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Cool Numberplate Sightings

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awesome. i always said i'd put CAMRY badges on a JZX100 if i ever got one. i'd get one but the boot is way too small for a family car.


I took the badges off completely.


Yes the boot is small on them, fuel tank placement is stupid and no idea why they did that.


If you owned one you would be able to put up with the small boot, trust me best car I ever owned. :y:

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Saw two very cool old Fiat 500's down the street today, unfortunately out of 3 possible cameras, I had none on me. One was red and one was yellow, they remind me of clown cars :laff: lol.

One was MIF14T

the other was MYF14T


There's also a 90's model Lexus with MOBSTA

A commodore with SENS31 (The chick who owns it also owns a martial arts centre)

Another commodore with LUV4OU


That is all... :lolcry:

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