Post Your Car Audio System !

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Just realised I never put the Corolla in here...


TOTAL SYSTEM COST: Probably around $1500, was built up bit-by-bit over the last 8 years

BATTERY: Century 53 UHP

HEAD UNIT: Pioneer DEH-P5650MP, about 8 years old now but quite a good unit when it came out


FRONT SPEAKERS: 5" VDO Dayton MPS1300 components, tweeter pods in the side mirror covers


REAR SPEAKERS: 6" JL Audio TR600-CXi 2-way

SUB WOOFERS: 12" JL Audio 12W0 subwoofer

AMPLIFIERS: Cadence Z1000 monoblock

CABLING: Whatever

SOUND DEADENING: Do doors and a roof count?

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TOTAL SYSTEM COST:1500 ish or more

BATTERY: cheap?

HEADUNIT: pioneer mvh-x365bt


REAR SHELF: kicker 6x9

SUBWOOFERS:kicker comp 12" twins

AMPLIFIERS:kicker kx

CABLING:kicker stinger audioline

SOUND DEADENING: rattle all the way

DB OUTPUT: as loud as you want makes head lights dim when sub kicks

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