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  1. Hey guys, I just got a new ke70 (also my first car) I have a blackbelt, the ones with the square lights (picture attached). So the original cluster meter is those without the tacho. I just got a dashmeter with the tachometer. So my question is how do I do this customisation? Can i just use the first two big connectors and will it be safe? or do I have to combine the two small wire connectors to fit into the third plug point? Honestly any help would be great cause I'm very very new to all of this. (sorry if I'm posting it wrong, any tips would be great :D) 1. KE70 2. Old meter with 4 plug points 3. The blackbelt meter wiring 4. The new meter with (RPM reading) 3 plug points
  2. Dear Rollaclub, After a long hiatus (and a new job), I have found some cash to spend on my beloved JDM spec corolla wagon. I am on the lookout for the following- 67871-13080 Weatherstrip (RH rear door rubber weatherstrip which goes around the whole length of the door) 74130-12040 rear ashtray (fits behind the handbrake console-whole handbrake console is fine as well) B pillar lower trim (pair-any colour) Handbrake button & spring (any colour) I am located in Dakabin, Brisbane. Thank you in advance! Jay
  3. Hi Guys n Gals Just got my L's 5 months ago and i decided to buy a ke70 wagon, came with a ca18det witch i can't but in while on my p's because i think it out puts 280kw or something the guy said (probs pulling my leg) But I;m going to take that out and put a p plate legal engine in. I'm not sure what engine I'm aloud to put in it if i can put a 4age or do i have to stay with the factory engine it came with witch was a 4k-c I see that NSW p plate laws have that i can't drive Power to tare mass ratios of greater than 130kW per tonne or, Modified engines that need to be approved by an engineer or, Other vehicles classified as high performance. now I'm not sure if i can put a bigger stock motor or i have to stay stock, Only because "Modified engines that need to be approved by an engineer" but does that count towards doing a engine conversion i know you have to legally get a engineering cert to even convert a different engine into the car. Just looking for some help because i don't wanna spend $xxxx and get pulled over and my cars fucked, IDK. Lmao thanks for any answers it would help alot, -Damien.
  4. wtb a 4AGE KE70, want something 4age powered to drive around while I'm finishing my ae86, willing to spend up to 7k, location doesent worry me but anything in vic will be a plus. text me if you have anything 0448364758
  5. So I've just picked up a ke70, 4kc, manual, for far to much $ but it is what it is. Its my first car and am just planning on learning on it. I'm new to the forums and have been aimlessly looking for a solution but am yet to find a thread with much guidance as i am extremely new to this. So... The thing struggles to start. Every morning when i go to drive it the car will crank and then ill give it some gas and it'll start up on the 1st to 3rd go. But i find when i start and stop it continuously the problem just gets worse and worse; Ill go to turn the key and all i hear is a click, then when i hold my foot on the accelerator and i go to turn it, then it will crank over - Maybe I was at the bank getting money out, went to go start the car and no matter what i did it wouldn't start (I'm sure if i just kept trying it would've eventually started). But the banks right next to a battery world so i got them to test my battery, and all was fine. He told me to get it home and get someone to look at it because he thinks the starters gone, but i don't have that someone and I'm hoping someone can lead me in the right direction before i take the car to a mechanic. These problems are pretty random but, sometimes ill only hear a click, sometimes It'll start first go, and sometimes It'll just take some gas to get her going. I've searched around and only can relate to a few issues that involve the starter motor / solenoid and maybe the ballast resistor or battery? but the battery seems to be all fine. Any help is greatly appreciated!! -Caleb
  6. Was looking around maybe someone has a pair of front fenders for a 1981 ke70 corolla that is willing to ship them to Malta thanks.
  7. Hi, trying to find another set of front mud guards for my 82 corolla. Australian car, with very unusual mud guards on the front. Pictures attached and any information very much appreciated. The logo seems to say "amily"
  8. Hey all, thanks for the help with my fuel pump issues, as is with project cars it’s on to the next issue. I had a mishap with my bonnet spitting a pin a little while ago and due to a disgusting fibreglass scoop I was blessed with the spectacle of my bonnet shattering all over my windscreen. I had a flatfront bonnet all but bought from a bloke in my state (Tasmania) and he morphed into a ghost when I was ready to come pick it up. I’ve now got the dilemma of trying to find a bonnet on an island disconnected from the rest of the country (how good). i haven’t had a slant front before nor have I done much perving on them yet I’ve found one wrecking with a bonnet close enough to good condition for me to fix up and slap on, I am wondering though if they are the same dimensions as I’ve heard they’re different. Any help from you guys would be much appreciated as the bonnet at this point is literally all I need for this car to be complete in a roadworthy respect. cheers
  9. Hi all, first post here. This has been a great resource for my build. Car is 1981 Ke70 2 door van, nz assembled with 2BX headlights from factory. So, I have looked at several wiring diagrams, including just about anything you can find ke related on the internet and I still cannot figure out what this wire is for. I have a corolla ke70 Haynes manual too and it has no mention of this wire loop. everything else is there but not this (unless I'm reading colours wrong, assuming 'R' is red). Before I unwrapped the factory wiring loom it was wrapped in with the main headlight wires. It runs with the headlamp loom to both lights then continues on with one side being doubled up to a single terminal. I have converted to quad head lamps and have them running using the method provided on this site, however was wondering if this wire is there from factory to run the extra lamps in a high beam loop. Does anyone have a factory quad light setup in original condition to compare with? or has anyone else's loom got this red wire? Just keen to know what it does...otherwise I'm going to hide it away when I re wrap the loom as everything runs without it. LH side connected to RH RH side
  10. Gday all, I’ve got the classic fuel pump problems with my re built 4K-C, was wondering if anyone’s got opinions on the replacement fuel pumps available before I jump into a Supercheap auto Goss Fuel pump. Anything better about and how good are these Goss pumps as opposed to the PAT pumps they offer? any help is much appreciated cheers.
  11. Selling a set of Ke70 bumper bracket Front and Rear New Old Stock Shipping Worldwide $350 including paypal fees and shipping
  12. Do i need to change my fenders, apron, radiator support, hood etc. Anything else i need to convert it to quadlights. Thanks! Car model: 1983 corolla GL variant (philippines)
  13. A fine example of an original KE70 XX, although I have fitted twin SU carbs and a cam. My wife's daily for years, she now has an X-Trail and I have my own KE70, so the gold one must go. Rego'd to next June, fully reliable with electronic ignition. Can be seen anywhere from Orange, where it lives, to Armidale, where I drive often. Can drive to Lithgow to meet Sydneysiders, or come and enjoy Orange for the day! The interior is excellent, an uncracked dash, seats un-torn, I'll get more photos tomorrow. The dent in the bonnet is where a tree branch fell off the truck in front of the previous owner, otherwise it just has minor dings from incompetent drivers over the years. Story is here- Price is $3300.
  14. My dashboard fuse blown and i already replace it but now my wiper switch, turn switch, and plate number light is not working at all.. On my fuse box only 1 slot got current from battery.. Anyone can help?
  15. Been searching high and low and unable to find this headlight trim or the amber side light, any help would be appreciated.
  16. I’ve turbod my ke70. Just wondering if anyone has done the same. How did you do it. How much did it cost. Any dyno results. Anyone need help with a similar project
  17. Hey guys just wondering how much a working standard diff and 5 speed gearbox out of a KE70 are worth at the current time?
  18. Hey people just wondering if there is such thing as a mini spool for a ke70 diff or a way to lock it that is stronger then welded
  19. Hey team need some help tried looking all over the net and can't find what i need, Currently trying to install my speedo cluster into my 1981 AE70 sedan but have a slight problem. There is ment to be 3 connector plugs leaving the loom into the back of the dash like the first photo. In my car i have 2 of the 3 plugs but where i should have the 3rd one i have two smaller ones that don't fit in any kind of way and have me all confused on why they are there and what they would have been for(see second photo). Any ideas on how to fix would be awesome or if anyone has any type of wire diagram so i could try wire in a normal plug Cheers
  20. Hey guys. Have recently put in another engine and running into a few issues It starts but begins to play up and stalls. Only runs with choke on and ends up dying still within like a min . Could this be something to do with a blocked jet, timing, bad fuel, dirty fuel filter or air fuel mixture ?? Second issue I have is that my radio and clock are running as soon as you put the negative cable on the battery. Have checked the earths in the engine bay but they are bolted in. Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers. Engine is a 4kc and the model is an 83 ke70 wagon which has had egr deleted before I bought it 2 years ago. Will reply on smoko
  21. Hey guys, I was just wandering if anyone has a solution for the cheap made rear tail lights for the KE70. I bought a few months back a pair from ebay and now the colors have faded out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TOYOTA-COROLLA-KE70-E70-TE72-1979-80-81-REAR-TAIL-LIGHTS-LAMP/132739016963?hash=item1ee7dca903:g:cRQAAOSw8GtZWPeW:rk:13:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-TOYOTA-COROLLA-E70-KE70-TE71-REAR-TAIL-LIGHT-HOUSING-LAMPS-RH-LH-1980-1981/123009582810?hash=item1ca3f146da:g:S6AAAOSwSB1aoXXo:rk:23:pf:0&LH_ItemCondition=3 Is there a way I keep the bright original color?
  22. I have a 1985 KP36. I've made a lot of mods on it mainly on the mechanical part. 1. Changed the stock 2K for a 4K motor (Brand new cylinder block) 2. Put a Weber DGV 32/36 3. Switched the T40 gearbox with a T50. 4. Put new Headers and new Radiator with a low temp racing thermostat. All these are great. The problem I have is on the freeway. My Differential is a stock KP36 (picture attached) one with a ratio of 43:10 (4.3) so travelling long distance is a pain and hard to reach top speeds. I need to get me a 3.9 ratio differential in so I will be able to cruise at 100-130 KMH with the engine at low RPMs. Is there a way I can only switch my Final Diff Gears without removing my entire rear axle? Any suggestions ???
  23. DSKEW3

    My 20V KE70

    Hey guys I’m Finally starting on my project, I’ve had this Rolla for about 4 years, I drove it for about 2 years it started to show signs of rust, I was about to start cutting the rust out but had to move house and parked it at my parents place and bought a motorbike. So it sat there for 2 years and now I have a place with a small shed so I have brought it home to start fixing her.
  24. Hi team, First time post here so let me know if I’m doing this right.. basically I’m wondering if any members here are able to point me in the right direction for a tuning/carby specialist shop in the Rotorua/BOP area. Might be a long shot but worth a try. I’m currently battling with my 4k build and hit a brick wall with the finer points of fuelling and breathing. Main points of interest on engine are - 1mm bored block/oversize pistons. 3k head with 20 thou skim. Wade 140 cam. Lightened flywheel. My current work schedule and being overseas has meant that I haven’t even touched the car in 3 months or so. And I can’t even remember where I left off, so pretty much wanting someone to come solve all my problems for me haha cheers
  25. My AE71/KE70 drift build. Follow along, help me out, learn things, drift things!
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