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Ke70 Door Card Bits And Some Other Interior Stuff

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Parts: Drivers door card minus chrome strip on top, chrome lock surround.

Rear drivers door card minus chrome strip on top, chrome lock surround.

Passenger side plastic bits left over from stripping them to use the wood as templates. (note : as you may know these are melted into the door cards so i had to cut the melted bits off to remove, but a washer and flat screw would hold them on.)

Drivers rear ashtray with chrome surround.

Centre bits.

stereo holder in ok condition but has been widened to hold stereo, one of the screw hole is a bit chewed up.

Manual gear stick surround is split on one side but could be glued back together.

Handbrake surround, prob not even good for parts.


I also don't want my towbar, has all the wiring. This is prob a definite pick up item. Had some interest last time i tried to get rid of it but, still got it. can't find a pic of it but you all know what a towbar looks like.


Door cards will come without stuff i need for remaking them, the winders, door handle surround, plastic clips.


Note: these are bits I'm stripping off and replacing hence the freebie price tag. If i can give them a good home i'd feel better than turfing them.


Condition: used, these are mostly bits ive replaced so not the best, but if you paint them up or whatever...


Price: freebies if picked up. Swaps would be good. If you want them delivered pm me we can sort it out but then they might cost you all of ten bucks for my trouble plus postage,


Location: sunny coast


Contact: pm me


if you want close ups of a part pm me, or pm me your cell# will send pxt.


I may be able to drop parts off between gympie and north lakes but not till after 11th january when i go back to work. or if I'm in a good mood.


If your feeling generous and wanna swap some stuff, I'm looking for:


Drivers top door hinge

chrome strip top drivers door card.

Falcon springs

interior Rear view mirror with good mirror.


Ill deliver bits to you door brisbane area( remind you I'm on the sunny coast so within reason) for decent swaps.


These are the only bits I'm geting rid of atm. When/if i have more ill let ya know.









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