Gjm85'S Ke20 Build

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Beer, bbq, breaker bars & bitches. ;) That's how today unfolded..... minus the bitches. It just sounds better that way.

Would like to start out with a few big thankyou's to the pit crew, Chris (Undertaker), Keiron, Nick, Ryan (bbqist) & JP (CA_ROLLA). You guys rock.

Also I final thankyou to Jen for staying home with the kids. :) :) ;)


A lesson for those who want a low low ride. Don't flip your leaf springs. It shears nuts and bends U-bolts. :bash: Managed to flip them back though missing nuts off the left rear spring mount, a left side U-bolt and a couple of bolts off the front right spring mount. Took a good few hours but managed to get the arse back to grandma spec. BIG.

Pulled the tailshaft while I was under there.


JP started on his 70, which you'll see a build thread soon but stopped to help us work the gearstick out. Meanwhile the crew started under the hood. Or so we thought, removed the radiator and mount, the beaver panel and anything else that was in the way. Had a problem with a gearbox mount bolt but Dad helped us out with the impact driver and breaker bar.


Pulled the donk & Ryan blew an O-ring. :blinks:... The 3k and 4 speed is now for sale. Spot it in the sales forum. :rock:


Here's the pics....












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Today i'm going to finish clearing the engine bay, pull the lume, the dash and have a chop at the windscreens....

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Happy with today's effort. Cheers Dad and Nick. ;)


Got the windscreens out. Was easier than I first predicted. Rust in three corners in the front window sills and none at all in the rear. Pulled the fuel tank. Mananged to get most of the dash out though I missed the photos. It's going to be f#$ked trying to get that and the lume all back in. Pulled the lume obviously. Got the front guards off and they are pretty clean.


The only think left under the bonnet is the master cylinder and brake lines, fuel lines, accelerator cable, heater hoses and the steering column and rack. The rack is sweet. Has been rebuilt in the last few years i'd say but i'll rebush it anyway. Remaining under the dash is the heater box, wiper motor and arms and can't really think of what else. I figure if the body guys need to take anything out, i'm sure they'll manage.


I'm going to stay with standard steering, use the 55 struts and brakes, gearbox, diff and rear drums from the donor car i've found. Dad will shorten the difff for me. I'll use the K50 gearbox, get the flywheel milled with a HD clutch

Under the hood will be a 5k, balanced through and through, good pistons, big port and polish, solid lifters, cam and extractors with a 2inch exaust. I'll feed it with a sc12 blower running 6-7 psi and a 1n3/4" SU in the draw though style. If i don't manage to find a good 5k i'll use the 4k that's laying around, bore and deck the block and run oversize pistons but it will be a sacrafice in torque and power probably too.

With the cam i'll be looking for something with next to f#$K all over lap, quick lift and long duration.


Colour, i'm looking for something dark blue possible the saphire blue from the 72' toyota colour scheme. I'll go black under the hood with a blue, black and chrome colour scheme. Interior is still a bit undecided. I will keep as much original design as possible but i really don't like the willow green and baby poo colour scheme it has. Think maybe dark grey carpet & light grey roof lining, blue and black dash or something. Not real sure just yet.


The wheels. Just happened upon a set of 13"x 6" cheviot meshies. They came off JP's KE70. I'm gonna use them though he doesn't know it yet. I'll get them cleaned up, polished and powder coat the centers. Colour unknown at this stage. Hopefully get the KE20 into the shop this week. I'll get the 55 in and stripped in the next week or two.


Thanks for keeping up.... here's some pics.






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your using my wheels hey? nice you owe nick set of front springs for the front of his lux


I take it there still his wheels then.

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Not entirely sure when the 55 will be here. Gotta pay the man and then organise to get it towed down from Caboolture. Expensive. The 20 is going in for panel work on Monday. :dance: :dance: Apparently shouldn't take more than a week or two. :dance: :dance:

I've got the next two weeks off starting Monday :laff: so I guess i'll try and get it down early next week once the 20 is out of the shed.

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yeah, dad went in today with some photos and apparently its ken who'll be doing the car. dad said he was wrapped.

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