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  1. Hi guys, I have an older style ke30 dash (as show), And I can't figure out how to locate the top of the ashtray to stop it moving. There is a mount at the back that I can locate, but I'm not sure if I am missing a bracket behind the dash, that links up with the top bracket. The reason I ask, is that the previous owner has installed gauges in this area, and I am converting back to the original fascia. Any light shed would be greatly appreciated, Cheers Andrew
  2. I'm in the process of rewiring my KE30, just the motor currently: anyway I was in a rush and had the rookie mistake of pulling everything out at once... Then went to uni. Consequently I forgot where everything goes. I just need a simple diagram for Starter Alternator Distributor (And how they connect to key/battery/relays etc) Also want to know wire sizes, and voltages for it all.
  3. Ok first up, straight away, I know you forums have a search function and google works well AND people have done it in their build. I HAVE SEARCHED FOR THE LAST 4 HOURS. All I have come up with is a lot of conflicting and not very helpful info. I'm about to buy a ke30 auto (definately!). Now It has a later 3 speed which seems to be the problematic one. I have both ke55 5 speed and 4 speed but that's irrelevant. Now I know you have to cut the tunnel for the selector. Or you get a ke70 5 speed. What I want to know it what is what is the go with the xmember?? If I use the k40/50 what do I need to do? (Xmember wise) If I use a ke70 5apeed what do I need to do? Every thing is vague and only says weld it ora don't use this one or that one. I wouldn't post here if I could find it else where so any help for a struggling brother would be great! Or at least a link to somewhere that clearly points out what can't go with what and what works. I could wing it but I want to know what I'm in for... Thanks
  4. hey guys, just wanting a bit of advice, i have recently replaced my worn clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing with an excedy clutch kit in my 4k corolla. i used a tool to get it centred right and did everything by instructions in the workshop manual. the clutch cable seems to have way too much slack in it and when i push my foot on the clutch it makes a whinning noise.. can anyone give me some help on what i may have done wrong?! thanks
  5. Hi all I've got an electrical problem with my ke35 and i am in no way qualified to be able to fix it. Here's a quick run down of the car and a list of things that is happening. The car has worked 4k (Oversized pistons, Chrome Molly rings, Big end, main,and cam bearings replaced, Reground cam and cam followers, New valves and seats, Double valve springs, Not sure of comp ratio, 200psi per cylinder, Twin DCOE40 webers, 4-1 extractors, New timing chain when rebuilt, Distributer recalibrated). Also running a davies craig electric water pump and fan. When the car is on... Hazard stalk up = all indicators solid light Hazard stalk down = nothing Indicators on = nothing Headlights = blows tail fuse straight away All other electrics work fine (wipers, brake lights, heater, interior light etc..) I have just replaced the indicator/wiper cluster with this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Column-Indicator-Wiper-Switch-Toyota-Corolla-KE30-KE55-Turn-Signal-Blinker-Stalk-/400473613862?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5d3e166626&_uhb=1 as the original one started smoking when the headlights were on. Could this be a ground problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Help fixing it would be even better!!!!!! (i'm in north melbourne)
  6. Hey Guys, I want to make this thread to talk about 4K builds! Everyone post your *K motors and what you have running & even post ideas, people want to know what the K motors love! Even I want to know.... personally i don't know much about carb motors nor the K series motor, so if you guys were to explain how you think to make Hp 4k's What I would think you would do is simple. Port & polish the head Aggressive cam profile 7k crank bore out to fit 5k pistons have a fiddle with the carburetor (Fatten up the mix) High flow extractors and exhaust Port intake What's your idea? Cheers Dylan
  7. My apologies to those of you who like things to be all original. :)
  8. Hey there, just joined up. Great forum. Loads of info. Bought a KE30 recently, just starting to set it right. Have a look. Need to change the wheels, get it lowered and sort a few issues with the engine.
  9. Gents, I'm sure this is a story a lot of you can relate to... I was disassembling the 16v 4age I'm putting into my ke38 wagon. After taking the pistons, rods and bearings out, I put them into seperate bags and lined them up in order. Here's where it gets crazy... I was propositioned into a three way by 2 swedish ladies who came walking through the front gate. In the throws of passion, the bags containing said engine components got moved before I had a chance to mark the bags with their respective order numbers! CHAOS! Now, having finished the marathon session with my new foreign lovers, I'm back to working on the 4a. I've attached photos of the markings on the bearing end caps. As far as I can tell, three pistons are identical and one is different. Three of the pistons have a '2' on the side of the bearing end cap and a '1' on the bottom. The other one has a '1' on the side and a '3' on the bottom. Can anyone help with this conundrum?
  10. Hey Guys & Girls Just a quick question, what is the size of a stock ke30 rim? EG, 13x5 +15 and what size tyre because i am looking for a set of 15x8 - 25 offset and i am not sure if they will fit, nor what tyre i will need Please help
  11. Hey Guys, This is our first project car, a 1977 KE30. Bonestock and bought for a $1000 off the worlds dodgest bloke, dispite this the car was in suprisingly good shape. All the electricals were is working order, the car starts everytime without fault, the only problems were small patches of rust on top of the boot and the weld seems of the roof. But still it ran like a dream.
  12. Hello All, big time fan, big time lurker, first time Rollaclub post... I'm planning a build for a 1uzfe KE30/TE31 resto-mod project, and wondering what kind of possibilities I would have for IRS, but the Mx-5 subframes seem awfully promising. There are a slew of v8 miatas in america, including a few 1uzfe ones, so there is a TON of info on reinforcing the chassis/upgradedsuspension options. This will be my first build ever, and plan to tackle most of it myself. Anyways, I'm still open to leaf spring options, but no matter what, i will be spending an awful lot of time on the car, and going all out means just what is best for it, so I just want to know if an MX-5 subframes work. I've never seen a pre-1980 irs Corolla, I've spent months on this website among other ones from NZ and USA. So let me know whats up guys! Thanks for listening/reading Lucio
  13. Just looking at getting my rims widened on my 78 Rolla, anyone know of any cheap places in Adelaide that do it? Thanks guys :)
  14. Hey Guys, My GF's car has a nice little warm 3k in it, with a 3kb Head, a lumpy cam, and some commodore valve springs etc. I've got a set of the OE Twin Aisian (spelling) to suit the 3kb inc a manifold... which has had the water inlet/outlet damaged. Firstly i need to get the carby's re built, and i am looking for someone to help me either rebuild and tune them too. anyone's help here would be appreciated. I can do EFI... but carby's aren't my friends. Hit me up, if you can help. Andy.
  15. Hi, i knows this question has been asked before but as I'm new to the roller scene and i really don't know what to do. i have looked at doing conversions from 4age, sr20, rb20 to rotors but I'm not sure were to start and the complexity of the conversion as its my first "do up" car. so I'm not sure if i should stick to the standard motor and turbo it or...? its allready got 32/32 carb and exhaust but not sure what else i can do to the standard motor.
  16. hey guys i just converted my ke30 from a 3k to a 4age so I'm gonna set up my car for drifting spec I'm kinda new at this and don't know what should i do to my car 1st so far my car is a 4age 16v skim flywheel non tvis 4-1 extractor t50 gearbox standard diff no camber welded back leaf spring standard front absorbers please guys i really need help on this
  17. Hi Guys, Forgive my ignorance, but can anyone tell me if the window regulators are the same between the 2 door and 4 door ke3x models? Cheers
  18. Hi I thinking to make some update to my front system with better suspension , steering and general to update the front system after the new engine(4age). I search for diy coilover but i don't know what i need to buy! (from ae86 the steering knuckle is the same? ) General can i use from ae86 arms , stabilizer and strut bar?
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