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Radrollaz Cruze To Kiama Blow Hole.


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Not sure if this is the exact route but it's the one Google Maps suggested. Are we taking the Natio/Stanwell Tops route down?


Driving directions to Kiama Blowhole

151 km – about 2 hours 24 mins


Villawood NSW


1. Head southeast on Binna Burra St toward Woodville Rd

3 m

2. Turn right at Woodville Rd

0.7 km

3. Turn right at Hume Hwy

12.1 km

4. Exit onto Campbelltown Rd

1.1 km

5. Take the ramp onto South Western Fwy

39.4 km

6. Continue on Hume Hwy

24.5 km

7. Exit onto Old Hume Hwy

1.2 km

8. Turn left at Aylmerton Rd

1.9 km

9. Turn right at Old South Rd

6.7 km

10. Turn left at Range Rd

4.9 km

11. Turn right at Ridge Rd

3.2 km

12. Turn right at Tourist Rd

0.6 km

13. Turn left at Kangaloon Rd

0.9 km

14. Continue on Sheepwash Rd

5.1 km

15. Turn left at Illawarra Hwy

10.1 km

112 km – about 1 hour 44 mins


Illawarra Hwy

Robertson NSW 2577


16. Head east on Illawarra Hwy toward South St

4.0 km

17. Turn right at Jamberoo Mountain Rd

23.0 km

18. Turn right at Churchill St

1.0 km

19. Continue on Allowrie St

0.7 km

20. Continue on Jamberoo Rd

7.0 km

21. Continue on Terralong St

0.3 km

22. Turn left at Spring Creek Dr

0.3 km

23. Turn left at Princes Hwy

0.5 km

24. Turn left at Riddell St

0.3 km

25. Turn right at Hutchinson St

0.6 km

26. Continue on Panama St

0.1 km

27. Turn right at Riverside Dr

0.4 km

28. Turn right at Darien Ave

0.6 km

38.9 km – about 40 mins


Kiama Blowhole





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