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Found 5 results

  1. My Baby got wrecked and need some parts. I need: Front chrome bumper Grill Upper trim on the bonnet Lower trim under the grill Left headlamp housing Left fender
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264644466434 $170.00 This steering wheel was removed from a 1980s KP36 Part Number:45100-10062 It fits the years 04/1969-07/1988 TOYOTA 1000 KP3* It is in good used/working condition. Will Post GLOBALLY FOR FREE/TRACKING NUMBER PROVIDED
  3. I have a Toyota KP36 Pick Up with a 2K engine. What modifications do I need to do on the engine in order to turbocharge it. The engine is the original 2K. I was also told that I can switch the engine to an electrical fuel injection conversion. Is that possible? Are there ready to fit packages? Thanks.
  4. 3KR engine on Yahoo Japan: http://page8.auction...tion/h184928471 Japanese description: 1970年代、宿敵B110サニー打倒の為に当時のトヨタワークスの総力をかけ設計開発された幻の名機3KR★ そのスペックは泣く子も黙る…16バルブツインカムヘッド/スライドバルブ式機械式インジェクション/ドライサンプ/SSハンドメイドヘッダー…これには流石の名機の誉れ高いA型エンジンも手も足も出なかった様です! このエンジンはTS当時のトヨタワークスメカニックが当時の手法でOHしトランスミッションやデフ共に大変希少な当時物ワークスパーツで組み上がった車体ごと譲って頂き現在まで大切に室内保管しております。 以前一度だけ凄いと定評のサウンドを聴いてみたくサーキットに連れ出し走らせてみました。 完全な高回転型エンジンで6000rpmを超えた辺りから10000rpmを超えてもまだまだ自らの意志で!?回ろうとする凄まじさに圧倒された記憶が有ります。 そのサウンドはどう表現したら良いか…非常に硬質で甲高く他に類を見ない種類の独特なエキゾーストサウンドでした。 次にそのサウンドを聴衆者として聴くべく他のドライバーに運転して貰い聴いてみましたが…ストレートを10000rpmで走り去る時のサウンドは廻りを震えさせる振動と共に鳥肌立った程でした★ この頃は土日祭日はほぼ毎週、サーキットのプライベートガレージに居る生活をしてましたのでフェラーリやポルシェ、フォーミュラュラーカー等のサウンドには慣れており大抵の良い音には感動しなかったのですが…この3KRだけは別格で今でも鮮明に覚えています。 こんな素晴らしい歴史的な産物は、私のガレージの隅で惰眠をむさぼり続けるよりは、本来ならば皆さんの目に触れる機会が多い立派な博物館にある方が相応しいかと思い出品してみました。 【検索】 ト ヨタ ワークス クワハラ レース レーシング クーゲルフィッシャー インジェクション スライドバルブ ドライサンプ ヒストリック クラシック パプリカ 桑原 東名 自動車 博物館 名機 3K TSカップ WORKS TRD DOHC OHV TS TOYOTA TOMS RACE RACING CLASSIC 普段お目にかかる機会がないレアアイテムや『お宝』…出品しておりますので☆その他のオークションよりご覧になって下さい! Google English translation: "Name of the machine 3KR visionary 1970s , has been designed and developed over the collective effort of Toyota Works at the time for the nemesis B110 Sunny overthrow ★ The specs hands A-type engine high honor in the name of the machine truly and legs is like did not stand crying child also shut up the 16-valve twin cam ... head / slide -valve mechanical injection / dry sump / SS handmade header ... this! This engine has the room to store it in a safe place now I will hand over the body every Toyota mechanic works of TS at the time was assembled in a very rare and both differential transmission and OH works part time thing in the method of the time . It tried to run Tsuredashi to the circuit and to want to hear the sound of a reputation to be great only once before . And at their own will still be more than 10000rpm from around beyond the 6000rpm with a full high- rotary engine ! ? There is a memory that has been overwhelmed by the Susamaji is you are going Mawaro . The sound was shrill unique exhaust sound of the unique kinds of other hard ... very good or if After representation . Then I tried to listen to her have the operation to other drivers in order to listen as the audience the sound , but they did enough to standing goose bumps along with the vibration that causes trembling around sound when running away with 10000rpm a ... straight ★ Although I was not impressed by the sound good usually you are accustomed to sound Porsche and Ferrari , Formula ~Yu error car like almost every week , since I was a life that are in the private garage of the circuit national holiday of the weekend these days ... only this 3KR I remember clearly still in the special . In such a splendid historical artifact , I have exhibited with I think that rather than continue to devour the indolence in the corner of my garage , the person who is in a fine museum opportunity to touch the eyes of you often and how appropriate it would otherwise . [ Search ] Toyota Works Kuwahara race racing Kugel Fischer injection slide valve dry sump Historic classic paprika Kuwahara Tomei Automobile Museum name Function 3K TS cup WORKS TRD DOHC OHV TS TOYOTA TOMS RACE RACING CLASSIC Please take a look from the auction and rare items there is no opportunity to Omenikakaru usually other ☆ so we have " treasure " ... exhibition !"
  5. T50 with K-T bellhousing for upright K-engine on Yahoo Japan: http://page4.auction...tion/d136877712 Japanese description: トヨタワークスKP47の3KRエンジン用の直立ミッション中古品おまけ付です。とても希少な部品です。マグネシュウム製だと思います。ギアはローオプ ションの1速2.959で2速から5速はT50ノーマルミッションギア比になっています。大切に使ってましたが、K型をやめたので出品します。K型を直立 にした時一番に悩むのはミッションです。これがあれば悩み解消します。バックプレート・フライホイル・クラッチカバー・クラッチディスク中古品もお付けし ます。K40・K50にボルトオンです。ただし、ミッションメンバーの加工が必要です。お決まりですが、ノークレーム・ノーリターンでお願いします。宅急 便の着払2個口になると思います。宜しくお願いします。仕事の関係で発送は土日に予定しています。 Google English translation: "It is upright mission used goods with bonus of 3KR engine for Toyota Works KP47. It is a very rare parts. I think it's made of magnesium. 5-speed from the second one in the speed of 2.959 low option is T50 normal transmission gear ratio gear. I was using it carefully, but it therefore exhibiting left the K type. Worrying about most when you upright in the K type is mission. I will eliminate trouble If there is this. I will put up back plate flywheel clutch cover, clutch disc used goods. It is a bolt on K40 · K50. However, it needs to be modified mission members. It is usual, but I need your help by a no claim no return. I think that it becomes two mouths of cash on delivery courier. Thank you. I am scheduled for Saturday and Sunday shipping due to work." ########################## The gearbox looks to be an early T50. I looked at a T50 gearbox I had from a T18 and the bellhousing bolt pattern looks different to the one here. I checked out a K40 gearbox I had and it looks pretty much the same, except the whole bolt pattern has been rotated. Possibly a K-T bellhousing for upright K engines in Starlets? 250000 Yen.
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