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Ke25 Dashpad


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Parts Desired:new ke25 dash pad same as ones RAVEN was getting if you have a spare please let me know


Your Location: mid north sa


Contact: pm or sms on 0407603729



any one having one spare or knows some one who does would be greatly appreciated


cheers graeme

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Graeme, as originally posted in raven's group buy thread, back in August 2008. Back then, it was $290.50 retail. Part No. is 55404-12021. KE25 specific pads are unavailable, all dashpad numbers divert to the late KE20 pad.




"So a guy walks into his friendly Toyota Parts Dept. "I'll have a dash safety pad for my 1973 KE25 thanks".


Man looks doubtful, walks out the back..................Comes back, "not available" says he.


"Oh yes they are", says the guy. "There are 12 of them in the warehouse in Nagoya. Here are the part numbers, though I believe they all divert to this one". Proffers scrap of paper with indecipherable pencilled jottings. "You will need to order it from Japan."


Man looks unhappy, goes away again.


Man comes back, with a look of triumph. "There are two in Sydney". Now he doesn't have the hassle of trying to get one from Japan, thus upsetting his tea break.


"Excellent, I'll have one then", says guy.


Moral of the story, never believe your parts man, and go armed with all the info."



Be curious if the price has gone up.

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Toyota Australia wont be getting them anymore. "Obsolete" they say.....


Toyota Japan wont be getting them anymore. "Obsolete" they say as well :dance:


I'm sourcing them straight from the company who made these for Toyota. don't ask me what the company name is as I couldnt tell you, but when my supplier was living in Japan he knew how to get a hold of them and yes, I can get them again as he knows someone over there that is willing to order them, pick them up and send them to their new owners.

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Hi James

I bought a spare a couple of years ago direct from Japan.  Just had a look on impex, and they are still showing there at Yen 11,000.

That does not guarantee availability, but I would try ordering one if I was you.

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There is a company selling dashpads for early Corollas on ebey, for $ 69.00 ea.  I bought one on ebay, some years ago, not as fancy as in the link below, 7 they were half that price.  Lasted about 6-7 years in the Qld. sun, before it eventually turned to dust.

ebay Dash Pads for Early Corollas

Some else on here, might have bought one of these here in Oz, & would like to comment on their quality.

Cheers Banjo

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If this is Phil’s Rotaries, there are regular comments on the various forums regarding their poor fit. I have no experience with these, so cannot comment personally. 

if still available from Toyota, I would be buying there. It will come in under $200 shipped. 

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I bought the cheap dashpad on eBay and the fitment was awful on the TE27, I had to stretch it like 3cm with a heat gun and it warped everywhere.

After that I've contacted Rick at Toyheadauto, and Trevor at Auto Obsession, and they both confirmed that they have the original dashpad ready to ship, sadly they are located on the US.

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