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Si's 5kte Ke55


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Driving from launy to Hobart last night, hit a rather large roo (well by Tassie standards anyway). Made a but of a mess of the front, bend bumper, mangled stone tray, lower rad support is pushed back quite a bit, have even bent the rad but it somehow still holds water. Will upload pics shortly.

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So probably about time I updated this... So 6 months on from hitting the roo I finally got it back on the road early this week. Ended up wrecking the old n/a shitter "dirt" for its stone tray and the cut I needed for the front. Have a whole cars worth of parts if anybody needs anything. The stone tray/valance was actually 2 half straight ones cut and screwed together so I'll still keep my eye out for a nice one.

Was lucky enough to find both front and rear nos Ke30 full chrome bumpers...and cheap too.

Got myself another brand new vn radiator from repco...$130. I can't believe how much the last one bent, twisted and warped without springing a leak.

I'll upload some pics soon, might give it a wash first. Looks the same other than bumpers.

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Piece of piss really. I have mine a bit offset to the drivers side as the cooler pipes run past the passenger side of it. If you had it centred then its just a matter of drilling a couple of 10mm holes in the brackets that hold the front control arms for the locating lugs in the bottom of each end tank. I then just made up a couple of simply brackets that screw onto the top bolt holes for the stock fan shroud and screw into the top radiator support. You could find some pics a few pages back. I've always intended to redo it a but nicer but its half one of those 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' sort of things. Some grommets in the holes for the lower lugs wouldn't be a bad idea too. The stock upper mounts are plastic lugs that stick out of each side of the end tanks about 100mm from the top.

The way mine is mounted I can remove the radiator in under 5 minutes.

Make sure you get one with a cap as I think the earlier ones don't have one, you can use the original k cap. Can use an original passenger side hose, but the top/drivers side one is just too short. The one I have now is a generic flexi hose I got from a rubber/hose supplier for about $60.

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I very nearly bought a full alloy one of Ebay....


...but was a little dubious on Chinese weld quality and sort of needed one asap, so went to repco as I knew they'd have one in stock.

Have a look at one of the Ebay adds and you'll see the locating lugs I'm talking about.

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Bit of a delayed pic upload.....


Here was some of the damage during strip down...








While it was off the road I removed the dumb pipe and got another bung welded on on a 45 degree angle. Can now easy screw in an o2 sensor when I get one. Read up in the Wolf user manual a bit. The v4 is pre-calibrated for a bosch LSM-11. Highly recommends not always leaving it in when not using it for tuning purposes.....









While I'm at it, couple of pics of a little beast I found at a local car show...





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