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70's Corolla For Sale $200.00 ****sold****

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Vehicle information: Mid 70's Corolla (not sure)


Condition: Okay


Price: $200.00


Location: Western Suburbs Melbourne


Contact: 0450219242


The car is suitable for wrecking, restoration, or as a Paddock Basher till it dies (which would be a long time) as the motor is still quite strong, Was rebuilt about 10,000klms ago. Also needs a battery but does run. It will need to be trailered to wherever it goes as all lights have been removed (they are in the boot so it does come with them) and no rego.

I really just need it gone. If it doesn't go within a week or so, it will end up at the crusher. I would rather somebody take it and use it than that. As I have to many other projects on the go and just don't have the time, space or money for it anymore.

I haven't got any photo's at the moment. I can provide them if you are interested.

Email me at [email protected] and I will send you some photo's.

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