Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

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2 hours ago, ke70dave said:

it looks rather professional. nicely done. 

I should buy a tig. 

Thanks Dave, yeah it's great having the Tig, I have knocked up a few bits and pieces with it now it's been so useful particularly for the aluminium fabrication side of things. Definitely worth grabbing an ac/dc model for the versatility of material capabilities.

I made a new catch can with it last week, it's not perfect but for a first attempt it turned out OK.



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Re positioned the hydraulic handbrake to the side of the tunnel, it's a more rigid area to mount it to. Having it bolted to two surfaces rather than one like before has made it a lot stiffer than before.

Loving owning a tig welder, I made up mount with some 3mm aluminium plate and drilled a few holes to access the mounting bolts and lighten it a bit, just need to plumb it up and remount remote reservoir.



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Just the small stuff left now, foot rest for clutch pedal made up and fire extinguishers mounted. Need to make up the heel plates next and mod the accelerator pedal so it's closer to the brake pedal.


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On 6 December 2018 at 5:24 AM, altezzaclub said:

Lovely work!  I'm afraid our rally car will never look this good!

Thanks altezzclub, unfortunately I know it won't stay this clean even though it's only going to see tarmac.

Finally got around to re doing the exhaust, it had to remade due to the floor of the car now being lower and flatter, the resonator used to fit into a slight rise in the floor but that section was cut out. This system should flow better though it's a more direct path to the muffler which I swapped out to stainless on as well.

Couple more things to hook up in the engine bay, prime the oil system and it's ready to restart after a long hiatus.




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