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Tally's Jdm Ke25 Build Up Round 2


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well after thinking about it I have decided to go 4AGE


so the 2TG is up for sale


Its a 2T-GEU Engine with Celica TA22 T50 Gearbox.

Comes with all accessories including twin solex carbs, stock twin carb inlet manifold, genie extractors, ta22 crossmember, radiator, leads, engine mounts and few other bits.


Was running great before being pulled out of a TA22 Celica.


Bolts in TA22, T-18 and also KE25 with modified or TE27 crossmember.

Also will bolt in KE70 with T-18 crossmember


They make the same if not more hp then a stock 16V 4AGE and heaps of potential for more power





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  • 2 weeks later...

ok so sold the 2TG package, bought KE2# 4AGE engine mounts


and bought another ke25 :blush: hahaha


just for daily duties, sick of the hiace, stock 1.2 3K toyoglide FTW! to low so will remove lowering blocks and chuck in my stock front springs. looking for some 12" stockies


and guess what came with the Ke25.... modified t-series engine mounts to suit k-series crossmember -__-


also got a crane cam fireball xr700 ignition thingy, thinking of chucking my elec dizzy into the 3K and hooking this up somehow?





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  • 2 weeks later...

So not much been happening apart from grabbing some KE2# 4AGE engine mounts


Been focusing on the daily, ripped the hotwires off and got some stockies off Frank, and got Karl at Custom Whitewalls to chuck on some whitewalls. Top Bloke!

Still undecided on what Colour to paint it. Will be an original colour though, thinking TE27 green or orange.... hmmm




I got a set of extractors with the new KE25 so I chucked them on tonight, finally a set that fit!

They are pacemaker so that's good with plenty clearance from strut tower as seen.

Keen on getting a Redline manifold and chucking on some twin mikuni solex's on!




Also got rid of the KE20 grill and chucked the KE25 grill back on.



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  • 3 months later...

Need some advice guys


which direction should I go, 16v or 20v 4age?


I know the basic differences of each of the 4ages but just don't know which route to head first.


Mainly just want to know if I should stick a 16v in it or go the extra mile and just go 20v as that is what everyone upgrades to...


Also would like to know from people with 4age KE2# backgrounds in regards to fitting etc etc


I have read a few threads on here and on the internet and it looks pretty straight forward, already got my custom engine mounts which use ae86 rubber mounts but seen others use rx7 s2 mounts and others to lower the engine so might do some experimenting...


I can get a 16v relatively cheap or a complete blacktop 20v for just over a grand, I guess its a matter of cost but either way it will cost money so not fussed really...


here are some pics of 4age's in ke2#'s: (note some not 4age's but still worthy to be shown)



















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Hey Tally,


Thanks for using my old engine bay in three of the pics haha (yellow with 16v 4age and yellow with 16v 4agte). Man I miss that '25! I was only 18 when I had it and struggled to put the motor in with the limited tools and knowledge I had (you can tell with some of the elements of that engine bay), but I loved that car.


Anyway, depends on what motor you want. In my opinion, I would tend to lean towards a BT 20v if you are keeping N/A, but would go 16v if you are thinking about going turbo down the track. For my '25, I am going to go BT 20v.


Straight out of the box the 20v has plenty of power and sounds amazing. I am driving a Ae9X seca ultima with a BT 20v and the the motor screams when the throttles open right up. As well as being able to easily source the RWD water piping kit for the 20v's and being able to run the standard computer (with COP setup modification), i'd say it would be the better choice. Plus it's a newer motor.


With the mounts I had, they fit the 16v pretty well and it didn't hit the firewall, but when we tried to put a 20v in a ke20 with the same mounts, it hit due to the head being a tiny bit longer. So if the mounts are for a 16v, you may need to sit the motor a bit more forward or give the firewall a bit of a love-tap.


Good luck with it.





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Hwy Mick


Thats exactly what I was looking for appreciate it heaps!


To be honest I am leaning towards the 20V yea. Most likely stay N/A, but Ive heard 20v's are actually the better 4age to turbo is that true?


Yea the mounts I have are for a 16v in a ke2# but were used to fit a 20v In a KE3# so until I drop it in I wont know how it fits.


Either way ill have to figure out what ill do with the dizzy first up lol, being at the back and all


Also the hump in the firewall doesn't make it easier lol, not keen on cutting it out though hmmm...

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Hey Tally,


No worries.


For a N/A 20v to be beating a 4agte, it would need some work done to it.


I just like the sound and the response of the BT 20v. Amazing to drive (even in FWD).


For the dizzy issue, you can run Coil On Plug (COP) setup. check it out here:




Or SamQ's website shows it.


This eliminates the annoying dizzy on the back of the head.


With the mounts, it will just be a matter of trial and error. I have a feeling you may run into problems as the ke30 mounts would be a tiny bit different to ke20 mounts. But just have a play around when you are putting the motor in, and adjust to suit.





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