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hehe its a feed back flyback transformer (from tv's) that one is a really basic one. Just 1 transistor and 3 resistors. Look up feedback flyback driver on google and there is a shit load of sites. But any way, its just the HV output of an OLD tv transformer, the ones without the cascade diodes and such. So AC (pusle DC if your padentic) into a light bulb. O and you also need a grounding plane for it to work.


Note you can see the heat sink in the back ground for the transistor



Caution : Small HV circutes can lead you to building teslacoils...

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I'm giving 10/10 for those pics, what an experience eh - not everyone gets to see Elvis flying over - scary stuff though.


Finding it hard to top that one :yes:


One recently from the Great Ocean Rd Rollaclub trip on Aus Day weekend - taken from the back seat, hand out the window during the windies, I was happy! :D


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Needs to have the arse end swinging out abit more. 8/10


Took a couple more shots of my work. Mainly trying to replace the pic on the office computer of when the old store manager went to Vegas.


Heres the next two installments. Can't decide which are my favorites.


This one Shows the corner of the store and the light from the carpark behind it.



This one shows the Drive-Thru lane better and the lights bring out the red columns. Plus it shows the signs.


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