Introduction To Tiger :p

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OK.... I thought I'd introduce myself to everybody here in this section, as 8/10 cases, you'll catch me in here most of the time.


I call myself Tiger because I drive around a Holden Commodore VT S Pack Series 2 at present with Tiger Mica duco on it. I love the color so much! And it's the color I intend on spraying the next project rolla I eveer get my hands on


My first car was A KE35 Corolla and this thing was like my wife for a while (until my ex came along and told me to sell it... shouldn't have listened to her!) I bought this beast for $100 and drove it home (owner didn't know about the fusible link repair it needed to become driveable) :)


After a year of bodywork and light mods (which become unfinished) this is some of the proof I have of owning a "little beast"...




The car was sprayed in my garage by a friend of mine, but I changed over panels and repaired (with lots of bog! lol) where needed.




It never had a sunroof or a rear demister kit... I fitted them myself! :D Surprisingly... no leaks! And no fog :D






The mighty 3K motor! I only had time to fit Genie Terminator extractors and a 2" press bend exhaust with a hotdog and sports muffler, and a mild cam. Next was meant to be side draught webers.. but I sold it before then.


So now... I intend on buying one and doing what I was meant to do!!!


At home in my room, I have "sleeping awaiting an install" a mammoth sound quality purposed setup (incomplete for now)... but is dude to be completed in the not to far future.



Hope I haven't bored you all, and I hope I can help many people out with their stereos.... and anywhere else :moon: To start off, I'll post up some info threads and pin them so if there are some things that you aren't sure of, fire away and I'll answer them as soon as I have the chance to.



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Honestly, I have ran that Corolla through to hell and back and it never seized on me and it ran on a sniff of an oily rag!

The Commodore is a nice big car but costs SO much to run. Not just that, but I don't wanna hack into it to do my stereo. On the Corolla, I CAN :)

Plus, I miss driving a small car! hahaha


Rollas Rock! What more can I say! (shrugs shoulders) :moon:

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Decided to close this thread as I will be displaying every part of my build up in either a tutorial format or in the Projects section.

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