I thought I'd start by asking where to get a good suspension set up for the intention of drifting it later on and if possible what brands etc.?
  9. Hey there guys, I'm very close to getting my P's and am looking to buy a first car, my budget is 3 grand and i just love the look of ke30's and want to get one as my daily but also be a bit of a project. My parents arent very keen on the idea of my first car being so old because 'anything can go wrong' I was wonder your guys opinion if a ke30 is a good choice for a first car/how reliable they are. If you don't agree with this being my first car list some ideas would be great, Thanks guys
  10. Just got my dash back from getting re-vinlyed, I installed the clusters. - Speed, Petrol and Heat signal active - Park brake light and indicators lights active - Speed backlight and the backlight for the petrol are out? All the connections are in the back correctly, what could be wrong?
  11. Hey guys I have recently out my dash back into my 76 Ke30 sedan, I noticed that I haven't relocated my dash earth and have no idea where it is so as you've guessed all my accessorie lights are out! Where can I find the dash earth so I can get my lights working again?
  12. Hey Guys, I currently have a 1976 Ke30 Corolla with a 4K, I'm wanting to spend a little bit of money but not too much to get some more power to it. If someone could give me an idea of a starting point as I have no idea where I should even begin that would be great. Maybe even if someone lists everything I should do that's worth it, I'd greatly appreciate it. Cheers.
  13. As a rolla noob I'm looking into coilovers for my ke30. Everyone seems to be completly against the weld on coil overs by techno toy tuning but they also produce complete coilover set for te27 and has anyone done this in a ke? is it possible? what are some other options for better suspension up front? cheers
  14. Funny subject, and silly question I know, but hope someone on here has already been through this exercise. I'm sick of having to turn the whole damn mirror down, each time, to stop being blinded from behind, whilst driving at night. Now I know most late model car have rear view mirrors that adhere to the windscreen, and I could easily go and grab one of those at a wreckers. However, I would rather have one that mounted using the existing mounting point on the KE30. Has any one found or used another rear view mirror from another later model Toyota, or any other brand, for that matter, that mounts to the existing mounting point on a KE30/55 ? Cheers Banjo
  15. Here is the new and improved ke30. In malaysia so getting others to work on it is cheap! Don't hate me..... It already had a 4age in with all the running gear from an AE86 ('89). Bargain it was! Now all i need is to sort the idle hunting and find the nearest track.. Ready to start: Tinkering and engine issues more rust Spray prep Sprayed! Lovin' the badge Mirrors on... Any comments greatly recieved. thanks Rolla club. Anyone got a glovebox mechanism?
  16. I thought it was about time I posted SOMETHING about my cars on here. I have a 1977 4 door KE30, a 1974 (?) 2 door KE30, and another 4 door KE30 for parts, I think from memory it's a '77, plus I have a stock pile of 4k engine parts and interior parts which I will be putting on here after I have what I need for my builds. The original plan was for the yellow 4 door to be my project car as I had one years ago with a 2TG conversion which I stupidly sold, and needed something to fill my void! But came across the 2 door and the white 4 door plus all parts. I will post some pictures (by some I mean lots) and write my plans along the way. This will eventually be a build thread when I have the time/funds to commit and knuckle down with my projects, but until then just showing what I have got. The white KE30's drive line will be transplanted into my 2 door, after i source carbi's/rebuild kit etc (manifold is on it's way). It's a 2TGEU but I'm going to stick with the carb as it's as far as my mechanical ability allows! This is the first car the day I picked it up around 2 and a half years ago. It had run out of rego a few days before I bought it. It looked pretty straight. This is how she stands today. I have only recently began stripping bits and bobs for a respray. Again, time is limited along with money! The plan with this 4 door is to do it cheap enough for a roady and use it as a daily to get rid of my fuel loving VY SS Commonwhore. Currently trying to work out the ignition issue where it will run but only when you hold the key between on and start. I have 3 different ignition switches I have tried and 2 different barrels. Surely they're not all bad? Seats if anyone is interested? Very rough I picked up the following: Too many parts This is what I wanted it for! Can do my 2 door conversion 4k if anyone wants it, comes with the box. Could be a 3k I'm unsure. And that's that. I have interior and engine parts coming out the ears.. will keep the thread posted when I manage to get any progress... The 2TG out of my first corolla which was a 1979 KE55
  17. hey guys I'm a 19 yo 3rd year apprentice mechanic, whose just bought a little 4 door KE30 with a 3k and a four speed behind it. the rings are shot in the fourth cylinder and its full of oil. blows a little bit of blue smoke, but the cylinder four plug is caked in oil. (hence why i think the rings are cactus) i have a 4KC Engine sitting here and wan't to throw it in but i was just wondering is there anything i should tweak out of the car? ( i thought i could play around with the higher compression of the 3k head on the 4k block ) but any suggestions would be super, cheers.
  18. Hi guys and gals, I would like to introduce you to Betsy, a 1975 KE30 4 door with no working engine. I purchased her on the 15.08.13. She looked rather straight and upon inspection I could not find any significant rust spots so I organised for the sellers dad (a tow truck driver) to drop her off at my door and handed over the money. I will be updating this post as often as I can, but unfortunately I have a new house and a lot of other jobs to deal with so just gotta remember "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE" (but I just want her done NOW). The plans are to strip her down repair any rust found, paint, full interior, and then drop a SR20DET into her with a R31 cut down diff (Borg Warner 4.11 with 28' spline) and a few other bits and pieces as you will see. Aiming for around 200-220kwatw but we will see how we go. Power delivery is my main goal, as to make it as smooth and efficient as possible, so I will most likely put more work into the suspension set up than the engine at the start. Anyway just wanted to introduce Betsy to you and keep posted for updates. Cheers Robski
  19. Hey guys just join the club and super excited to share my little beauty! Picked it up a few months ago and its already come along way! Have owned a few cars like a mr2, dc2 and supra but nothing compares to this little beast! currently refurbishing the interior then on to a engine conversion (hopefully) Heres a few photos
  20. Introducing my latest Corolla This thing popped up on Gumtree one day so I had to go and look. Rest is history. Specs are as follows: KE30 Sedan 4AGZE from an AE92 T50 Welded Borgy Diff Cressida Front Struts and Brakes Stripped Interior, with some switchgear, push button start and gauges Ebay special fixed back seat Velo Harness 15 x 6 Poobird wheels with Achilles 123 semis Couple of pics from before track day Had my first track day at Mallala Friday 16th August. A week before I decided to dust off the cobwebs, check over the car, pump up the tyres and fill with fresh fuel. Car won’t start. Try all sorts of things, find faulty earth, fix that and car runs. Next day go out there – car won’t start. Call Mobile Auto Elec – car starts. Still not running well but not waiting another 3 months for the next Friday prac day. This is how my day went - Car gets towed to Mallala - Car won't start - miss first session - Car starts during first session, but runs like crap. Still have ignition issue - Car runs ok, take it out for second session, get one lap and its misfiring like crazy - Stuff around with ignitor again, take it out down side road and thrash the living daylights out of it, no misfiring so we are back on. - Had another four sessions out on track having loads of fun :) Car still has a misfire issue, took the ignitor apart at home and it was full of metal shavings, I guess from when they drilled for the bracket to ground it. I think this was the reason for sale. Regardless I now have a new ignitor and it runs perfectly. Shame it had to sour my first day out a bit. Plans are: Fit wider wheels to get some more grip - have purchased Superlites in 15 x 8 Fix up niggling little issues with the car Prepare for next track day Have lots of fun without spending much - yeah right
  21. Looking for some advice on a 4k that seems to be leaking coolant from a plate on the rear of the engine, facing the firewall (see photo attached). The car overheated about a month ago, which is likely the cause of the leak. Has anyone had this issue before, or can give me some suggestions on what i need to replace? Any suggestions would be be greatly appreciated, thanks for you time.
  22. Hey everyone, just wanna share some pics of my rolla from when I got it, to how it is now. Picked it up as a rolling shell for a pretty penny with intentions to slowly make it nice. How it looked when I saw it for the first time in the person I bought it off's backyard Interior looked nice and neat- no cracks in the dash or rips in the seats, all nice and original This is the day I picked it up Having no motor in it made it a bit easier to take off the trailer on my own!
  23. This is my ke30 project/daily i bought a few months ago. I'm hoping that this build will span over the remainder of my apprenticeship to keep me out of trouble. She wasn't in the best shape, engine was dying, diff was stuffed, so on and so forth. My plan is to fix her up and make her look good. Not to fussed about going fast.. I have already put a 4k head on, ke70 diff(due to the old diff seizing up after i welded it..), and 5" lowering blocks(I think it is sitting a bit too low). What I want Worked 5k, 5 speed Box SR20DET SR or RB box rust cut out, dents knocked out, especially the big ass ding on the roof fresh paint super lightss? r33 brakes? because they are big..? re-upolstured seats, reupholstered door cards, hood lining etc. fuel cell tank, braided lines some tough rear end
  24. Just wondering if anyone has or know anyone who has tried or is using theTechno Toy Tuning weld on front suspension??? Link is below https://technotoytuning.com/toyota/ke30/weld-front-coilover-kit-ke30-corolla
  25. I am currently undergoing a 4age conversion into a ke30. Today I picked up a T50 gearbox to go with a (I believe it’s a blue top) bigport RWD 4AGE. I need some advice on oil lines and vacuum lines, etc. The engine mounts arrived the other day but they are obstructed by the oil line in the picture. Has anyone else had this problem? The engine mounts were made for a 4age but I guess not all 4age engines have this setup. If I can’t find a better solution I will need to take the mounts to a fabricator and get them modified. http://postimg.org/image/sqnyvj55z/ http://postimg.org/image/e7rkzknrd/ Also I’m not sure where these vacuum lines coming off the front of the tvis intake should lead to. I have a feeling I have to buy a while heap or other bits and pieces to go with it. http://postimg.org/image/c42onr0gx/ A huge thankyou in advance
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