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TOTAL SYSTEM COST:prob $2500-3000

BATTERY: shity stock one but upgrading to optima yellow top soon

HEADUNIT: pioneer , can't remember details had it bout 3 yrs still going strong


FRONT SPEAKERS: kicker ks 6.2 splits


REAR SPEAKERS: kicker ks 6.2 splits

SUBWOOFERS: 2x kicker 12" cvr 800w each

AMPLIFIERS: atm kicker 350.4 4chennel and jl audio 700w mono (upgrading to 1000w rmw amp when money permits )

CABLING: 4gauge and 8 guage

SOUND DEADENING: watever the car had in it front factory

OTHER: none

DB OUTPUT: running a mates 1000w rms amp pulled 134db first go then blew a fuse will be going back one day to try again



nice and clear and loud and defently gets some looks , specially with custom boot install =D

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Lol the looks that you get are people thinking "what a douche".

Seriously, how are you going to hear an ambulance coming round the corner?


Don't get me wrong I've set up a great sounding stereo that had the capability of getting quite loud.

I love a clean crisp sound but don't you feel embarrassed while blasting music for the whole neighbourhood to hear?

Along with the boot and doors vibrating just as loud.


Don't worry guys you'll soon grow out of it.

Then you will have no stereo and listen to the engines sweat music.




My system is not in the car, but will be as follows.


TOTAL SYSTEM COST: Nearing the $1000 mark

BATTERY: Bigger one than stock, not by much. A bigger alternator would be more effective. (for my kind of system anyway)

HEAD UNIT: Something decent with MP3, SD card reader. (hate fumbling round with CDs.


FRONT SPEAKERS: 25mm silk dome tweeters + high pass filters, 6" kevlar for midrange.


REAR SPEAKERS: 6x9 boxed Kevlar coaxial with silk dome tweeters

SUB WOOFERS: Not needed

AMPLIFIERS: Class AB Amplifier with all the bells and whistles (frequency, phase, filters)

4x 100W rms. doesn't carry the price tag of an A class but doesn't get the distortion of going lower than B class.

CABLING: Depends on location of amp

SOUND DEADENING: none needed

OTHER: Speaker boxes for 6x9 splits, door pods for 6" + tweeter combo with filter between. DC noise filter (not a radio supressor, for the actual DC supply)

Ground loop isolator to eliminate any hum.

DB OUTPUT: just loud enough for me to enjoy the music in peak traffic.


Unfortunately it's not going to sound as nice as any previous set-ups I've had because the KE55 doesn't have any decent locations for speakers.

Hence the door pods. I could mount the tweeters on the dash but that would just look stupid. Most of the sound will come from the rear 6x9 tuned

by the amplifier. The fronts will aslo be connected to the amp but under driven just to match the rears and make it sound like the music is in my

head and not coming from the back parcel shelf. Tricky to set up but well worth it!

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I have:


Kenwood HU with Aux in and USB, with 4 RCA outs.


Alpine splits in the front 6" and tweeters.


Kicker 6x9's


12" Kenwood sub.


4 channel Sony amp running 6x9's and splits

2 Channel Fusion running the sub.


Sony amp wiring and all the chunky cable goodness.


I agree with Twinky, I like having the ability to crank mine but rarely do.

The sub is more for depth than POWERRRR OMG MY EARS HURT. laugh.gif


I really need to adjust my levels, too much front and not enough from the 6x9's.

Scored all mine brand new for about 700 (WOW was having a sale so I got all the 'going out of stock' stuff).

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nah i enjoy the looks i laugh back at them when i get people dancing and making ass's of them selves at lights and the "what a douche" looks are priceless ,suprisingly i don't get that much rattle if u stand outside the car witch is good cos i don't like rattle and when i do get it I'm quick to try and stop it , i just enjoy my music loud but there are defo days when even i don't have my music on and just listen to the sound of my 4age =D

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system has changed now, gone a little bigger and louder,

Soon will be close to 160db or over, so far car is number 6 loudest over all in OZ, 19th for my class in the world


TOTAL SYSTEM COST: would have to say over $45,000 so far and still going

BATTERY:Fulriver HC110 X 6 (200kg in total)

HEADUNIT: EClipse 7100 and a sony out of the boot for SPL runs

FRONT SPEAKERS: soundstream tarantula TRC.6N splits X 3

REAR SPEAKERS: who needs rear sound


SPEAKER AMPLIFIERS: soundstream tarantula TRA1000.2 X 3 for the mids

soundstream tarantula TRA680.4 for the tweeters

SUB AMPLIFIERS: crossfire vr4000D X 4 each will do 8000rms at 1ohm

CABLING: 80m of 0 gauge and lost count of the rest

SOUND DEADENING: Dynamat mega Bulk Packs X 2

DB OUTPUT: 156.7db with 16,000rms of power soon to be 32,000rms and still not done with the bulid


156 dB SPL is INSANE. That's 16 dB SPL past the threshold of pain. MENTAL

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Head deck- sony xplod 5 in 1 (bluetooth audio/phone, usb, aux, fm/am, cd)


Front door- none

Rear door- none

Rear shelf- sony 440watts 6x9s 1(1st) 4 channel

Boot- 2 12" sony 1000watts running off 1 mono

4 sony 6x9s running off 1(2nd) 4 channel


After say 2-3 weeks when my paint jobs done then ima start on finishing the system and then in short my ke will have:

2x 6" sony

6x 6x9s sony

4x 12" sony subs

1x 15" soundstream sub

3x sony monos

2x sony 4 channels


For now i don't wanna do too much coz i gotta take every thing out for the paint job so i rekon thats enuf for my cruises downtown


And also every speaker has there own switch so i can basically have onli 1 speaker and nothing else playing if i want lol

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^^^^that is an insance amount of gear in one car....


i was once a lover of loud 'feel the bass in my teeth' music, but ive come to realise that pure loudness is for...well.....others. a sound system is meant to reproduce digital information in the form of music...and music is meant to be enjoyed as music.


my current setup in the car, is as follows:


headunit: JVC digital radio (JVC KD-DB56)


pretty decent unit, you can change the colours to many many different ones, so can match in with the rest of the dash (better than some bright blue light in the middle of a greenish dash). simple to use, digital radio has some cool chanels, though the quality is not so monumentally different to good reception on the analogue radio as the advertisements lead us to believe. better yes...but its transmitted in AAC format at about 96kbps....so you can still hear the high frequencies being rolled off...though its not too bad. still has nothing on CD's though (as expected).


factory speakers front and back, suprisingly good for a now 12yr old car, havent felt the need to upgrade them.


-subwoofer is an 8" venom sub from Jaycar electronics ($70 a few yrs back), with a custom made ported enclosure that is about the size of a computer tower/case. with a 'coustic' 4ch amp to run the sub, mounted under the passenger seat. sub is strapped to the back of the seat, rather crudely....but it works.


it sounds suprisingly good, the sub can't handle going too loud being only 8", but can go loud enough to make me look like numpty at the traffic lights. But the box design allows the sub to handle some very low freqencies.

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yep thats why i decided on this one. and it was the cheapest digital radio on the market at the time!


have matched the green to the rest of my dash, and a bit of red to match the aircon controls.


obviosly it doesnt look factory during the day, but at night its not far off and blends in well.

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Dave, I agree with you, Listening to loud music for an extended period of time is really just not good for your ears...I want to be able to listen to music when I'm an old man, not just remember what it once sounded like...

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AE82 Hatch


TOTAL SYSTEM COST: About $1,500 and always climbing

BATTERY: Just a small basic battery, that can handle the load surprisingly







AMPLIFIERS: Kenwood KAC-M525 and a Kenwood KAC-8105D

CABLING: 2m of 2gauge, 12m of 4gauge


OTHER: Neon's in front foot wells, Neon boot light. Custom sub box, speaker tray and amp mount

DB OUTPUT: Not sure yet wanna find out


Wanting to upgrade one of my amps a 4 way to run another set of speakers in rear doors

Also done all wiring tuning and setting up myself and this is my first system

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HEADUNIT: poineer

FRONT SPEAKERS: 6.5 poineers, stock mx73 speakers

REAR SPEAKERS: 6x9 pioneers




Headunit is located in glovebox and original tape deck still installed and working

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VS Ute


TOTAL SYSTEM COST: Unsure, but wouldn't want to spend it twice.

BATTERY: 520cca

HEADUNIT: Pioneer (about two years old, I like it.


FRONT SPEAKERS: Kicker Splits 6.5"



SUBWOOFERS: Kicker 12" Slimline Sub behind passenger seat

AMPLIFIERS: Kicker Mono Amp, Kenwood Bridged 4ch Amp

CABLING: Too much..



DB OUTPUT: Loud enough to pop rear view mirrors off whenever I feel like it and to rattle out old fillings.


When this car gets sold, all this gear is being taken out (except HU) and will follow me into all my future cars as it's a good system and goes well.

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80 series cruiser


TOTAL SYSTEM COST: Around $500ish maybe 6

BATTERY: standard cruiser battery, went dead once after just installing the system so might have to get a new one, can't get much bigger than the one in it haha

HEAD UNIT: Some alpine one that came with my old T18


FRONT SPEAKERS: 2x Pinoneer 6" splits off headunit

CENTRE SPEAKERS: 2x Pinoneer 6x9, 80w rms

REAR SPEAKERS: 2x Kenwood 7x10 in speaker boxes in back

SUB WOOFERS: Cadence 12" slim sub

AMPLIFIERS: 1 120watt rms 4 channel one to run speakers

CABLING: whatever it was that came with my amp

SOUND DEADENING: none needed


Sounds good, haven't got the sub in yet, might take out the 7x10s and run the sub off that half of the amp.


I love loud music but only good music, haha. Chisel, CCR, Eagles, Dire Straits, ect :)


My old 07 hiace had std front speakers with 4x kenwood 7x10s in a bif box behind the seats, sounded really good with a line out converter using the std headunit.

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