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Si's 5kte Ke55


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Rear shocks are in and i just installed some reversed eye leaves a couple of weeks ago. Maybe half inch higher than it was but definitely better than the flippies. Coilovers should be in in the next couple of weeks, just been out in the shed cleaning up the 86 brakes and hubs i just got. Standard calipers with vented/slotted/dimpled rotors. Will do until i decide on something better. Made a t3 purchase this morning too, that's the last of what i need for the whole front end conversion.

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Pretty sure it's not "Tar" though, no holes in rear qtr for flares.


The man is on the money. That's ''dirt's'' final resting place. Moved house a few weeks ago so had to get the shell out of the old shed. Thought I'd cut the roof off it for some rust repair metal before it went.


In other news, plan is to get new coilovers in tomorrow. Just waiting for a couple of little adapter sleeves to bee machined.

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