Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

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After trialing the fit of my new seats I have realised I need to get the seat mounted as low as possible.

6ft tall and with a helmet on leaves me really close to the roof bars, so I have started on converting the drivers side floor to a flat floor.

It will start just before the standard seat rail was.

So many bumps and raised sections in the standard floor it would have been a nightmare to get the mounts as low as I wanted.

 Bought my self a bead roller and pan brake so I can fab the floor myself, I think I will mod the tunnel and give the diff head some more room as well.

quick phone pic of the start of the floor



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A couple of more hours spent on the floor after work and another piece of the puzzle done.

Man I hate YouTube, they make things look so easy.

Can't complain though  first attempt at sheet metal work and it's turning out half ok, just got to remind my self it's only an floorpan!


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Cheers Matt, it's coming together slowly.

Started on the tunnel today, just one more section to fab up and join the tunnel to the floor and drivers side is done.

Then the passenger side has one hump to remove and I can start on the seat mounts.


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