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Vehicle information:1987 toyota mr2


Condition:average needs a bit of tidying up


Price: $1700


Location:goolwa sa


Contact: 0433 891 185 or on here




koni adjustables coil overs in the rear

koni's in the front

green stuff brakes

stinger ecu

7afe in it

sw20 sway bars

sw20 exhaust (double head)

front and rear anti roll bars.


Central Locking

Custom Extractors

17" rims


has electrical problems needs a tune and some tlc and needs a new passenger door still regoed for around 2 months.







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yeah might be keen on a straight swap if you are.


i love AW11s so I'm very keen for a swap :no2: just got a couple of Qs for you, hows the car mechanically? any receipts? and what do you mean by it needs tidying up?? if you have anything to ask about the VS feel free to fire away

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speedo is currently not working and interior is a little bit dirty but would clean up alright, has a bit of trouble starting in mornings could do with a tune up but other than that its alright.


hmmm how much to get the speedo fixed and a tune done?

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i don't know probly about 50 for speedo, and depends where you take it to get tuned.


well with those issues taken into account id probably want $300 my way to cover them as i'd want to get them fixed immediately and wouldnt really be able to afford to with a straight swap. that still leaves me $500 lower than what i want for my car but ill cut my self at a loss for an AW11

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not interested then not throwing any cash away car owes me enough and a vs aint worth taht to me anyway. thanks brandon


fair enough. I'm not happy doing a straight swap. ill lose $800 in my car that I'm asking for, plus the $350 ive spent having issues fixed with it in the last fortnight and then id have to shell out more money getting the speedo and tune done on the AW11, so id take a loss of $1k+. if you could get the speedo done id be happy to do a straight swap and then ill deal with the tune up

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i swapped it for my corolla and its just not my type of car thats why


fair enough. ill do a straight swap with you if you can get the speedo fixed. i can get the tune sort outed myself without too much cost involved

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