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My Corolla's


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damn, that starter was brand new and would have had like 3000kms on it.


those dudes at patricks....:y:


don't forget to send me the plates back....:cool:


Well it now looks like the car has driven 3000kms WITH the starter thanks to previously mentioned dudes @ Patricks. I won't forget dude :y:

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Few more Pics....


Grill painted, salvaged bumper fitted, just needs front garnish here...

post-3676-038976300 1298422836_thumb.jpg

Whilst they had all the plastic bits off they freshened up and painted them for me

post-3676-001574700 1298422848_thumb.jpg

Rear End

post-3676-012527800 1298422860_thumb.jpg

New Plates

post-3676-008380300 1298422874_thumb.jpg

Bonnet Underside, Jono will be happy to know all rust in the bottoms of the doors and boot lid were metal filled and painted like this too...

post-3676-091991300 1298422885_thumb.jpg


List of left to do:


- Chrome trims above windows and below doors

- Chrome strips for the sides

- Front & rear glass. They had some issues with this as the new seals I got from phils rotaries were a bit tight.

- Rear 1/4 Glass

- Interior, which is out of the car at the moment, but trimmer wants the car to fit and match carpet before he trims the seats and door cards.


Look I'm going for is upgraded original cream interior with black dash. I am looking for someone to create a fiberglass mould to go behind the glove box lid to hold the head unit and cigarette lighter yet still provide a little bit of storage as the MDF creation I currently have is sub-par.


It's taken over 12 months for it to get to this point (from the 1st photo) the left hand door and guard have come up a treat since that clown in the Hi-Ace re-modeled them for me, I'm worried as I haven't got a bill from them at all yet. Though they have done a fantastic job.

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i feel happy and sad seeing these pics...man i still miss this car, but love what you are doing with it!



are you going to re-trim those s6 rx7 seats in cream?


Well my promise still stands, if I ever get rid of it you'll be the first one I call...


Those seats are going cream as well as the door cards and steering wheel. Thinking about cream carpet too as it's no longer a daily driver. I think black or grey will look weird...

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Bought a new daily, $1400 - included trashed interiour, faded paint, 310,000k and an exhaust leak. Think the previous owner thought it had done a head as it was pushing coolant to the overflow when it got up to temp. $7 radiator cap from the servo fixed that on the way home... :) New upper and lower gaskets on the exhaust mani sorted, need some replacement tips for the muffler.


post-3676-091237400 1298678951_thumb.jpg

post-3676-068177900 1298678963_thumb.jpg

post-3676-071514600 1298678976_thumb.jpg

post-3676-095905900 1298678989_thumb.jpg

post-3676-056513200 1298679002_thumb.jpg


Polished up okay, but the paint is farrked.... Need to get the buff spray off the windows, one of my mates reckons it's like driving round with permanent road rage, looking through the red mist on the windows... LOL

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Rollaclub, long time no see!


Well it's back on the road again for the first time in three years, resprayed & re-trimmed. Tried to get it ready for a mates wedding last weekend, but unfortunately the scavenger pump died on the way, and I missed the ceremony. Carter low pressure high volume pump fitted with new filters now.


It's now sitting on R31 15" rims, they sneak out the guards a bit more than the chasers, once I break the diff again I'll figure out what rear end to fit in it and throw on a set of super lights. Immediate plan at the moment is to lower the rear end a bit to get rid of the raked look. Also the radiator whilst still keeping the car cool is starting to perish, so a new one of them is on the cards.


Took it for its first big drive today in a long time, drove flawlessly Will get some shots up of the interior but here's what the outside looks like at the moment. When it was resprayed they welded up the badge holes on one side of the car (WTF?!) not only that they lost the set for the passenger side.... I have another set but their ugly as, so once I get around to repainting them it's gonna be clean one side.


Should be out and about over Christmas, pretty stoked to be driving it again.

















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