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Cool Numberplate Sightings

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Well I did a search, and all the numberplate topics I could find dedicated solely to numberplates were three or four years old. If the mods don't agree with this, then delete it.

But anyway, I've been seeing some cool numberplates lately and I thought that this would be a cool place for people to tell us what numberplates they've seen or that they think would be cool.


Anyway, here's some that I've seen lately:

BUS73D (busted) (Honda Civic)

BNS53X (BNS sex) (AU Falcon Ute)

AWWYEH (Commodore Ute)

GE11US (Subaru WRX)

CHL03T (Chloe T.) (Morris 1100)

KR01LN (KE70-from-mt-panorama's ke25)

KR01LA (mybaby)



Go nuts...!

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Saw one i thought was cool at kandos burnout comp


T4TUFF (old holden ute....with big bugcatcher)


theres quite a few ive seen, trying to remember


1SLYVK (Mates VK, Very Quick car)

QUI11K (VL V8, Friend of the owner of the VK, Described as 1SLYVK...In Red)




I saw one i thought was terrible,


HABIBI (Pink BMW, Dude driving. ETA of death if driven through bankstown..... <30 seconds)

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I know that Habibi one. He laps the main here in Orange. We have a few of those disgusting pink/purple wanker cars getting around with wheels so big they barely allow the car to negotiate the road.

I don't know how many times they've changed the plates on that pink BMW. I can't remember for the life of me what the other 2 were?

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i think this thread should add piks said cars with cool number plates...


jsut to name more a few mates cars with number plates i love...


MRMAD - 7 second torana outright quickest and fastest turbo car.

WILWIN - 9 second twin turbo ls1 vx

KILL351 - 8 second street regoed vl

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if i could be bother searching for my old notebooks, i have approx 10,000 vic plates written down!! :)


some of them that i remember are


FULYSK - Hyundai Excel

HEVEN7 - Series 3 RX7

BUMBLE - Yellow R33 or S13 (was over 5 years ago i saw it)

DUZ10S - Classic Mustang (that ran 12's all night)

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