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Fs: Ke35 With 2tg

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Vehicle information: ok guys this is quite a regrettable sale but i don't have the time for it anymore.


ive had this car since i was 18 so ive had it for about 5 yrs. it started off as just fun lil project. that went abit over board imo.


driveline consists of a 2tg with a t50 also has hydro clutch, custom tail shaft to suit the ta23 T series diff in the back.

has no carpet due to it being nice an moldy.

ive spent about 7000 on the body it self. rust removed resprayed original colour.

2tg was rebuild by roadrunner from toymods about 3 yrs ago. runs very well.

also has twin 42mm webers on. ive tuned these myself with the help of others. would still need fine tuning on a dyno.

lightened flywheel, brand new excedy hd clutch, near new optima yellow top battery in the boot.

electric fuel pump, cusco cambertops and strut brace (both brand new items)

all new ball joints, pitman arm, idler arm needs alignment.

near new condish tyres with 14x6 blackracing watanabee copies.

ra40 struts with corolla spring seats welded on. with super low king springs in. an new monroe gt gas shocks front an rear.

lowering blocks in the rear.

vn s2 commodore radiator with thermo fan, manualy operated via switch under dash.


few problems with it are webers need fine tuning, oil seem to leak from the cam cover gasket. its a brand new gasket so I'm not happy about that.



Condition: very good condish. needs small thing finished


Price: $5000 or more no less


Location: Perth (south)


Contact: Preston 0448724203 or pm














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What was done in the rebuild?


Also is the conversion legal?


Just a stock rebuild.


But has the 9.8:1 pistons in.


Goes hard.


As for the legality its not rego'd with the 2t. Still has the 3k on the papers.


I'm sure its legal if it was fully engineered.

Maybe would have to put a cat in there.


It has a brand new 2.5inch zorst.


Basicly most things are brand new.

If I don't sell it I'm just gunna un rego it an keep it away for a a long time.


But if someone can even make a decent offer ill have a think about it.


Would like to c it go to a good home.

I've spent soo much time money on this.

I could even consider selling it minus the 2t. Just most of the hard work is done. Even if u wanted to put in a 4age would be pretty easy. Clutch conversion is done. With customised stock pedal box. I used ta22 parts for this.


Its a great car to drive. Turns heads.

Webers sound awsum.

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Sorry garnet. Never liked t18s.


I'm really after something that has aircon an shit. Something newer for daily use.


Kinda was thinking goin to the dark side.

Maybe s13 or sumfin.



Oh no!!! not nissan! anything but nissan... Well, anything that's not a toyota. How about a Cressida? MX83 i think it is from memory. I'll try and sell some things off otherwise. haha. I REALLY want this one!!!

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IS that brace to fit KE35? or only cos of the camber tops?



yep cusco only started making them again a while back


both the braces and the tops.


i did a group buy on here for these a while back as well.


got fuk all interest.


btw todd theres no trd cams here. i sold them ages ago.


ive got a trd clutch here spare as well.


spare set of tail lights


alot of shit.


not sure i wanna let it all go for only 5grand.

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