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Hi guys,


Went on a bit of a camping adventure up to the Flinders Ranges in the wags last weekend. Had a great time and the rolla made it home thankfully, but only just! haha. It was about 450km each way and on the way up, around 350km from home when i stopped to fill up, I found the starter motor was dead! It was kind of always a bit dodgy and i think the long drive at 100kph or more just cooked it once and for all. Anyway got it started with some help from a nearby friendly outback mechanic who gave the starter a tap with a hammer which got it started. So I made it to my destination where I knew i had the help of some strong lads to help me push start it for the trip home.


The drive up was about 5 hours in total and pretty enjoyable. Especially once inside the Flinders Ranges national park, the road became more scenic. I arrived to find I also had a loose rear shock! I heard a few noises near the end of the drive coming from the rear but didn't even notice it any difference in handling haha! I ended up fixing it using a bolt from the engine bay though so it was all good. The drive home was all good apart from not being able to turn the car off the whole time.


Once I got home I straight away sourced a brand new starter and fitted it up without any problems. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. After reading some things about K engine starter motors I was a bit worried about how difficult it might be to swap. Only took about 30 min all up and she was starting like a champ again.


Here is a few picks of the drive for your viewing pleasure. Was great to hit the open road, it's been too long! Hope to do it again soon.








Somewhere in the middle of nowhere



My rear left shock upon arrival :no2:



My bed



Wedge tailed eagle



Massive truck thing coming at me



New starter installed once I got home








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Righto, I've been gathering parts for the front end. Almost got everything I need, just need camber tops and its ready to go in. So far I've got:

Shortened AE86 Struts

JDM vented brakes

5kg HSD springs

Sleeve kit

KYB Excel G for rear of SW20

AE86 p/s arms


Superpro bushes




Also had a go at fixing the rust in my bros landcruiser. Was a pretty big area, definitely the biggest I've done, but it turned out alright. He wasn't too fussed about how neat it was but after bogging and paint it looked pretty good! Did both sides but only got pics of drivers side.











Can't find any finished pics :/






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Thanks, I will get some pics up when i get them off my bro.


Picked up some good condition seats for the wagon the other day. They are out of a ke50 with 70k on the clock. In my opinion they are a better design with the lever adjuster instead of the spin ring on the side, and a slightly lower and thinner. A bit more sporty. Not so granny.


Pics showing old and new drivers seat.







Also installed a jesus bar for the passenger. One bolt hole was already there, other hole I drilled.




Also ordered some S13 strut tops from ebay which should be the final piece for the front end.



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Finally got the ae86 parts in with new sumitomo htr p01, super pro bushes and a wheel alignment. Feels awesome to drive now! So much more stable around corners and just general driving. Very happy :)


Pics are before new tires and slightly more low.










Not bad for a phone camera haha

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Thanks guys! I've actually been meaning to update this..


@jimsKE10 - The roof rack I found at a wreckers off an old sigma wagon or similar. I looked in wreckers for at least a year before finding a good one. I got lucky.


@cuzzo - It was a memorable experience for sure! Nothing like hitting a nice twisty road 600 km from home with no other traffic in sight. I highly recommend it! Just get premium RAA road side assist just for piece of mind. Something will probably break or fall off so bring tools haha


This car is now rocking an import 5k engine from a lite ace with the ke55 5 speed. Bought van for $300. Took 5k out (not that easy). Filled van with junk. Sold to wreckers who towed it away for $100!


This photo is just before I started ripping the 4k out of the wagon and the 5k out of the van in the background.




4k out




5k in. Also did front and rear main seals, clutch and a few other things before putting the 5k in. It's also got a 28/36 DCD Weber, K&N filter and extractors. Goes well! But it needs a tune..




Added the headlight visors again and a chrome fog light bar I found at the wreckers as well for some subtle visual changes..




Cheers for looking,



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