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Where Is Dan?


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Bust out the KE35 to gnangara and come get me. haha.


ae86 ay? what happened to the ae93 that you had.. get bored of fwd injection and went back to the old school rwd carbs? nice


Dan the ae86 4age is a EFI, so you don't watch Initial D? The adm ae86 was only a 4ac, "as if" and most are converted now anyway.


Well Dan, we have to get you a road worthy rolla.


I even got you a lic ke70, five speed, low km, Rusty Red Rolla, but you missed out. $200 haha. Ran like a dream too. :locked: .That will learn you for getting a different phone number



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Haha i'd assumed you had a 4ac one coz of your hate of injection and love of carbs. my bad. 4ac are shit anyway.


Lol chris i have never changed my phone number, ever. lol. still the same one, 0419950012... spewing i missed out on that though haha, suss me out another $200 rolla and it'll have pride of place in my driveway haha



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