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Hey kiwi's.


I'm after some KE70 parts and I'm wondering if anyone would come across this stuff at a wrecker they frequent and what they would be worth. I've got a KE70 2 door panelvan which I would like to put windows from a 2 door DX wagon. I'm after mainly the 2 hinge out windows behind the doors along with the pivit hinge thingys and the locking clips that hold them shut. I have a KE70 4 door wagon wreck which i think the rearmost side glass would most likely fit into the van but the mid windows are something not readily available in aus. If you can come up with these parts, just name KE70 stuff you may need of the same value and we'll post parts swapsies or i can just buy them and get them sent.


Also after a horn button like this if they're available there, not the whole wheel as i already have one with twincam writing just want the plain toyota button preferably.



Any help would be much appreciated.


Here's my toy by the way, 100kw smallport 4A going in soon :jamie:





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