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  1. Hey guys hve a pair of early model te27 trueno taillights without surronds.. the early model are more squarish shape than the rounded corners on the 73-74.. also I am new to this site I am a member of club-k (new zealand rolla enthusiast club) I'm located in Christchurch so I am unsure of shipping cost but if someone is keen I will let them know.. overall condition is bloody good reason for selling is I hve anther set on there way from jap including surrounds. will upload more pix soon wanting 350 NZ ono.. regards mike.
  2. Replica Te27 JDM Door cards are now available. Price is yet to be worked out but contact for more information. If anyone is interested in getting replica front seats skins made let me know. Each pair are made to order and an order will normally take around a month and payment is not due till they are finished and ready to ship. New designs are being worked on all the time and colours and styles can be taylored to almost what ever you need. Prices (If you see a price in AUD aploigies it is supposed to be in USD) $450 USD for a pair of ke25 or te27 front seat skins. Shipped + paypal fees (This includes your choice of 'Corolla' or 'Sprinter' Logo embossed into the head rests.) $300 USD for Te27 rear seat skins. Shipped + paypal fees $620 USD for For front and rear skins in the one parcel. Shipped = paypal fees (This includes your choice of 'Corolla' or 'Sprinter' Logo embossed into the head rests.) $420 USD for Te30 seat skins. Shipped + Paypal fees (No era logo has been produced yet.) . For a set of front TE27 seat skins shipped $USD450 including shipping. For front and rear skins in the one parcel $USD620. The 'Corolla' logo is now available which is embossed into the head rest of ke20, ke25 and ke26 high back seats. And the Te27 'Sprinter' logo and it should be trailed within the next month or so. Te27 rear seat skins are now available. $300 USD Shipped. Te30 Ke35 / Te37 Seat skins
  3. I've got a number of AE101 93-97 Corolla 7th Gen JDM parts available. Some of these items were only available as optional extras, so are very rare. All of them however were unique to the JDM market and will make your friends green with envy :) Prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars and United States dollars, however you can convert the price into your own currency for free at http://www.xe.com I can ship any of the items worldwide so please don't hesitate to ask for a shipping quote :) Very rare underseat tray - This item was only available as a factory option from new. This one is in absolutely excellent condition, with no scratches or marks etc. Comes complete with the mounting screws. Very easy to install. The holes are already on the underside of your passenger's seat, but if for some reason they're not you just simply use drill four small holes and use the self tapping screws provided. The perfect place to store things such as your electronics (GPS, radar detector, cellphone etc), hand wipes, stocking clothes, sunglasses, map books, and whatever else you feel like putting in there :) $100 NZD ($80.79 USD) + shipping. OEM AE101 3-point strut brace - These were unique to the Japanese (JDM) market and only came on the GT's and BZ Touring models. 100% bolt on to any Corolla AE101/AE102 and is very easy to install. Supplied with the two centre mounting bolts. A quick and easy way to improve the handling in your Corolla without spending a fortune, and makes the engine bay look a lot better in the process :cool:. More effective than a standard aftermarket straight-across strut brace as this one ties the strut towers to the firewall which further reduces flex during cornering. $130 NZD ($105 USD) + shipping (approximately $30 NZD/$24 USD). AE101 JDM Corolla FX-GT grille - Hard to find these days, especially in this condition. Excellent condition with no broken tabs, cracks, chips etc. Dark blue in colour but can be painted very easily to match the colour of your Corolla. Fits US models that are using JDM headlights. $150 NZD ($121 USD) + shipping. AE101 AE101 JDM Corolla FX-GT grille - Same as above but with a Toyota badge instead of the FX badge. Excellent condition. $130 NZD ($105 USD) + shipping. Rare A/C JDM cabin filter door - This door was an optional extra and will allow you to fit a cabin filter inside your Corolla. The filter can be purchased brand new from overseas (I'll provide the details to the buyer) and once fitted it will filter out any dust, dirt, allergens such as pollen, smoke and odours. This door is essential for the install as it holds the filter in place. Each door comes complete with all four clips. Suitable for both LHD and RHD models, however your Corolla must have air-conditioning (A/C) in order to install this feature. $45 NZD ($36.35 USD) + shipping. OEM leather steering wheel - Removed from a JDM AE101 Corolla but will fit a wide variety of other Toyotas. In immaculate condition and is ready to bolt in place of your existing steering wheel. Non-airbag type. Grey in colour. $150 NZD ($121 USD) + shipping. I can source any other JDM parts you'd like so all requests are welcome :)
  4. I'm looking for a rear quarter card that I could buy and have sent to me in NZ for the purpose of making a pattern. Also, can you advise me if the door cards on the 2-door KE20 are the same size as those on the KE25? Thank you.
  5. Hi all After afew parts for my 1977 ke30 after complete wiring loom, one piece dash, locks and ignition and after some rust cuts I am in NZ but happy to pay for shipping etc
  6. hey guys, I'm planning upgrades to my brakes & I'm after 2 x KE55 backing plates for my front brake conversion. also KE55 Caliper Mount Brackets too!! complete with backing plate & bracket bolts can anyone help? Shipping to NZ also :) Cheers
  7. Hi all, I am after Ke74 "Van" (Wagon) headlight surrounds. Hard to find anywhere as they were only Jap made. Exactly like the ones in the picture. Cheers, Ol.
  8. Hi everyone out there, i am desperately looking for a complete distributor for a 1990 corolla fxgt AE92, any help will be apreciated, i have been off the road for two weeks now. Thanks
  9. just looking for ke70 to 13b engine mounts will pay for shipping am located in chch new zealand. any help will be appreciated
  10. Ke25 Rev counter Dash In good condition. Sold Ke20/ke25/ke26 Center console In pretty good condition, a little faded, clock works but as with these old girls might not be so acurate. Sold
  11. Te27 steering arms Good condition $350 AUD shipped Perfect if you want to upgrade your ke20 ke25 or ke26 front struts to ae86 coil overs and simply bolt them in. Te27 200Kph Rev counter dash. Sold Te27 engine cross member $550 AUD shipped With the Te27 cross member you can upgrade your motor simply by bolting in a 2tc, 2tg, 2tgeu, 3t, 3tc, 3tgte into a ke20 ke25 ke26 Pictures to come $45 for boot badge $35 per grill badge Te27 Flares 90mm at the front and 110 at the rear. There are 4 individual flares one for each corner. $400 AUD shipped (I had previously said it would be $415 but I have managed to shave some money of the fiberglasser) They are molded to fit prefectly onto a ke25 and fronts will fit both ke20 and ke26s, some adjustment would be required to fit the rears to a ke20 or ke26. They also could be modified to fit other old school Toyota's This is how they look on my ke25 This is a te27 in Japan with them on. Te27 Sprinter Tail lights and Orange reflectors In good condition but in need of a repaint. One place with damage to the rear bulb housing. Doesn't affect how the work or show when installed. Sold AUD Shipped. Te27 / ke25 Rev counter tacho dash Black Textured MPH Sold More parts Deluxe Fender badges style 1 Excellent condition $60 Shipped + paypal fees Deluxe Fender badges style 2 Excellent condition $60 Shipped + paypal fees High Deluxe Fender badge Te31 te37 te38 ke30 ke35 ke36 Corolla and Toyota badges Visually in good condition, however some of the mount pins are missing $100 shipped + paypal fees Ke10/ke11 badges Good condition other than the boot badge. $50Shipped + paypal fees Note Corolla 1200 badges sold Various badges $25 shipped each + paypal fees Te31 te37 te38 ke30 ke35 ke36 Screen locking chrome corners. Good condition $50 for set shipped + paypal fees or offers for the lot. If you have any question or would like more photo's peace ask before you agree to buy the parts. Peace Ke25 / Te27 Rev counter dash and heater console, wood grain. Sold Pictures to come Te27/ke25 Corner garnishes Sold Ke25 Te27 SL Grill and badges Sold
  12. TRD T50 Short shifter Good used condition $250 shipped Has brass cup. 4age RWD rear water pipe Brand New With gasket and mounting bolts $275 shipped
  13. Hi, I have a TRD 6" U-CODE LSD & 4.3 CW&P for sale in good working condition, a rare item this will suit all factory u-code diffs ke3* ke7* and ke2* when using ke3* axles It is currently setup in a head complete, but would likely be better shipped as LSD and CW&P only AU$1000 plus shipping
  14. As title states I'm after some te28 rear vent chrome as seen in picture and also th gutter chrome that goes aing the rear windows.. I'm located in new zealand but will pay shipping fees, thanks http://i689.photobucket.com/albums/vv256/thanksbarn/1376351939.jpg
  15. Hey Guys For sale is this grill that was on my KE25 when I got it......not sure what it is off originally. it's a little out of shape and could do with being rechromed/plated. I have no idea what it's worth.....$50?? make me an offer (i'm in Auckland)
  16. T50 k - t cable clutch bell housing. Good used condition. Sold Will get pictures up soon.
  17. TRD U code LSD Kp6# ke3# ke7# Sold Message me for shipping Currently still in head but can be removed for shipping.
  18. Side draft manifold to fit 3k 4k 5k 7k-c Ported to 30mm at the head window. Standard side draft size at the carb window. Will fit dellorto weber solex carbs Sold
  19. Ce70/Ae71 hydraulic pedal box Includes clutch master and brake master. (no booster) Bolt in replacement for a ke70 cable clutch pedal box. Perfect for 4age sr20 engine transplants. sold. Photo to come.
  20. Te27 Sprinter rear quater vents. Slight damage on close inspection other wise in good condition. (mount has been strengthened with 2 pac epoxi glue) Sold shipped OBO Te27 Sprinter tail lights from the Early 70 - 72 Very rear. Lenses need a polish otherwise in good condition Sold shipped Te27 rev counter guage cluster Sorry doesn't include these switch knobs. Sold shipped Prices are in AUD Prices exludes paypal fees which need to be added when making payment. All parts are as is where is.
  21. Kp60/1/2 TRD LSD X code (small axle) Sold
  22. I have 3 spare carbs made to original specifications, in brand new condition. These are replacement parts for a 3k/4k engine. Will ship anywhere at buyers expense. $200($NZ).
  23. I am looking for these and need sent to New Zealand please Not the 15" option i have too many of them Must be the 14X7 option please Any condition is good
  24. I need a pedal box for my KE25. Must be the TE27 with hydraulic clutch. I need sent to New Zealand If you can help please let me no. Thanks
  25. Hello all. I am From New Zealand and i need some TE27 parts for my pride and joy I want to get some Flares, the Front Chin lip spoiler, centre Console,
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