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Chestikoph Sr20Det Ke55 Coupe

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Well it's been a while since the latest update, where do I start.

The Rally Sprint series concluded with the remaining 2 rounds going well and really helping with the development of the car.

The sway bar link setup worked well and contributed in reigning some lateral weight transfer. I also changed up the ride hight a bit by dropping the rear by half an inch and raising the front by the same, this coupled with a heavier front spring rate dialled in the rear to front weight transfer. The car was now more settled under braking and was a lot more balanced and  nuetral turning in to corners.

I did end up changing the brake pads and this was probably the single most performance improving part I changed. The QFM's I was running weren't bad but just didn't perform the same as a proper race pad. At $600 for a set of pads I was pretty nervous at dropping so much cash at just brake pads. But the change was massive, dropped 6 secs over one lap, the confidence going into corners was amazing the harder you push the pedal the more they bite, and with out the booster the modulation you get is great.

This was all great and I was super happy with the results. At the end of the 5 round series we ended up mid field out of 80 odd cars and were beating much more modern and more powerful 4wd cars. But Tarmac Rallysprint on streets is pretty unique, very fast sraights into slow and very tight corners over and over again. I was interested to see how this setup would go on the race track.

I have done a couple of track days with the Rolla in the past but none since the cage and the latest rebuild, so I thought I would sign up to the very next event available at Barbagallo Raceway it just happened to be the first round of the WA Time Attack Series. Definitely not the sort of event you would expect an old Corolla at. Anyway I was super excited and they had just resurfaced the track for the upcoming V8 Supercar round so I was keen to check it out.

Put it this way It was the oldest car there by a loong way and it attracted heaps of attention amongs the Skylines, Evo's, WRX's, Civics and Porches. Three classes, Street, Tuner, and Race, I was allocated to Tuner class. There was aero as far as you could see and I don't know if you can count my front lip as aero but car went great and surprised a lot of people. Out of 58 entries I finished 36th, ran a best time of 68.8 sec. The fastest lap of the day was a 58.4sec and slowest was 78.4 sec, overall super happy with the result and I think with a couple of tweaks and changes I should get into the mid 60's. I have couple of things in mind to sort then I will chase more HP and that should help get me further up the field again.

Well that's it for now I will post up a few things I am working on soon.

A couple of shots from the track day...







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Thought I might drag this thread out from the archives!!

Cars still in one piece and running well. I was doing a few track days throughout 2020 in between lock downs and restrictions mainly sprints and Time Attack at Barbagallo. 

Couple of upgrades and changes since the last post include wider 15 x 8 wheels, 225 tyres and some bolt on flares to fit them under.  Bought tears to my eyes taking the grinder to the rear arches, they were absolutely rust free! Oh well she’s long past ever returning to a standard shell.

Also dropped in some cams for a bit more top end. Now into the mid 66 sec around our local track, weight reduction is my next project. Will have to get back into more regular posting, some recent pics.





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Hi Dean,

               Lovely pics !  Nothing like an olde Rolla; nose down, in full flight.   Had a 79 2 door KE55 coupe, once, & was such a good car, with a 5K in it.


Nostalgia setting in, just looking at your pics.

Cheers  Keith

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