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Found 22 results

  1. "Kevin" the 1966 KE10 Corolla arrived at week ago. Kevin was sold new by the towns Toyota dealership driven and ended up in storage for 16 years. Fast forward and the dealership heard about the KE10, did a deal, cleaned him up and put him on display in Bendigo for a while until he was sent home last week. Kevin is powered by a K motor bolted up to a Toyoglide and driving it with no brakes was sketchy. This week a Tiara Ute rocked is as well.
  2. Hey everyone, Just a question has anyone got a go to place/site for their carby needs for their KE10? I'm looking at one on Mikes Carburetor parts and I'm seeing if anyone has used it before and if its any good. I have had some issues with my carby, I think the accelerator pump has one to heaven thus causing a flat spot/stumble/hesitation. If not does anyone has any good recommendations? I'm not sure if its allowed but ill post the link so you can see whats in the kit. http://www.carburetor-parts.com/Toyota-Carburetor-Kit_p_4426.html Once again, hopefully this can be answered which will give other members a great place to check and provide them with the information they are looking for. Regards Fallen1
  3. Hey everyone, Just a question has anyone put a new clutch in their KE10? I'm looking at one on eBay and I'm seeing if anyone has used it before and if its any good. If not does anyone has any good recommendations?
  4. Hey Everyone, I have been meandering through previous threads and come across a general opinion. A lot of advice on suspension setup for these KE1x is geared/directed towards "high performance". I'm wondering if there is straight swaps for the struts on the front and rear that wont lower, raise stiffen etc the ride but rather keep it as intended by Toyota. I'm in the process of lookin at struts and the only ones i seem to be able to find are Pedders. (listed below) Front Shocks 8778 Pedders Cartridge Rear Shock 8032 Pedders Shock Absorber Rear Shackle Bushes / Kits EP8118 KIT REAR SPRING REAR EYE & SHACKLE I was quoted 560 just in parts, which seems a bit excessive. does anyone know of a better alternative? Regards F1
  5. Hi Rollaclub! First of all thanks for having me! My name's Connor, I'm 21 years old and I live on the Sunny Coast of Qld, Australia. This Saturday I am purchasing myself a little 69' Ke10 Corolla with no engine or box and missing a few other parts. It has been a dream of mine for a while now to own one of these and it will be my first ever project car. I hope it to end up as my daily driver. So as a corolla noob, and having only ever doing oil changes and installing a radiator in my stock v6 commo, I'm going to need a lot of help. So my first question is, where should I start? I will have photos up on Saturday. Thanks so much in advance! ~Connor
  6. Hi guys, I'm continuing to further modify my ke10 and have reached the stage of rim fitment. I'm after an aggressive stance and refuse to believe that 14x6 is the biggest I can go. I'm currently looking at a few options...a 15x8 +0 rear and a 15x7 +10 front. Or 14x7.5 -7 Is there anybody out there who's seen or done something similar.... Any help is appreciated☺
  7. Hey guys, new to the rolla scene and picked myself up a ke10 YES - I do know this topic has been covered a few times. I just noticed it was a few years ago and wanted to know if there has been any update in tech/R&D that can make lowering a KE10 a lot easier without welding or sourcing parts off a ke20 e.g front strut hats. I am not a fan of cutting springs of any sort FRONT - HSD weld on coilovers or ke20 parts REAR - lowering blocks or reset leaf springs Just wanted to really know if anyone has source a product off the market where it is a straight coil over system Any AUS company that make a Front lip for a ke10 also? Any help would be much appreciated
  8. I have owned this for a while now, I'm the second owner. I bought it of the original owner which was a sweet old lady that kept my number for somewhere around the 10 year mark. Car has no real rust in it at all, only very minor surface rust on the front of the car which look like they were caused by stone chips. It has a dent on the drivers front guard, and the vinyl is average. But for a one owner 67 car, I'm pretty happy.. WIll not be doing anything to this. (seems this plan didnt last) All I have done is add the Venetians and the 14"s. Getting my spare interior retrimmed to suit and will get the dent fixed. She looks beautifull though. newer pictures.
  9. Hi, I recently came into possession of the lense in the photo attached here - it has markings of Koito L2352 It was given to me as a KE10 lense...but there's no way in this life time that it matches up with the lenses on my KE17 Sprinter... Anybody know what it is actually off? Did the early KE10's have a smaller lense like this one? Thanks
  10. Hi, Just wanted to show you my KE10, it's in Malta (EU) and is a 4-door version. I own the car for 3 years now and currently respraying it. When I bought the KE10 it was in reasonable condition but sprayed 3-4 times over the original paint, causing some strange effects over the years. I am the second owner of the car.
  11. I have a strange issue... after restoration most of my lights are not working. The light under the bumper front (indicator & city light) works. The indicators left work and blink The reverse lights work The brake lights work The high - beam lights work when operated on the indicator swich (for passing) The indicators right work (side and back, but not under the front bumper) but do not blink The headlights do not work (normal & high beam) The light under the front bumper (right) does not work The tail lights do not work. I've checked the light switch, that works. I've checked the fuses, they all seem ok. I've checked the wiring, seems ok, but have no power on them when I switch on the lights... What am I missing?
  12. I have owned this car twice, this is the second time I have attempted to build it for a 4age.. First owned the car somewhere around 10 years ago.. Paid $700 for what was a decent car, as time went on I purchased an import corona turbo and got sick of the corolla. After sitting in the weather for a few years I decided to fit a 4age in it... After fitting the motor, getting extractors and a bunch of work done I got desperate and needed a wagon.. So I sold it for $1000 with brand new custom 4age extractors, modified radiator, recond (unused head), recond twin solex and a brand new redline manifold and a t50.. Sadly I lost an ASS load of cash car was stripped for the driveline and sold on.., many years passed and I somehow ended up with it again.. Looking very sad, every part that could be taken off has been apart from the doors. I got the car back as a shell with box's of parts. funny how life works, it is even still under my name I'm in no hurry to build the car, I have changed my mind a heap of times with what I want to do with it. But now I have decided again to go 4AGE, seeing I have a crappy ke10 with a running 4age.. so it will just be a bit of a swap and tidy up. picture from back in the day... green when I purchased it... Matte black when I got bored on the weekend :) how I got her back. Now new motor/shell it come from eventually when I do some more work i will update this, but I'm not aiming on it being perfect.. or a show car.. Just a neat/fun car... no need to be the fastest on the street.. if i can get around 100hp reliable i will be happy..
  13. Hey, i'm Jeff I thought I had better try and write a build thread seeing as I spend so much time rambling about toyotas with corolla guys... if you want to see more up to date progress and pictures then check out my pagey businessy thingo i have on facebook... KE-86 https://www.facebook.com/ke86corolla i named it ke-86 because this ke10 uses ALOT of different parts and i like toyotas ke's to 86's... this thread is super out of date and alot has changed so bare with me... ill try and update it regularly Probably long winded and boring.. But it’s just as much for my reference as yours, any questions just ask.. I am just over 2 years into this build.. it is super slow as I’m still learning, working full time and trying to buy tools as well as car parts.. :/ So it was a probably three years ago now when a mate of mine called me up and said his "new" car was out the front and I should come and have a look. It was a ke20 corolla, in its full glory with a blue rattle can paint job and a black painted hood... It was rough to say the least.. Dents, rust, mix matched rims and just generally a bit shit... But from then on I realised that when I could afford it I needed an older car, this was when I became a corolla fan. Having just got my license I had a little Daewoo for a daily driver to get me to school and work.. But I already had a project car which was a Toyota sera 1990 that I got from my dad who found it in a paddock super cheap.. So I spent year 11 and 12 working part time to pay to fix it up.. And I still own it now. After learning a lot about cars and wasting all my money.. I decided towards the end of year 12 that the corolla Jackson had was pretty cool.. Drawn to Toyota's and especially old ones I began looking.. Shovel nose Coronas, crowns, Cressida’s and pretty much anything... I stumbled upon a ke10 corolla while sitting in a car park wasting time surfing the net. It was in Victoria around 800km's away, $4000 was a bit steep but I rang him anyway after less than 5 minutes on the phone I had talked him down to 3k.. Still too much so I left it for the time being.. I kept checking almost daily. About 6 week's later I had enough cash, a weekend off and the price had dropped once again. So I rang my father and decided to make the trek.. We jumped in the sera, no air con or radio and drove the 800kms interstate. we pumped up the tires, registered and put fuel in the new KE10 and were on our way home before we knew it... Now being a 1969 2speed auto 1.2L it was slow... i am talking 85 km/hr flat foot the whole way home... So 23 hours and 55 minutes after leaving home we walked back through the door. It was an interesting trip home to say the least.. Fumes leaking in, air coming through the windows, firewall and pretty much everywhere else.. The thing I noticed in this painfully long drive was that it drove like a bucket of bolts, with no brakes.... Purely awful.. But it sure had character.. So I drove it around for a week or two, then needed to get the rego swapped over to South Australian rego. I took it to my mechanics and ripped the engine out to clean up the rusty crap and clean off some of the grease and 40 years of disgust. That's sort of when excrement dusted the walls. It had been in an accident or 10.. I began stripping all the paint from the front window forwards to see all the damage... To shorten the story slightly. Bog, bog everywhere. Chassis rail and all. I fixed and tidied what I could and took it to get the rego swapped. thankfully all went smoothly and I drove it around for another month or two. Heaps more to come! ill try and upload at least once a week until I'm all up to date.... thankyou for reading :)
  14. Hi Guys, So i have been posting lots of random questions and i thought i would just start a build thread so i have a central place to find info and share the build. Thanks to Altezza and a few others who have been super helpful so far. I found a 67 rolling shell which had been sprayed and was relatively rust free on fleabay and it had been sitting in this guys shed for 7 years since the work was done. He had cut out the dash and widened the tunnel to take a sr20 and then run out of cash. Plans are just to get it back on the road and then start getting things together to start from scratch (want it to be Matt black rather than purple) So anyway since i have had it is have done the below. Drove to bundaberg and cut the dash out of a rusting away car - also salvaged front seats Found a 4k which i have now started to strip and have everything out of except the crank (can't get the bolt off so any suggestions?) Sourced a k50 in really nice knick - thanks Clapped out for throwing in the free clutch Got twin 1 1/2 SU's and a lynx manifold (yet to mate the two together) Should have rear seats and all cards shipping from Melbourne this week hopefully. Pulled the rollcage out (I'm too tall to have the drivers seat where i need it and still pass engineering) I work about 80 hours a week so progress might be slow but i do have a good 10 day stretch to get some things moving and I'm planning on jacking it up and seeing what running gear i have, think it might have ke50 front struts so might post some pictures see if anyone can identify. Anyway here are some of the pics so far and ill post more as i get to things.
  15. So i picked up the newest member of my family on saturday and have decided to name him Roland the KE10, its going to be a bit of a trip to get him back on the road so thought i might document a little. Also by my count he would be the fourth oldest ke10 on the site which is kinda cool. Roland is just a shell at the moment and he suffers from a common problem with half finished projects FBF fabrication before funds. The guy i bought him off was planning (for seven years) to put an SR20 in so got rid of all rust, resprayed, almost finished widening the tunnel, changed front struts to ke20? (might need someone to identify when i figure out how to upload pics from my phone) and a rollcage (thats going) as well as some totally sacriligious things like cutting the dash and welding on checker plate to put in gauges (douche) and chopping the lower front panel to accomodate an intercooler. He then promptly ran out of money. I think he should have read the starting a project post on here! So on sunday i went on the hunt for some rockinghorse shit as i have seen someone put it on the forums and did a 10 hour round trip to bundaberg where i tracked down a guy with a rusted out 67 in his paddock and cut an original dash out as well as the front panel and a set of original front seats. So i now have about as much stuff as possible besides and engine and box to get to work, for the sake of getting Roland back on the road where he belongs as quickly as possible I'm just going to drop a 4k and hopefully a 50k in (in the process of tracking these down) So ill post some pics when i can but you wilk also probably see plenty of posts which go along the lines of "what the hell is this" and "i seem to be missing something" so I'm looking forward to picking your brains! I think it seems fitting to put the first one of those up now, does anyone have a picture of their ke10 engine bay without the engine in so i can see what the factory mount locations looks like as i have a sneaking suspision mine have been moved forward but i don't know if thats a new crossmember from a later model or if its a intentional move for the future sr. Thanks in advance, look foreard to cruising with you guys someday.
  16. Just wondering if the KE10 dashboard is the same as the KE11. I recently bought a dashboard advertised for a ke10/ke11 but it doesn't seem to fit into my ke11. The length is fine however my existing dashboard had a longer slot than the one i bought. Any help would be aprreciated.
  17. Hi Guys and Girls, Just thought I would share some pics of my new ol school ride I bought last week from a guy here Reed, nice guy. He was pretty emotional about selling the car. And I know why.....I love it!!! Future plans are to upgrade engine to possibly 4AGE 20V, new wheels (14 inch), full respray and suspension upgrade. Would like some suggestions for hot wheels for the KE18 (pics welcome). So far all I have done in the past 10 days is clean the shit out of it and polished the chrome (Cut and machine polish next weekend). Ordered a new OMP steering wheel and quick release. Hope you all enjoy these pics I took today. PS: Yes Reed I'm looking after him...... :y: Cheers, Steve (The RollaClub regulars know the details but here goes.) - It's a 1969 2 door Corolla KE18 wagon. - Engine is a 4K from an KE70. - Gearbox is also KE70 5 speed. - Rising Sun roof decal professionally fitted. - Thermo fan - Extractors to stock exhaust (quiet) - Lowered 2" blocks in rear with KE70 top hats in front. - 13x7 +10 Dragway Wheels with 175/50 tyres. - SAAS woodgrain steering wheel and gear knob. (New OMP steering wheel and quick release ordered and fitting soon) - Temp, tacho and volt gauges. - H4 semi sealed headlights with mesh covers. - Bullet style fender mirrors. - Darkest legal tint all round. - Re-trimmed interior, not perfect but still damn good looking. (headliner is original and a bit ratty). - Original TEQ key! - Old style roof rack. - KE35 retractable seatbelts.
  18. hey my names dylan , i have a ke10 corolla siiting out the back , its been there for like 20 years and i am thinking about rebuilding it, i am thinking about putting something like a sr20/ca18/1jz etc... , i want it to be a relable car for normal day use but also thrash it around every so oftern , want it to be something like a 3 thousond doller build at max , any ideas , parts, tips i should know before i start hacking it up??????
  19. hey guys, ive recently aquired my dads old 69 ke10 corolla and am in the process of a building the engine, respraying etc., i'll try to get some pics up soon. i want to make up coilovers for the front and remove the leaf, can anyone recomend a beefier strut that suits the ke 10 to use ase a base for the coilover? and if it were to support bigger brakes to that wouldn't be a bad thing. thanks chris
  20. Lol so i have hit that shit brick wall while under the car and trying to take one part off.. Attempting to get my steering box off as to have it reconditioned but I can not take it apart for the column/shaft inside the car.. What did i miss along the way? Cheers Amar
  21. I'm being given a 4k and a bigport 3k. I'm going to put bigport head and manifolds on the 4k (if in decent condish) seeing i have it. Basically i need to know what things need to be changed to fit in ke10 to keep the standard gearbox? its a daily so id prefer to know what needs to be done before changing. Will the standard 4k flywheel/clutch etc work with the standard ke10 4 speed? Pretty sure thats the only thing that I can think of that may need to be changed. Cheers,
  22. Ok everyone...listen up! Ive just aquired a KE10 corolla that ive bought while away! I havnt even seen this car! Ive just seen a picture of it and bought it unseen! I thought id like to turn it into a stock looking weapon!!!!! It has to retain its original appearance,inc hubcaps,original trim etc...but i want to monster garage it! It has to be reliable...so I'm thinking new driveline,brake upgrade,paint etc! LS1,4cyl,6 cyl????? I have the tools and know-how to build it! I want this thing to intimidate hsvs and fpvs! Now for best bit!!! You guys are going to help me decide what mods it gets! Rollaclub members in wa will be a passenger when finished! I will build it! Must have HUGE horsepower yet be safe......Powercruise powerskids???????? Also its to be built to a budget...5-10k?? What are your thoughts? Thanks
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