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Fs: 1970 Ke11 Corolla Tas

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well the time has come to sell my little ke11, i want to buy another car and i don't have the money to register it etc so shes gotta go



its a 3/1970 corolla ke11, its a pretty good body and had a bit of bodywork done about 2 years ago were it was repainted and has any dents and rust repaired but there is some tiny little bubbles starting to come through on the front drivers side gaurd, nothing much really jsut strating to appear and other rust in the whole car.



it has a 4k-c with a fully rebuilt 3k bigport head on it with new valve stem seals and a new head gaskett about 8 months ago but has probably only done about 5 hours of running if that, also has a set of new pacemaker extractors and a 2" exhaust sytem with a single lukey muffler at the abck and a 3" droopey tip, has a stock carby and manifold but i will chuck in a free twin side draught weber manifold for nothingif i get the price i want for it , it has a 5 speed gearbox from a ke38 corolla which was rebuilt about 12 months ago with new bearing etc.



we had problems wiht the stock ke10 diffs so we amde the step up to a ke20 borgwarner diff and had the mounts redone to suit and it now has ke20 drums on the back aswell



has a set of ke20 discs on the front and ke20 drums on the rear and a set of bigger ke20 springs in the front



it sits on the stock 12" wheels with origional hubcaps and dress trims and has bridgestone tyres with about 70% tread left on them,



i have had a custom dash matt made for the car and has been fitted with brand new moulded black carpets, a cd player and a set of 6" speakers in the parcell shelf, i have fully lined the boot out, the front seats have broken some of the seams and the vinyl has parted and has a set of seat covers on at the moment


all in all its a pretty neat little cruiser, it has been on VC (vintage car) registration for the last 2 years which involves an inspection every year and passes very easily so it will need registering


I'm jsut asking for offers at the moment so you can either psot them up in this thread of PM me on here


cheers james

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and how much would you sell the twin DCOE manifold for?






and also would you be interested in selling interstate? if shipping is arranged ..




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make me an offer, if i liek the offer and i think you will look after her i will let it go, by offer it usually means offer,


yes i will sell it interstate but you ahve to arrange everything, ic an be at home for a truck to pick it up but thats all i will do,


I'm not seperating the weber manifold, if you want that you buy the whole car, i might chuck it in with the car or keep it for another project

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BUMP $3000ono,


not saying that i want 3000 for it but thats were we can start, I'm very negotiable, but not to the point of crappy offers


may do a cheaper price if i keep stuff off it

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