The Girl's Ke70

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Nope, it looks like they are-

"Part No: 25-3434(PAIR)   TOYOTA COROLLA 81 - 85 KE70"

As it happened, they couldn't get hold of them (of course they never actually had any..) and sent Gabriels plus a pair of rack ends for the money I'd paid.

I'm happy with that,   99autoshop on Ebay,  they seem fine.


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Well, I'm stopping at an intersection and the car dies as it idles.. not unusual, the cams give it a rough idle, but this time it was 3 cylindered and it stayed that way the couple of minutes home.  So I spent a week chasing the problem until I was due up at Woolshed rallying, and this happened..1705093878_ABluecarontrailer.thumb.jpg.57a3b9614c381f691beecafcf2c581ec.jpg

Steve to the rescue and we headed up to Walcha.  It was head off time, to find a perfect fossilised imprint of a phillips screw in the top of a piston-


One of those experiments with the idle speed had got out of the cage some months before, and the screw had popped in, got stuck beside a valve and on the next stroke jammed the valve and bent it!

So a couple of valve seats got recut, a new valve and a precautionary skim, and its back together, sitting outside on the verandah ready to drive home tomorrow.


Of course it didn't take the month I've been up here, but that story is in How To build a Rally Car,  or better named, the 465th reason we are not rallying!

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The final tidy-up was the new whining noise from the cambelt.

Actually measuring the tension made me realise it's meant run looser than I expected.  Its just lovely to have it on the road again!

Cam belt tension.jpg

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Over 6months of faultlessly running up and down to Woolshed Rallying at 1100km a time, and my wiring finally caught up with me!

Out in the middle of the countryside it died pulling away from a railway crossing. The wiring for the idle-up valve that goes into the airbox must have swung back and been caught by the water pump boss, then torn off and shorted out. It runs off the same ciscuit as the injectors, so the motor instantly died.

A young guy driving from Melb up through NSW to the Gold Coast stopped for a hand, he was  mechanic and had everything in his ute, but it just needed a new injector fuse and a wiring tidy-up. What I also found as I pulled a plug lead off to check if we were getting spark was that the leads have gone brittle down in the valley of the head.  So its running a nice blue Nissan lead on #1 at the moment!


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