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Ke slider

2005 Avanti Manic

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can't beleive I'm thinking of doing this, looking to see what i could get for my bike (crys)

(pulling memory bank of all my parts)


2005 Avanti manic frame

Marzocchi bombers 130mm travel(mountain 3 or something) these had a lot of paint damage when i got them so i sanded back and then primered then painted them matt black

Truvativ GIGAPIPE Team DH BB

Truvativ HUSSLEFELT Bars

Truvativ HUSSLEFELT Neck

Truvativ HUSSLEFELT Crank Arms

24" Alex DM24's, front has been respoked half black spokes half stainless, rear rim needs like 4-5 spokes(still strong I'm 100kg and it still holds in there)

Avid 2007 BB07 Calipers(front rear) if you wont hard stopping power without hydro [email protected]$k around this is your answer)

Alligator 203mm Stainless Rotors (front back)

Progrip grips

random bar ends

Maxxis High rollers (front pretty good nick, rear getting on)

Giant seat

32 tooth front spocket and No idea sizes of rear but SMALL!!!!!!!! (my chain is very short)

Shimano Deore xt rear derailleur

MOSH pedal(PRO!)

since the photo below, i have taken off the front derailleur, and put a gold (some brand can't remember) brake leaver


(please note that these parts have changed over the years so if you go to there websites today they will be updated parts not mine)


ooo and this isnt for the light weights it weights 21 KG



make some offers or for you people still into it all(i only have kept it this long as I'm attached)give me an idea what i could get


and if interested i don't mind taking new pics


it need a bit of love now

Cranebrook NSW

[email protected]


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