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  1. I'm new to this forum, well any forum, but I am in dire need of help! I have just converted my "84 KE70 too an AE82 Bluetop (Bigport) 4AGE engine, and I am having some problems. The car runs fine and is perfectly driveable up until about 6000RPM. It confuses me because it runs so well up until this point, but as soon as it hits between 5500 RPM - 6000 RPM, the engine, runs out of spark? I suppose, and spits and backfires and carries on and will not rev any higher. Also with a timing light, the timing is sitting at about 15 degrees advanced now (with the distributor retarded as much as I can) and does not retard anymore, only advances to about 45 degrees advanced) and the distributor is not out one tooth because if I move it back one tooth it wont start at all! Also the timing is retarding when revved, not advancing! So I can't figure out what is going on here! I have tried too put the ECU into diagnostic mode but nothing happens, and I checked 'T' I think it is, in the diagnostic plug, (which from a wiring diagram runs to pin B6 on the ECU) and it has permanent continuity to Earth, which I can't understand because to get the car into diagnostic mode you need to ground 'T'?!?! I know I have all the correct wiring as I bought the AE82 with the engine in it and removed it all myself, and I havent touched any of the two engine looms, the only wiring I messed with is the 'interior' loom because I wanted to get rid of all the shit on the inside of the car as I am using this for Autocross/Rally. And it ran fine in the old car but now its just... The engine is also running really rich and constantly spits and backfires at idle, I quickly wired up the check engine light to see if that was the cause of the 'T' terminals earthing but to no success, I need help!
  2. my ke70`s my new slanty 4k 4 speed an my old flat front 4k 5 speed which is now defected
  3. Howdy doody, I'm going to be pulling the chrome trim off the rear window of a KE70 to put on my own and don't know how to go about it. I don't want to bend or break it so I'm asking you guize. Ta, brah.
  4. this is my corolla, not much of a looker now, but when i got it it was in such worse condition, i have spent about 300 so far on resto work, the car is all stock, cleaned up everything painted everything, going to paint it and everything.. I'm only 17 and this is my first car, gimme some input
  5. Hey guys, I'm running a 4age 16v small port, with 20v Quad throttle Bodies, an adaptronic ecu and brand new valve springs.. I'm just wandering what cam shafts you have put in your 4age, and where a good place to get them online is, without the killer $800 per shaft price.. I'm keen to run an exhaust and Intake shaft, and decided to ask some questions before hand.. I was thinking about running the Tomei Pro 304 Duration with the 11.0mm lift.. Any input is appreciated thanks guys..
  6. Every time I put the choke in (Push knob forward) the car will quickly die unless I aggressively pump the throttle, it is not responsive to the accelerator the moment it gets to under 2000 RPM. When I pull the choke out the car is fine and drive-able but the only problem is that it runs at 3000 + RPM even when just sitting at lights etc. Oh and it's a 4 speed 4K-C. I have adjusted the points (to the best of my ability, could still be a little out) and changed all fluids in the car including petrol. Another problem I would love to help with is most probably a blown fuse. My rear lights (indicators and reverse lights included) don't work, my dash light does not work. I don't have a service manual or a multi meter so if someone could let me know which fuse to replace, it would be a great help. Advice and help would be absolutely awesome, I just want to get it running before I can get my hands on a service manual. Thanks!
  7. hey peeps, thought it was time to start getting my corollas a bit of a name for being awesome haha, first up is my red ke70, 1982 csxxx, so far has 163,000km, 4k, 5 speed, tape deck, tacho dash, remote boot popper etc.... this thing is my newest addition, and is, i daresay the neatest ke70 in tasmania, barely a mark outside, not even a blemish or sunspot inside, =), aquired for $2000 with 11 months rego, good picking haha, will soon be getting a set of BC BR series coilivers, ans have a set of 16x8 -0 offset xxr 002's with 195/45/16 or 195/40/16 (depending on what i can get away with) wheels, same colour as my 15x8s =) keeping this one neat as =) next up is the first corolla i bought, a white ke70, 1983 cs, so far has 161,000km, 4k 5 speed, kill switch, choppies, and tight handbrake, this is before i bought all the new gear for it =), bought for $1500 with 12 months rego, veerrrrrry neat, not as much so as the red one but still a nice example, stuff i have for the white one so far.... blacktop 20v 4age with itb, velocity stacks, LS1 coils, Haltech sprint 500 ecu and loom, distributor blanked off, rwd blanking plates fitted, REINHARD japanese made stainless exhaust alloy 2 core radiator, t50 box brand new ceramic 6 puk clutch (HD) tacho dash, bee-R limiter (undecided whether to fit or not....) 2.5l surge tank and VL fuel pump black vinyl fixed racing seats, braided brake lines and clutch line 15x8 -0 offset xxr 002 rims, with 195/50/15 treads, (stretched nice like) BC BR series front coilovers, with ae86 lcas, power steering knuckles, extra lock spacer, and ae86 discs/calipers soon to have rear BC BR coilovers in the rear, and a AE71 welded diff this is all in the process of being fitted as we speak, and am as keen as mustard to drive it, a few pics to wet your appetite =) hopefully will be posting more pics in the next week as progress happens =)
  8. So I'm doing put all new front suspension, brakes etc. Is there a way of removing the LCA without pulling the steering rack out? The pic shows my problem the bolt hits the rack so I can't get the LCA out! Bit of a noob question I know. Cheers
  9. ,. ke70 1984 1.3lt hello. hi. first of all thanks to altezzaclub who gave me info about tappet clearence a few weeks ago. my question today is if you please, what is the correct torque wrench setting for tightening head bolts on my 4k 1.3lt engin done 275000km . thanks regards john .
  10. Hey all, My name is Joel and i'm new to this Club. well new to toyota's all together really. i have owned mostly nissans and still own a R34 at the moment. Want to get rid of all my passed debt from building imports and maintaining them lol, so i will be selling my R34 in a few months and building me ke70. Just picked this fkn peice of machinery up about a month ago. has a 4k in it with twin webers with a 5 speed. usual rust spots (not that much thankfully) its not on the road but i did pay a good price for it it runs ok but i will be putting in a 4age before it goes on the road. car will be getting a repaint and suspension and wheels and all the other trick shit :) the project probly wont be getting moving too much until later this year as i have a wedding this year. anyone know what the go is in qld about getting the 4age conversion road legal? Anyway this is it. i will be keeping it slant front most likely as i look aorund and it seems flat front is being raped to death and someone has the fly the slanted flag around here.
  11. Ok so I get RA65 struts/ Brakes for my KE70 and one the Brake Seals has a couple of holes and I was just wondering where I could get them from? I tried Supershit and they can't get them. Would Toyota still make them? Cheers
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