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Macca k

Ke70 Blacktop 20v

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Vehicle information: 1982 ke70 sedan

4age Blacktop 20v - mod plated

T50 gearbox - mod plated

Welded stock diff

Bucket seats - mod plated

Surge tank

Blood orange colour

Extractors and full system

15 inch ssr mesh

Spare open diff

2 free stockos on car


Condition: ok, in need of a loving owner :blinks:


Price: 6k nego

I'm not desperate but it needs to go


Location: Daisy hill, QLD


Contact: post here or pm me


i bought this car about six months ago with dreams of putting some rego onto her

the surge tank was not connected when i bought it and i havent hooked it up yet, as i was going to take it for a road worthy

i unfortunately cannot afford to rego it now and i want it to go to someone who will be able to drive and love it

its an awesome colour and stands out

i have recently began to hook up a tacho dash but there is a problem with the speedo, possible the cord - unsure

starter motor could use a reco, little trouble to start sometimes

blue strobe lights behind grill :lol:, on a switch

door locks buggered, looking to pick up a set before the sale though

little bits of rust showing up but nothing that can't be fixed :blinks:

this thing goes hard, nicely responsive and plenty of power

ive already had a few offers from people, so not desperate

but yeah hit me up

(if i can't get pics to upload on here, pm your email and ill send you pics)






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Is it running if so what ecu does it have installed?

it is running, it does start with patience, it does idle and go hard

and its just a stock ecu

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come on guys, if you are uncertain, pm me and come have a look and tell me what you want to pay

then we'll make a deal

so hit me up!

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ok guys, really want to sell

I'm on my p's and can't drive this thing

if i don't get any interest soon I'm putting it up on boost and ae86 dc

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