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I have had this ke30 for a small time and have loved driving it. It took a while to get it running right and i've spent some money on it which i now need back hence the selling.


Vehicle information/Condition:


The body of the car is quite straight but admittedly, it does have some rust. The panels can easily be replaced if desired.

The interior is clean - looks like it was originally cream but has since been changed to brown by benzo??


The engine -


From what i know it is a 3T (1.8L) and it has extractors and an exhaust that isn't loud at all until higher revs.

It has a camshaft - unsure of what kind? - fusion or benzo might be able to help as they were previous owners.

Obviously not the original engine - it is out of a t-18 with all the stuff - gearbox/driveshaft but has stock diff.


The car will be sold on the stock rims which have been sprayed black and have reasonable tires on them.

It had a cd-player - the wires are still there and there are two 6x9's on the back shelf. There are

wires leading to the boot for a sub/amp. I was given an amp and a cd player that i can throw in - unsure of working order.


The car comes with a few spare parts


> 3 spare wheels (1 w tyre)

> 2 axels

> 2 carbies

> amp/cd player

>stock steering wheel

> maybe more, i can't remember :/


Price: From what i bought it at and from what i've paid to get it running right i will say offers around 2.4K


Location: Adelaide


Contact: PM here first then details.


Please note that the car is not registered with the current engine.








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Members dont see this ad

Front Monroe GT shock absorbers

Rear KYB Excel G shcok absorbers

Front RA40 struts, brake upgrade

Custom tailshaft

TA22 Gearbox for stock shifting position, reverse is the pull up kind, kind of like a lock gate (new oils, general clean up)

Exedy HD Clutch

Custom pedal box for Hydraulic operation

Thermofan with temperature setup

Custom extractors with a 2" system (I think it was one resonator and a muffler), nice legal note

Brand new license plates were bought

Electronic distributor . . might of been changed when you had issues?

Modified engine crossmember

Modified gearbox crossmember

I am pretty sure the clutch master and slave were brand new when I had it, my mechanic also customised it for a better clutch pedal feel (could of changed by now)

New leads would of been put on it a short while ago

Brand new KE30 radiator, customised for different port outlets with brand new radiator hoses and temperature sensor bung

Brand new thermostat outlet and thermostat

2" RPM Tacho in stock clock position. Looks like its meant to be there

Brown door trims were put in as the stock beige ones where torn up

Leyland Mini door handles as the car came with none


I never put a camshaft in it, however a previous owner might of?


Would recommended to the new owner to upgrade the diff to a TA22 item for around $500 all up to do it properly, just so you can enjoy it a bit more :wink:


If any of this is wrong / incorrect or not wanted to be displayed please let me know


Also if anymore information is wanted in regards to the build I don't mind answering questions, however I cannot speak for the past owners


Cheers Fusion

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I never put a cam in it either, may have had one fitted since I sold it.


I put in near overrated brown seats from a 2 owner KE30, the seams on the drivers seat are all that really show age.


Very tidy little KE30 and goes pretty hard, with a TA22 diff this would be a lot more reliable fun.


Cheers, Ben.

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excepting offers?


hey buddy nice rolla :bash: would you be interested in a swap for my KE70 turbo?? its a very quick sleeper :dance: heres my number if you want to call chris 0430 515 297 thanks


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